Top 10 Best Cheap Fragrances for Men

Best Mens Fragrances under 30 Dollars Inexpensive Sexy Colognes
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HL N says:

Kannst du ein Review über Le Labo Parfüm machen?

Juan Pimba says:

8:47 me when I go out


any suggestions ?? i ride motorbike to office, travel time 30-40mins, climate 28-30c.. Versace Dylan Blue (or) Eros or Mont Blanc Individual.. all three cost around 50S for 100ml here in india..

Angel Video Diario says:

You could end with, *Estas fueron las fragancias de jeremy Adios* (this was jeremy’s fragrance goodbye)
Greetings from Mexico 😀

iceZ Evolution says:

Hey Jeremy,
Can you tell me what you think about Kenzo Homme Eau De Parfum, or a short review for me in this comment ? coz I cant find a review on youtube
Thank you! 🙂

cristian estrada says:

Thanks bro

Emma Gustafsson says:

I thought I had forgotten to turn off Skyrim in the background, lol.

Ruby Rutin says:

Que estes bien, mi Deutsche Krieger

George Kyriacou says:

Mate use a generic bottlw foe your fragrance. Dobt malw your owm. Waste if monies. Just make sure brand and juice ie good. Bravo to you.

Arlen Armenta says:

felicidades por tu español 😀

vivia71 says:

Hello, Jeremy. Youtube recommended your channel to me, your videos are awesome!! After watching, I picked up the YSL La Nuit De L’homme for my boyfriend as a birthday gift, he likes so much. Could you make a video about the niche perfume that you recommend for lady? Thank you very much, love your channel!!

Marjorie Gonzalez says:

Say “Yo soy la fragancia De Jeremy” #el ejercito de la fragrancia

Brian Santos says:

Once more a good list of bargain fragrances and their more expensive analogs. Tu español suena bien Jeremy. Hopefully that means you are considering Puerto Rico as the place to manufacture the perfume. #fragrancearmy

IronPump89 says:

Fresh fabric softener with a sweet raspberry touch :))
Fresh fabric softener with a luxurious vibe :))

miha dogu says:

Congratulation, you deserved it

Rasmus Strandman says:

You should make “10 fragrances for life” video

Anton Constantinou says:

I like the music! Very orchestral! Good soundtrack choice!

Raúl C says:

“Soy Jeremy, muchas gracias por ver mis videos, los quiero, paz” what you said in english, translated to spanish 😉 …. great video man, cheers

Motor PI says:

Jeremy you should make a video about hair care and skin care. It would be interesting to know what products you use.

DavinSteidel says:

Review armaf hunter intense

Anthony Medina says:

If you want to smell like a fuckin g buy some Carolina Herrera 212 NYC Men.

Jimmy Rose says:

great stuff Jeremy. Buen trabajo aprendiendo el Espanol! Saludos!

Nico Miranda says:

Hey Jeremy. Please review about Jo Malone. Im a subscriber from the Philippines. Thank you!

Ibrahim Naif says:

Great list!

James The Stranger says:

Hi, Jeremy, thanks for all the videos you’ve been doing during all these years. I’ve some questions: Can you give overall rating for Dior Fahrenheit Le Parfum and Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Intense? Which one is the best out of all PR 1 million collection? Hope I didn’t give you headache.

Tyler Jay says:

I’m just so surprised that the bvlgari aqua Amara made the number 1 spot…immediately sprayed it around my room

eclipseotik says:

Muy bien Jeremy!

ladane huudson says:

Anybody know where I can get the invictus aqua 2016? Im in America

ChestyMD says:

What color is that suit please ? 🙂

Jose Mari says:

Enhorabuena sigue practicando el español, ánimo!

Carissa Miller says:

Keep up the Spanish, my friend! I studied it in school here in the USA and then later improved with friends. It’s such a fun language!!! Muchas gracias por el vídeo , eres el mejor!

Add Char says:

How did you ever get into this industry, doing what you love and getting paid for it. I could only ever imagine of doing something that you are. Could you give me some pointers on how to get into this business? Being able to test fragrances and pushing marketing for the companies who have created them.

Rubén Guisande Alonso says:

Buenos días Joven, jajajajajaja.

brdpit says:

Bvlgari Aqva Amara isn’t that cheap anymore. It’s alway sold out on Amazon and the people who have it in stock are asking a premium for it.

Michael Ryan says:

7:12 “Das Deutsche autohaus Mercedes-Benz kann stolz auf diese parfüm sein. By Honorine Blanc.” Did I get that right?

robred04 says:

For me DKNY Be Delicious Men Edt for men is a very nice cheap fragrance. I have it as my after shave too. Super nice, if u don’t know it yet check it out 🙂

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