Nautica Voyage Fragrance Review | Men’s Cologne Review

Nautica Voyage Fragrance Review | Men’s Cologne Review

Welcome to Big Beard Business, Youtube’s authority in men’s beard growth, beard care, urban fashion, fragrance reviews, fitness and lifestyle. In today’s video Big Beard B of Big Beard Business reviews Nautica Voyage.

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TheChazas says:

Just said that you bought it at 2016, could you tell what batch you have?

iGotTheMojoBaby says:

Bro please trust me get Al Wisam Day by Rasasi itll jump into your top 10 I swear

VanityCrookz says:

Can you recommend a cologne like this that has that fresh/sweet smell please, this cologne is my favorite.

T Brown says:

Its an Ok frag

Albie Omara says:

300 and respect, another great review!

D. Almeida says:

The Rick Ross of cologne review

emcaloonjr says:

Just bought the 100 ml of this fragrance at Burlington Coat Factory for $20! Not disappointed at all

EaZeR.805 says:

The bottle you have its the vintage nautica, I used to like it but now sucks, its water down (reformulation).

BABO-20 says:

great review next top ten date fragrance pls

StangGT Fan says:

I would rate this one a solid 8. I must say I love it!

jamesbrown52 says:

Fell for the hype on this frag and was really disappointed by the smell. Will never buy again….!

ツ ツ says:

my wife hates it, she said that it smells like some cheap fragrance from Canal Street

Vauxhall 2theBay says:

Old school favorite…..i remember the original Nautica back in middle school. Definitely a quick scent a good cologne to run errands in.

Ruben Gachuz says:

You nevet got a compliment while wearing it? That’s hard to believe. From my experience I literally stopped using it from the constant compliments. People asking me what I was using, getting into my personal space, and some really weird compliments.

Keith Montgomery says:

This is one of the safest most crowd pleasing scents out there. I like it quite a bit and feel that even in the latest reformulation that is a great value.

JF L says:

I’m new to this fragrance thing and this was a blind buy. Being new, I obviously don’t know shit about the subject. I can only say that it’s not aggressive and that I love the way I smell when I put it on. I too did spray it after the shower just before bed. It’s a simple but cool fragrance. Nothing supernatural but more than happy for the price it cost me.

Taylor Stevens says:

I love this fragrance! When I wear a cologne I look for something subtle and not too strong, and this does just that.

Stephen Hunter says:

First and foremost thanks for what you do. I as a new person to the fragrance world…I appreciate you for taking the time to help me to narrow down what might be good for me to try. This Nautica Voyage is actually one of the first fragrances I purchased blind but with a little feed back. I usually where it to the gym or when I’m just running quick errands. Thanks again for what you do.

Timmygisbetterthan Packercard87sucks says:

Where should I spray this for the gym? Also the projection is not as pronounced as my other scents. How many sprays for you is about right and not too much?

T Rome says:

U r the shit bro! Especially since your a Baltimore dude like me. Represent bro!

Jaquan richardson says:

This is my “safe scent” for the warmer climates of the year… this and my Chanel allure home sport way extreme does a good job for me.. soon I’ll be adding silver mountain water for summer. You put me on to that one. Thank you bra. An what’s a good legit site to order silver mountain water from without paying the standard 400 for the 4 oz?

Mark Ayres says:

Great review! I love Nautica Voyage. It’s a great cologne in my opinion. Nice video!

mmafan3 says:

Great fragrance..

Mohamad Yusop says:

This fragrance lasts and lasts on my skin….more than 10 hours in the hot tropical climate of Singapore..

henry3136 says:

nice review.

25redinc says:

I luv it cuz its a clean unique smell

Ethan Gillespie says:

I have this frag

sidar kocA says:

I usually jus wear this when i have had a shower at night and going bed .. nice refreshing vibe but nothing i will wear causally or formally

Adrian Aguilar says:


Smokey Robinson says:

I got kids that touch my fuckin colognes all the time lmao!!!! I feel that part its like grrrrrrrr fuck away from my shit lol

Chivas Kimber says:

I get Tons of compliments off this!

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