Thierry Mugler A*Men Pure Malt Angel

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AriR6R says:

Jeremy sample more girls and pre spray 30 minutes to get dry down responses also.

XJennaX says:

Omfg u look sooooooo yummy in this video wow I’m in love Jeremy

Kenneth Nhat Q Nguyen says:

Between this and the ultra zest, which one do you think better? Thanks

zeek781 says:

does jermey like the original angel men?

sacoto98 says:

jeremy, i dont know what is wrong with your friends but pure malt gets tones of compliments

j smooth says:

love this fragrance too bad it’s been reformulated longevity horrible it’s no longer beast mode anybody if anyone has a vintage bottle for sale hit me up

Armaghan saif says:

I purchased this and it smells like cat urine in the opening, it smells unpleasant even later on. Trust me, don’t buy this juice. Rather buy Ch men. Not ch men Prive but Ch men.
Compare Ch men with this and you will understand what i am talking about.

FireRonin says:

Jeremy please review Thierry Mugler’s Kryptomint, Thanks!

lewis alexander says:

jeremy what do you think of the original A men thierry mugler now that we are in 2017 . My friend says he hates it but for me it brings back so many memories.

SupremeMaster says:

will you be reviewing a*men tonka?

Ario Ali says:

What did he say at the end.? You share my experience with me.??Does that mean il share my experience with you.??
And he also said i have amazing perfumes in my back.? where in his back.? Down below.??

Pedro Ramos says:

Hey @JeremyFragrance, may I ask where did you get that floral shirt? It’s awesome. Thanks!

J Kellan says:

Are there any other whiskey like scents that women would love and are youthful (a mature high schooler could pull off)? Please help as i love whiskey fragrances but am kinda stuck as I am younger and want others to enjoy the scent. Thanks, good video!

Ghost City says:

Pure malt is amazing

Bill Surratt says:

the echo in that hallway is too boomy and distracting. I like the vids.

Jacky Roxas says:

are you from Montreal?

Cristian International Trade says:

I remember something you said on one video. “Women don’t want you to smell like lemon pie, icecream, chocalate, coockies whatever” That’s to say they don’t want you to samll like food, “they want you to smell clean and masculine”. And it is true, I like Thierry Mugler A Man, Pure Havane, Pure Malt and even Pure Leather because I have them but they are just personal joy. Women actually don’t like them much, 50% dont like them 50% just say is ok. I realized men like them more than women and it is for that’s why in autumn and winter when I will go to club(if you like dance and you are good sweating, shit these things smells rotten and disgusting!) or having a date with a nice lady I would never pick Thierry mugler because it is too strong and it is taste of minority. Anyways as you said I am on your journey I am not looking for good fragrance, I am looking for amazing fragrance! Great video as always!

dashiboy says:

this one or the original a men?

Stefan JN says:

One of my favorites! 🙂

Icedout churchin says:

Review Kryptomint Jeremy

theuncanspan says:

I love you bro! love your channel! keep it up!

pmc820 says:

come on Jeremy, everyone knows its all about the dry down with A Men Scents! not fair to have her smell the opening! and its so much better on the skin than on paper.

DIOcelot says:

Whiskey’s a feminine note???????????????????????????????

FragranceConsultant says:

Weird, I usually get AMAZING reactions with Pure Malt.

Banzan Buddhist says:

either way pure malt is much better than la nuit de homme, thats for sure.

Gabriel Pop says:

The second girl doesn’t have a clue about fragrances, let alone her nose sensors need immediate service

siciliangamer says:

I love this fragrance.  I could smell it all day.

Sybren Zandstra says:

It has been REFORMULATEEEEEEEEED and now sucks..really..really..bad

Lion Heart says:

I purchased ultra zest before this one and it smells just like it minus the orange zesty scent ,but I do slightly pick up the boozinest note and I do like it

Don Parmezano says:

Its not a winner, but it is top 10 with Eros which You dont like but womans love. I dont understand whats the point of this top 10 list.

James Smith says:

Bought a bottle 2 days ago &…. meeeh….I mean it’s great and lasts but nothing special

Rydon378 says:

this thing is a fuckin pussy magnet

Serge Allen says:

pure havana smells so much better

Rev0UK1 says:

bare in mind that this fragrance needs at least 20 mins on skin to truly shine

it’s a whole different story from an initial 2 – 3 min spray on a tester stick

Bacon and cheese has been stuffed into a crust says:

This is the only A Men flanker I have smelled but it smells so fucking good.

Raymond Solis Jr. says:

have you done pure tonka

Christy Colman says:

Hey. I think in general women prefer more of a woodsy scent on a guy such as the Jo Malone Oud and Bergamot Cologne. Then many of my guy friends say that their favorite scents on a woman are the sweet ones such as Angel and others. Great review!

broadcast3ful says:

2 years later it is in all top 10s of fall fragrances.

Google User says:

Never tried this but if it smells ANY, repeat ANYTHING like the womans’ “Angel”, NNNNNOOOOOOO! Angel is vile on a scale that defies description in any language known to mankind!

مُــحـَمّـــد MOHAMMAD says:

عطر غريب أعتبره بلا هويه معالمه غير واضحة لكنه لذيذ نوعاً ما .

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