Men’s Fragrance Review | Top 10 Fragrances for Men 2017

Men’s Fragrance Review | Top 10 Fragrances for Men 2017

By Carl Thompson | Men’s Lifestyle

I’ve been collecting incredible men’s fragrances for the last year and this video is showing you what fragrances are the best ones to buy in 2017 and beyond.

This is a completely honest review of aftershaves that I wear on a daily basis, from Creed Aventus, Tom Ford Private Blends such as Tobacco Vanille, Noir de Noir and the luxury Roja Perfums amongst lots of other well know brands.

My channel offers men’s style, fashion, lifestyle & travel advice plus general vlogs on the inner workings of my life!

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Ian Smith says:

Really jealous of your awesome collection.

And, after all of that spraying in the air, I can’t imagine how that closet smells.

Artagain says:

I would add Terre D’ Hermes. Wonderful.

Timothy Wilson says:

Have you ever layered Aventus and Tuscan Leather? It makes an amazing combination!

gnparticle says:

“Top 10”

*mentions like 20*


Kyle Stevens says:

Nice collection! I’ve been collecting a year it’s cool to see different routes we took but we both love tobacco

Ionut Brinzei says:

Very nice collection!!!

Bad Kid says:

Nice Colection!!

The Terrible Puddle says:

I think you’ll love Herod by Parfums de Marly. Tobacco, vanille and spicy.

M Eberg says:

You should definítely try D&G The One EDP since you like tobacco!

AfriScents says:

Well done!! Noir de Noir is an absolute DREAM!!! I would kill to experience that Roja fragrance.

Kologne says:

Just found your channel on my feed. Great video. Subscribed.

Asha Rozier says:

nice collection do more reviews

Kologne says:

Great choices!

Kevin Neal says:

great video and nice collection the creed aventus how do you wear that one how many sprays and where cheers Kev

Fear Girl says:

I like nice fragrances. Dior Sauvage is one of my favorites!

Martijn M says:

You could pose as the half brother of Hugh Jackman and Adrien Brody. Both would probably be jealous of your exquisite collection: great taste!

J Copeland says:

Great list, Carl! Glad I found your channel. Subbed!

Asha Rozier says:

your tattoos looks nice dont overdo it u look great

tom clyce says:

Love your taste in fragrances.  My favs right now…1. Rojas Dove-Crystal Aoud  2. Creed – Original Santal.    3. Tom Ford – Tobacco Vanille

Mike Lykan says:

Tom Ford’s Tabacco Vanille is the dog’s man and there’s a fantastic clone by a company called TRiBUTE on amazon under £40 and last’s the same on my skin as TFTV i have both. I noticed you’ve got a few that i like so you’re subbed you have good taste.

John Michael says:

awesome review!

GentleGuy says:

Like your collection you invested a lot of money in fragrances like me haha

Twenty First Century Gent says:

Tobacco Vanille is a solid choice. I’m sure we all wear it now though haha

DWN4FUN says:

I truly enjoyed the review and made a list from it of fragrances to buy. I also subscribed to your channel. When you get a chance, edit your instagram because instead of it being “hawkinsandsheperd” it’s showing”hawkinsandsherd”. Looking forward to more content from your channel. Take Care!!!

Lanier Smith says:

Oh my word Carl this was so fantastic, fun and wonderful. Great to see that you have such good taste in fragrance, as elevated as your taste in clothing, interior design and personal style. Coco Chanel once said “Fashion fades, style endures.” and you are exemplifying this to a tee. Bravo. I am dying to get my nose on the Penhalligon’s Portrait collection. The Bentley collection sounds amazing and you got my interest piqued on this house. Yes Roja Dove is a fantastic house, wonderful fragrances. Love his work. This was so much fun watching you arrange your fragrances in order of favorites. I hope you do more fragrance reviews in future. Cheers!

Sanjay Shah says:

Excellent video. Can you please list the names .please.

Asim Taha says:

Nice , but please put it in description because I couldn’t get the names of some of them, English accent

disruptfam says:

great video mate, looking forward to some reviews maybe?

Marwan Alnass says:


You have very great selection.

Cornbread says:


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