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Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. None of the companies are paying me for this video. All opinions are my own


mr1980chris says:

Versace Pour Homme was my signature scent for years, seriously love that stuff! but a couple years ago I found Terre D’hermes and that has taken it’s place. TD’H wasn’t love at first sniff, it was kinda just meh to me but for some reason I just couldn’t stop smelling it and the more I wore it, the more I HAD to have it!

jayaws86 says:

you THINK those are your favorites but thats because you have not smelled many. I could change your entire list with 3 suggestions.

Big Government says:

Im going to make a video of my favorite women’s tampons. Stay tuned!

Shane Morgan says:

Dior Sauvage!!!!!!!!!!!

stuart watson says:

Versace pour homme is just beautiful…my signiture scent

Rolf Rau says:

did u tried chanel allure sport? i think its a better version of versace pour homme although the versace is also great

artpipe says:

A woman’s opinion on this subject is always helpful.

Bob Bob says:

I haven’t tried the Versace. Sounds like a good one. I’ll have to get myself a sample. Thanks 🙂

xlanc2010 says:

Very nice

NedaAlive says:

Nice review.
Has your husband tried ‘Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford’?
– Interlude man by Amouage
– Reflection man by Amouage
– Musc Ravegeur by Fredric Malle
– More than words by Xerjoff
– Sushi Imperiale by Bois 1920
– Back to black by Killian
– Aventus by Creed
– Green Irish tweed by Creed

valentino monti says:

all of them are amazing colognes, and Gucci Guilty is my favourite.. helpful review, thank you

Katie Rumsey says:

RL Polo Blue definitely isn’t new, my Dad has worn it since I was a little girl. I love that scent, I find it very comforting.

kreativ says:

shit , i need a girl like u in my life

Seriously? says:

Versace pour homme just nice !
Gucci and polo Nooo
There’s a loooot better than them

TheIceyveins says:

Get your man to try D&G The One, YSL La Nuit De L’Homme, YSL L’Homme, Pure Malt, CH Men, Sauvage, Channel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme.. from a someone from the fragrance community those are the “entry level” lady pleaser fragrances (i do like Versace but it’s not as good as the ones i mentioned).. make new memories with new colognes!

RyzFragz34 says:

Just subbed! Great channel!

Vlad K says:

Another few I’ve owned that come to mind are Bleu Chanel and D&G The One (comment below reminded me of those). I also like Gucci by Gucci and Acqua di Gio by Armani Exchange.

Carlo Totaro says:

versace pour homme very nice….brava

Mack says:

Where can I get the Versace Poor Home? It sounds kinda cheap but nice smelling.

Mark Ayres says:

Nice video!

jcjccmz says:

marc jacob men is a good one.

tiaopiak says:

If you are looking for a new signature fragrance, check this guy Redolessence out. He give great reviews and recommendations:

Ishwinder Singh says:

Try the YSL La nuit de l’homme and Ralph Lauren’s Polo Double Black and Burberry Brit Rhythm you will love them if you love Gucci Guilty for sure Julia. Nice work. Honest opinions do matter a lot.

tpietropaolo01 says:

that aquatic basil note in Polo blue is the bomb..luv it

Dope Fiend says:

try xerjoff fragrances and you will not want him to wear any of those any more.

FragranceView says:

The most popular men’s fragrances that get talked about the most at the moment are Bleu De Chanel, D&G The One edp and Dior Sauvage
for newer suggestions you might like him to try out… 🙂

Fragrance Bros. says:

great video! 😀

Vlad K says:

Great review. I’ve owned all 3 of those over the years and loved them. Some of my current colognes are CH by Carolina Herrera, Issey Miyake Pour Homme Sport, and Versace Man(the light blue one).

Dee Kuz says:

Great video! Just watched this with my girlfriend and we can all agree that Versace Pour Homme blows everything away. Even my Creeds and Tom Fords cant keep up. Cheers!

Twin Turbo says:

Armani Code

playa187 says:

ysl lhomme, chanel allure homme sport and eau extreme, chanel platinum egoiste also very nice options. my personal favs

Besto Tom says:

Bleu deChanel, Dior Sauvage, Polo red, polo black, ysl la nuit, and Hugo Boss))))))

John Erwin says:

like your video…good luck to you and your family 🙂

MrSmelly1977 says:

Hi. I sent you a youtube PM re appearing on my men’s fragrance channel. Let me know if you’re interested.

tiaopiak says:

Your guy seems to be a one fragrance / signature scent man. Change only if he find something he likes better.
Gucci Guilty is a popular choice in many magazines but for YouTube reviewer they prefer Gucci Guilty Black especially for summer.Polo Blue is also another popular choice on magazines too but not on YouTube. Polo Double Black seems to get better reviews.

Carlo Totaro says:

ciao cara ti piace l’ultimo di Versace dylan blue?

PremoMeztiso says:

is the polo blue a better scent than polo red?? Anyone can respond if they like…

Robert Deskins says:

For good anatomical reasons scent is the most powerful sense tied to memory

cubbz5 says:

I think Jesus smells like versace pour homme it smell so good

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