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Topic of discussion: Which of these is your favorite?

Sexy Men’s Fragrances That Girls LOVE | Best Men’s Colognes 2019
Today I’m giving you a list of colognes that girls absolutely love! I tried to change it up with this list and bring you new fragrances we haven’t really discussed on the channel. Having a signature scent is very important, and we all know that it makes girls go crazy! Time to step your game up and smell amazing with the colognes below:

CH Men Prive:
Prada L’Homme:
Green Irish Tweed:
Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male:
Fragrance Atomizer:
Tom Ford Noir Extreme:

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madhav jayan says:

Which cologne do u use everyday bro????

Guri dos Perfumes - Ener Nornberg says:

That Brazilian accent, nice videos man!

nash al- nash says:

Girls like more Yves Saint Laurent L”homme

ABM W says:


Emmanuel Zamudio Gámez says:

Is fragrancenet legit?

Shankar Bhashiyam says:

Thanks for the video

I expected aqua de Jio by Giorgio Armani

Paul Flurry says:

reminds me of alpha m, definitely not a fragrance reviewer. frag heads you’re in the wrong place… i’ll just see my way out.
guys, if you want to learn about fragrances find a fragrance channel like gents scents, chaos fragrance or jeremy fragrance.
this guy doesn’t really know what he’s talking about. however he was pretty spot on with creed green irish tweed, the rest of what he said, bleh..

KittyJuna says:

Make a video about tinted moisturizers and if they help with Post Inflammatory Erythema (PIE)

Vickemannen 92 says:

6:48 I was actually waiting for a big red “WASTED” banner to pop up when the screen went gray XD

StormBreaker says:

Tom Ford and GIT are the only good ones on this list the others are average or below, but if your just getting into fragrances then yes they are good, but that tavlo atomizer is a bad one to get cause they leak all the time, best thing to do is get atomizers from amazon that are glass, 5,6,8 or 10 ml and get some teflon tape to put on the threads, I own a bunch of atomizers that I use for all of my fragrances either to travel with or to reply during the day if it needs it.

know body says:

Must be humbling to know Jeremy fagrance copied your idea. What a theif.

VxNoVaa kun says:

I genuinely wanted to see this video but that click bait thumnail almost dragged me out it, kind of ironic tbh.

ronak garg says:

Which camera u use

Franze Alcuirez says:

Don’t forget La Nuite De L’homme

Eric Nuval says:

ch men prive, chanel allure homme sport eau extreme, valentino uomo intense, and la nuit dlhomme are my go to compliment fragrances

Racks † says:

You look like younger Robert Downey Jr

Thomas Döring says:

Got “Noir Extreme” for my birthday. How much do you recommend using as it has a very strong scent?

Alex Costa says:

Brought you guys a whole new list of colognes that girls can’t resist!
Don’t forget to follow me on
Have a great day!

MDCigan says:

I find performance on CH Prive is terrible… I go 8-10 sprays minimum just to make sure people are even smelling it at all

Pankaj Mali says:

A111 bro

Yeheshua Mohammed says:

Where is the link to buy what you wearing???

Antoni Groulx-Comeau says:

Yo Jeremy Fragrance copied your video man…

MDCigan says:

Armaf Tres Nuit great low price substitute for Green Irish Tweed

Steven C. says:

When can Jean Paul Gaultier Le male be worn? I keep seeing reviews saying that its best for winter and not for spring/ summer, but I also see people saying that it’s wearable during warmer weather, can I get your opinion on if it’s wearable in spring/ summer weather please? Thanks in advance!

Andrés Carvalho says:

I Love the Farenheit by Dior…

Gustavo Ramos says:


Taras Ustyianovych says:

Hello Alex, what do you think about Zara scents?

A Bempah says:

Top 3 girls like based on my personal experiences:

1. Armaf Club de nuit intense man (CDNIM)
2. Dolce & Gabbana The One EDP (use molecule 01/iso e super as base layer for performance)
3. Allure homme sport eau extreme (it just smells good and lasts)

Roman Sasi says:

hey alex i’m from india how to get this product

Batli boi says:

Do we still have to take a shower before spraying them ???

hopelessly_g says:

i’ve been wanting to get Creed GIT & then you drop this video bro..
kinda solidifies that chicks dig this fragrance so i think i’m about to spend the retail price

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