Parfums Vintage X Batch Fragrance Review | Men’s Cologne Review

Parfums Vintage X Batch Fragrance Review | Men’s Cologne Review


Welcome to Big Beard Business, Youtube’s authority in men’s beard growth, beard care, urban fashion, fragrance reviews, fitness and lifestyle. In today’s video, Big Beard B of Big Beard Business reviews the X Batch, the new 2017 release from Parfums Vintage.

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MDCigan says:

“we built this channel on fucking boxes” LUVVVVV IT!

Valente Leanos says:

Me gusta big beard buisness

Wet Shaving Fraghead says:

Blades of glory reference had me rolling brother. Outstanding

Dats NewOrleans says:

Keep up the good work bro !!!

It's Kyuu says:

Its provocative! Gets the people goin!

Andre Garibay says:

Fuck the box

Joseph Taylor says:

Hey bro what kind of camera set up do you use

iven G says:

You forgot the rate

VT 24 says:


Exotic Scents says:

Frush the box! Happy new year brother. Concise and cool.

Julius tims says:

Fuck the box and fuck this shitty house!

MDCigan says:


Mark Streahle says:

I hit that goddamn bell bro!!!

Wallace 3500 says:

Another great review in the books, definitely giving this a try!!!!! #FUCKTHATBOX

marcus morris says:

Love the videos, keep doing ya thing BBB

william lewis says:

Nobody else is crushing boxes, or saying hit the GAWD damn bell. Let the haters hate bro, keep doing your thang. I’m loving your channel

Brooklyn Fragrance Lover says:

That “you only gave it a good review because it was sent to you” is getting mad tired already. Happy New Year!

Betty Murphy-Grumpus says:

Fucking boxes ain’t no joke

Syed Aamir says:

Fuck that fucking box.

miggs80 says:

I was hoping you’d review this one. Thanks man….and I agree, fuck the box. Sharing this video now

Mike Jones says:


Charles Singleton says:

I’ve been meaning to order me a bottle of this since I heard another reviewer speaking on this house a year ago. Good intro man lol

richard rohloff says:

Mines on it’s way

Mr.Smellgood says:

Fuck da box! I love your channel bro!


Whats Up?! Great Review! #FUCKTHATBOX

Roshdy Alshennawy says:

what u thank about xerjoff mefisto.. is better creed !

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