Men’s Thoughts On PERFUME

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I thought it would be really funny to get a mans perspective on perfumes! Especially popular perfumes, all of these are best sellers! What do you want men’s thoughts on next?–XoXo–BLT 😛

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Dana Burton says:

The Elizabeth James nirvana perfume is Mary Kate and Ashley’s perfume

PakiAndProud says:

“It smells like a woman who is trying way too hard.”

C Cascio1216 says:

Happy Birthday Alex! You should do a guys thoughts on womens clothes and make them try them on 🙂

Crxftinq Moon says:

Heh that’s so funny!

Liana Burfoot says:

What were the things they were shaking and smelling?

Hashtag Zoe says:

I like this video! I’d love to hear men’s thought on boybands and other male musicians that all the girls fan over!

bruhits_minnah says:

happy birthday dude

Christina Caldwell says:

lol smells like follow for follow loooolllll

Klover Gee says:

Lol “I’m not going to tell a girl what to do” smart man 🙂

Justine and her brain says:

I love this video!!!!!! And Brittani!!!!

Madison Jashinsky says:

I love flower bomb! When I initially smelled it I did not enjoy it, very you know “purfumey” but I ended up spraying it on my wrists and within an hour of walking around it had warmed up on my skin it was the most beautiful, sweet perfume I’d ever smelled. I had to go back and buy it that day!

ghosting101 says:

it’s weird a lot of men’s Colognes are so pungent but they liked the subtle scents more. Haha but anyway, I always liked watery, clean and fresh scent maybe I will give light blue or the orange one a try xD thanksss

mememeome says:

They’re so picky! haha

Judit Violetta Rosamude says:

I need another part XDD Like, please. They should smell Juicy Couture (gold or anything) and Black Opium. A big Like to you!

Kaitlyn Raab says:

*Awkwardly laughs because I wear Light Blue*

Elias Ellis says:


Madi says:

You sound so serious and boring in this vid;((

Crxftinq Moon says:


Elias Ellis says:

Don’t click Read more

You are a rebel, i like you

Anna Kuria says:

Absolutely would love it if this became a series!!!! Please do one on shampoo or body butters!

TrooperMine says:

Alex is actually the best

MiteyMax9 says:

I was gonna be very disappointed if Justin didn’t say something dirty in this video. Good job lol!

Cyrus Stac says:

Omg alex was in disney channel. I saw him in an episode of gamer’s guide

Angel Luna says:

Haha great recreation oF the his video xD love it britt! barely catched on to what’s really going on youTUBE.

roses hilder says:

mens thoughts on food

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