Tom Ford Black Orchid, Tom Ford Perfume, Grey Vetiver & More | FABULOUS 5 FRAGRANCES

Tom Ford Black Orchid, Tom Ford Perfume, Grey Vetiver & More | FABULOUS 5
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This video is about Tom Ford Black Orchid, Tom Ford Perfume, Grey Vetiver & More | FABULOUS 5.Tom Ford Black Orchid,
Tom Ford From Men, Tom Ford Extreme, Tom Ford Orchid Soleil, Tom Ford Sahara Noir, Tom Ford Grey Vetiver, Tom Ford Velvet Orchid


Invincible J says:

Ah Tom Ford, the love of my life,. If I had to be left with just one brand it would be Tom Ford. It all started with Black Orchid, I always go back to that one <3 I also have Orchid Soleil, White Patchouli, Velvet and Velvet Lumiere, Noir, Noir Extreme, Noir Pour Femme, Santal Blush, Tobacco Vanille, Noir De Noir. I wish gave Sahara Noir a real chance and bought it when it was available at the time. I would love to Try White Suede and Rouge Jasmine.

11nosense says:

Can you do a work appropriate fragance please?

O Love says:

I wish Black orchid had more projection and was more unique/powerhouse-y. It’s not unique to me.. smells boring

Mosiah Saalin says:

I’d say Black Orchid and Grey Vetiver are my favorites. I believe the truffle note makes Orchid stand out. Would enjoy hearing your thoughts on Tiziana Terrinzi’s Maremma compared with Black Orchid, should such an occasion arise..?

Zeus Quiroga says:


Gipsy Avenger says:

Yeah I think she got it right when she said Velvet Orchid was too “feminine” .  I think Carlos is on a crusade to change everyone’s mind on Velvet/Black Orchid.  They are a “strong woman” scent and definitely more female leaning.  No disrespect , you can wear whatever, but it makes no sense on a man.  My wife wears it and it is bomb-licious.

Serg S says:

FAB 5 is a great series! I am waiting on a black orchid decant to try to this on my skin and can’t wait. You two are great together!!

Patrick bennett` says:

she has got such a nice smile

Max Testi says:

as far as I know Grey Vetiver EDP came out first. EDT is the flanker.

uniquefashionista73 says:

My favorite TF fragrance was not part of the collection shown…..I love, love, love Santal Blush! Nothing in the world can beat this one. It’s like heaven to me. I only own Black Orchid because a very generous perfume fanatic on another blog gave me a bottle. It’s okay but I’m not crazy about it like so many others. But, hey, I love Tom Ford fragrances.

Tony Macias says:

Thanks Tiff & Carlos! I love NOIR Extreme EDP, Grey Vetiver EDP, and For MEN EDT. I need to get my nose on Black Orchid EDP.

Sr Fragancia says:

I really like this series of Top 5, I currently own 4 out of that top 5 and i agree with you, they are absolutely gorgeous fragrances.

BlaZe iT says:

Tiff, you said you were going to make a video telling why it is important to ask a woman’s opinion on your fragrance, I think you said it on your Chanel Allure Homme Sport review, is that video coming soon?

Robert Perricone says:

Tiff..funny thing is that that TF BO for men ..i cant even find it on the TF site…….ive searched for it elsewhere and there is no other place i see it….not that interested in it anyway as the BO for women is great..i only mentioned it cause i had never seen TF BO for men..oh

Jimbo Bannister says:

My sixteen-year-old daughter where’s my grey vetiver all the time it’s one of her favorites I thought she was the only female to wear it but she pulls it off nicely and for Black Orchid I have tried to like it but I absolutely hate it I don’t know why

Arturo Atherly says:

We NEED a Tiff Benson fragrance!! Saw you in the city once in Soho…I got stuck

Dukeoden7458 says:

I’ve got to get Black Orcid. You and Carlos killed it.

alon yissasharov says:

Black Orchid of course

Solennia Kutar says:

I love tom ford all but my favorite is white patchuli

Mateusz Olech says:

Black Orchid is beautiful, but my personal favorite are TF for Men and Extreme 🙂

B Johnson says:

A lady friend of mine has insisted that I try Black Orchid. So much so, that she wants to buy it for me. What more need be said.

Robert Perricone says:

I was in Sephora today and saw that TF has a Black Orchid for Men….smells very much lighter then the womens version…the bottle is clear/frosted…w/an amber colored juice..has anyone else seen/smelled it?….I found it very pleasant and similar to the femme but not as potent and more etherial …a good scent though.

StupidPunk says:

YAS! I’m all about gender bending fragrances. I’m a girl that loves wearing masculine scents. They just smell great on me and I get compliments. Wear what makes you feel confident! ❤

Khawar Shahzad says:

i love perfum

John Borges says:

Really wanted to like TF Grey Vetiver, really like a lot of Harry Fremont’s stuff, but surprisingly it was just too soapy for me. My nose couldn’t get past that.

Matt Wright says:

Can I ask where is your tom ford fragrances manufactured? My black orchid was made in USA now it’s all gone to made in Switzerland I’ve been so disappointed with the Switzerland batch smell doesn’t last no where near as long and it doesn’t smell exactly the same! What’s your thoughts on this????

saleh dawod says:


Khawar Shahzad says:

i love perfum

Modalsoul says:

Even though NOIR DE NOIR is my favorite fragrance of all time…….BLACK ORCHID EDP is the best smelling, most sensual, erotic , romantic fragrance ever created IMO.

GREY VETIVER EDP is the most versatile, Anytime/Anyplace best smelling fragrance IMO

if you were to only have 2 frags to cover all situations these 2 would be it.

Mr Sillage says:

I have to agree… with Carlos. Black Orchid EDP is top 10 all time!! Love the interactions between you and Carlos! Great video as always TIFF! That laugh…. that real laugh you gave…So beautiful!

Danyellow says:

Are there some marketed for women? I thought I saw one in a white bottle? Love this video type

bubba hairston says:

I know im late to the party lol, But wow Tiff you are so beautiful. I love the way you carry your self , Such an AMAZING, SEXY, STRONG , INTELLIGENT women and I cant get enough of you. Keep doing your thing girl.

RockSClone says:

I absolutely love Tiff’s laugh. Beautiful woman, beautiful personality. Great review. I played it twice just to hear the laugh and ribbing back and forth. Black Orchid is my favorite. I layered it with Oud Leather Intense for Christmas. It was amazing. I own the Signature scent, but I haven’t yet worn it. The bottle reminds me of one of my all time favorites, Escada for Men. Similar bottle design. I may venture into two more bottles on this list. The decant of grey vetiver is just not working for me. I may try a revisit on that.

vlad 4U says:

Black Orchid, in my country they sell only for woman

Karen Taylor says:

Such a good video guys thank you 🙂

Rose .B says:

Sahara Noir is my baby and I’m a woman haha, when I heard it was discontinued I hoarded it and bought ten bottles, the dry down is beautiful and funnily enough men love it on me!!!

Steluta Trofimov says:


Ángeles Simón says:

I love very very much the Tom Ford’s fragrances.

Michael A. says:

Great video! I was definitely curious about theseTF fragrances from a woman’s POV

Derek Greene says:

Great video to you both. Grey vetiver is my favorite from this collection

Kevin Campos says:

just curious are these fragrances predominately for men?

Salt n Peppa says:

VIOLET BLONDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ricca Shaps says:

Black Orchid is great but personally, I love Orchid Soleil! I agree with their final comment about fragrances being gender-bending. I have smelled Prada Infusion D’homme and loved it on my skin. Obviously marketed for men but works for women as well. At this age, no fragrance should be exclusively for women and men. They could be recommended but if it works both ways then it works.

Zeke Jackson says:

People give Black Orchid EDP slack at times, but I feel it’s a statement. You gotta be bold with it. A lion pursuing it’s pray. I’m here look at me. Type vibe

mr.c. mr.w. says:

Hi Tiff And Carlos, Love Y’all Reviews,I’m A Big Fan Of The House Of Tom Ford !Signature Collection. I Have Five Of The Seven Reviewed.Less Velvet Orchid,And Sahara Noir. But What Is A Collection If You Don’t Have Them All, So Ill Also Be Collecting The Two I Don’t Have. The Same Order You Selected Them In Tiff,Is The Same Order I Like Them In. Awesome Review You Two.Thanks.

Bernie777 says:

I’m going to have to go with Black Orchid. If you tqo relly love this, it has to be grat. Thanks for the video.

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