Prada L’homme Fragrance Review For Men

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Jon Mitchell says:

Just picked this stuff up in the last year because you have often mentioned it! I smash my head every time I wear this stuff! Unbelievable! You are awesome man!

Alessio Perilli says:

What about the intense version? Which is better?

Sun rise says:

My favorite fragrance I think…Yeah, the iris is special!

Acoustic Silk says:

I dont think i bought any fragrances in 2017 because i bought too many in 2016 because of you. This could be my next fragrance purchase. I am trying to get rid of two fragrances that are low before i buy another one.

Juan Pablo Prieto says:

Jeremy. What is your opinion on the EDP version of this fragrance vs the EDT

Safy Faizy says:

Jeremy is ysl lhomme ultime better for the office than the original??

StephenWorldwide says:

Prada L’homme….one of Jeremy’s most favorite fragrances which I haven’t tried yet. I’ll have to find a sample somewhere because it’s too expensive for me to blind buy a bottle.

J. Man says:

Top 5 fragrances of all time. Wouldn’t have got it if it wasn’t for you. Absolutely fantastic. If you don’t have it, get it!

George Patton says:

Review Drakkar Noir!!

Lin San Zaw says:

How long does this Prada L’homme approximately last? bro…

Rolando Perez says:

i bought this fragance the first time you spoke about it Jeremy …thats how much i trust you PS: Cant wait for your fragance line to drop!

Amine Belhout says:

The best soap fragrance in the world

Dave Phillips says:

You just reminded me why I need a back-up bottle. Good juice.

millionaaar23 says:

Wow I bought this today. It’s nice but can be cloying when applying too much

Slappychop says:

Review Italian zest!

Micah Christopher says:

This is my signature office fragrance alongside Mugler cologne. Clean, fresh, soapy and inoffensive. Simply beautiful fragrances. Definitely deserves a 9/10.

Jeremy Fragrance says:

whats your opinion on Prada L’homme

Sarah Halfin says:

I get great compliments with prada lhomme. Great review as always !

Matt M says:

I bought this when Jeremy recommended it about a year ago. Best daytime or office fragrance, period.

Abrakadabra Hokus Pokus says:

Last long, but there is no how much long. For me 5 to 6 hours is not long.

Alonso Monarrez says:

Oh yeah PDM Carlisle too I just got a sample of it and it’s a beast

Unjoyful says:

Giorgio Armani Emporio Armani Stronger with you

Gary Martin says:

Prada L’homme is not long lasting , it fades to a skin scent way to fast . Please don’t believe the hype , not purchase worthy

Parabalani says:

The editing is weird but I like it lol

drewski5150 says:

Have to say, I see Jeremy getting a lot of flack in the community, but his content is much more mature and professional than his older stuff. He is growing up, and his content is getting better. Great review!

1990ryang23 says:

This is currently my office fragrance that i use..I actually bought this bcuz of you. Thanks

Gol_ D. Kralii says:

Geil einer meiner 3 Lieblingsdüfte

imavlog says:

Does anyone else think Prada L’homme smells slightly like a urinal cake? Not saying that in an insulting way, I’m asking very literally. Go to a store and check it out

Juan Luca says:

thanks jeremy! I’m from Argentina and recently import these fragrance after look your video.. sorry i speak a little English

ahsan Soomro says:

Review drakkar noir and azzaro chrome alcohol free u were given by azzaro on ure trip

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