Old Spice by Procter & Gamble: Perfume Review / Fragrance Review

Katie Puckrik smells Old Spice by Procter & Gamble. Old Spice was created by Albert Hauck (based on his memories of a potpourri mix his mother made) and launched in 1937 as “Early American Old Spice for Women”. It didn’t sell well with the ladies, so the next year the top notes were tweaked and it was re-introduced as “Old Spice for Men”. [Thanks to viewer Bigwave2003 for this info.]

Other fragrances mentioned in this video: L’Homme Sage by Divine, Habit Rouge by Guerlain, Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel, Hanae Mori for men, One Million by Paco Rabanne, Thierry Mugler A*men.

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Theme song: “Perfume” by Sparks. Watch the video of the full song:

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Cologne Scents says:

Thanks for reviewing this. It is nice to look at this with a subjective review.

Jeremic Branko says:

My girlfriend not sleep all night if i put it befor go to sleep. She like it on my skin.
I use it since 1990..cheep parfume but beautiful smell

TheGoldenCrusader says:

This chick is hot

djchris30 says:

First off, Your Beautiful!! always….. I wear Old Spice Cologne because I’ve never been much a cologne guy, although in the recent months I’ve been looking more into it. And I know exactly what cologne I want. I just haven’t had the money to take the Creed Aventus $550 plunge

mamucas chingon says:

This is the first video I started to watch since I like to see different reviewers of colognes and you let me down, you sounded stupid and ignorant when you try to describe the meaning of smelling manly according to old spice, asking if they were referring to smelling like crotch sweat, that’s the same as saying to smell feminine you need achieve the smell of vagina sweat, maybe you tried to be funny but you sounded like an imbecile, needless to say first and last time I see one of your videos, that comment made you seems so ordinary and I like watching opinions of people who actually give you serious input on fragrances, have a nice day.

BonnnieDrasco says:

I think it is carnation that you can smell besides of cinnamon in the top notes not roses!


As i m not a native speaker: what s the name of the scent at 0:37 and what kind of version of old spice is it? Thank u.

Btw: Idk about the american eau de cologne, but here in germany they sell an old spice original eau de toilette in the same size and kind of flacon like urs. I like it but the smell doesnt last strong on my skin for a long time. And maybe the cinnamon could be a bit less dominant. Still i love its classy and classic scent! 🙂

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

@clovelywindheaven !

Gabriel Vine says:

Katie, that’s the second time you’ve said that bergamot is “the peel of an orange” which is totally untrue. First off, all citrus oils come from the peel. Secondly, bergamot is a distinct citrus fruit which has a particularly complex aroma to its skin. It is used in Earl Grey tea. Orange peel smells like oranges, while bergamot has a sort of crisp, bitter herbal lime quality.

The Gentleman's Club says:

Hi Katie! You’re a dime. Old Spice was my dad’s signature smell as well. Wasn’t everybody’s dad using it? It might be my smell soon enough because I’m loving it. Anyways you are right to think the smell changed ever so lightly since when you smelled it on dad, because the truth is it has. P&G bought Old Spice from Shulton in 1990 and reformulated it in either 1990 or 1992. A found evidence after deep online research from a chemist showing the slight change in a visible graph chart. It also use to come in that nice glass, transparent bottle, now it’s in plastic.

Anyways hard to believe this video is from 5 years ago. It looks like it could have been recorded yesterday. The quality is very nice. I subscribed to you after this video and noticed you haven’t produced one in about a year now. Get on it please because you’re a lovely lady with a knack for smelling things I want to know about. Peace be with you.

tucsondog says:

Now I’m not going to say Old Spice will get you laid……..but it does

RealFrags for RealMen says:

Speaking of which: in your estimation, what is THE most masculine/manly fragrance ever, available today?
Nothing sweet, I can’t stomach sweet in a mens fragrance. Nothing like those candy cotton, girlie ‘metrosexual’ scents most designer frags are getting to these days. Just manly, strong, good projection and longevity preferred, but we’re talking scent first and foremost here.
PS you’re quite beautiful. 🙂

James says:

It looks like you havent you aged much since the 90s Katie!

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

“I’m the snobby jerk that you treated with poise and equanimity” – haha – that could describe any number of people. What were we smelling together?

Isn’t it incredible what a perfume factory citrus trees are?

MKF30 says:

Katie is kind of hot 😉

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

It’s so poignant how a scent can reunite you with someone you love.

J Anderson says:

I always love smelling this. It reminds me of my grandpa. He passed away in 1999 and I remember him hugging me,always smelling of Old Spice. I like smelling it in the store,it takes me back.

baldbookgeek says:

Love old spice and I have a few female friends that love it too

ShaveNontheDarkside says:

Thank your for this review.  I have been looking for a good after shave and I have been associating Old Spice with my dad also. Basically, I didn’t want to get a after shave that was viewed as an old man scent. Thanks for freeing me and many others.  Please do more review.  Us man can be so blind.

melrose795 says:

Love old spice…

Carl Rudd says:

Katie – I hope you’re not an Obama supporter. Either way, you float my Old Spice boat !

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

@calyx93 I know exactly those lovely ceramic bottles you mean. I have some of my dad’s original supply, too.

justice4all72 says:

Wish they had it available as a spray. Not a fan of splash

Soner türkmen says:

bad bad bad smelll p&g old spice..shulton old spice 1990 very very nice smell

calvin0416ny says:

I don’t understand how you can say “hook up” without sounding ‘urban’.

Alejandro Cordero says:

would a 22 year old man be able to pull this cologne off ?

Lloyd Dailey says:

i love old spice ! I use old spice aftershave and black suede cologne !

mobile144 says:

Crotch sweat! Ha…LMAO!! Your Hot!!

calyx93 says:

The only problem with this review – and pardon the anger, Katie – is that what’s available now from P&G isn’t the same fragrance that my father, or yours, used on a regular basis. Our folks used the one made by Shulton – my dad has, because of his problem of completing a whole bottle of anything (he’s kinda OCD), literally dozens of the old bottles of this stuff. You know, the ones with the grey and metal plug with the porcelain/glass bottle. I’ll have him try L’Homme Sage and see if it suits 🙂

Alexander Morris says:


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