Top 10 Best Fresh Fragrances / Colognes Judged by Michelle!

Whether you’re searching for the best mens cologne of all time / best womens perfume of all time or the best colognes to attract females, this channel will help you find the perfect fragrance for you. Thank you for watching!

Here are my Top 10 Best Fresh Fragrances / Colognes for Men judged by my friend Michelle! Thank you for watching, and remember to subscribe for more videos!

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Paco Rabanne Invictus Aqua:
Versace Pour Homme:
Versace Man Eau Fraiche:
Creed Aventus:
Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct:
JPG Le Male Superman Eau Fraiche:
Dior Sauvage:
Mr. Burberry:
Prada L’Homme:
Versace Dylan Blue:

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jocky says:

where is Bvlgari aqua amara?

Fafima El Koua says:

Hey steve my 12 year old son wants a perfume what do you recomand not to heavy or masculin.

Jasper M says:

I want to know, is this dior sauvage the EDT or EDP version, and is the EDP worth paying extra for it does the EDT have good lasting scent for the price

Abhi NYC says:

Savage sausage lol

Garf 661 says:

Enjoyed the review as always. I watched the same review (fresh fragrance) reviewed by you wife the one with the glass cleaner lol I noticed you didn’t put in NAUTICA voyage? Your wife’s No1 fresh fragrance. It’s always good to hear what other women’s views are on the same fragrance. Keep up the good work

Gustavo Borelli says:

I re-watched this and I’d love to see the video you mentioned at the end about the weirdest bottles. It would be fun! I hope we get to see it in the future.

James Teague says:


Darren Crowe says:

Was the Beatles love a coincidence?

Mlo says:

This is the greatest and most honest frag review I’ve ever seen!!! This girl is awsome and so honest and fucking nailed the detail of what she smelled and was so right about them. She mentioned she was bad at smells. But she is the opposite.

Val Gamer says:

sauvage is the best a God of perfumery will never forget the day I was in a hospital and after twenty-four hours of applied the scent a nurse came and told me:
– This perfume you are using is the sauvage, I did not answer: Yes
I am from brazil
i like your vids

DVVSR says:

2:47 *hits blunt* time to leave the video

Israel Munoz says:

Haha… she’s funny bro. Very lively, off the cuff. You’re doing great brother. Great channel!

Adrian Basart says:

I’ve heard you mention Cuban culture in a couple of your videos. What’s the deal? Don’t tell me you married one of us.

ReSultZ says:

She’s cute

Rob Lund says:

I respect that oh no not another one lol

Corona light says:

She doesn’t like Superman? Wtf

David Hummel says:

Being that the performance is really good for Sauvage, how many sprays do you suggest and where at?

mehdi scent says:

Thank you for this great review and picks … I think Dylan Blue needs more time to shine and dry down… it dries down later than others .. it would be shining more .

Shawn Bra says:

she is very cute and type of girl I find attractive and off the cuff personality hopefully Savage will help me land a woman like her wish me luck lol

Erick Ponce says:

I respect her opinion, aparently she has some special taste. She doesn’t seem to apreciate the smells.

knick fan says:



Hey frag heads. Help me pick some fresh scents. Nothing sweet or dark. Thank you!!

Felipe N A says:

Dylan blue = irish spring , l homme = grandma + putting your nose all over the paper = don’t ever bring this guest on this channel ever again, Redo. Its like asking the opinion of a frag from your kid baby sister

colonicsymphonic says:

Great video and Michelle is gorgeous!

Fafima El Koua says:

I ‘m the only one not wauwed bij sauvage?

1topgorgon says:

All the versaces are winners in my book

G Kalisa says:

Bring Michelle back. She’s fun and honest and kool

Humberto Ramos Costa says:

13:09 the face of sadness, hehehehe

slosh11111420 says:

She’s a keeper, you should connect the chair so any girl that say’s no to Aventus gets tossed.

Summat Wrong says:

She’s adorable

ReBeL_BLaK says:

I wonder if she was referring to Kryptomint … It uses sage and geranium (not lavendar) as its notes.

hpjrmtzion says:

This wasn’t a fair video because she had too many memories of grandmother and dad. Therefore, it wasn’t a fair pick of the line up. Please do another one with a different person with the same love be up.

John Sells says:

Sauvage is the best fragrance for me. Always getting noticed when I wear it. I rarely wear anything else anymore. Abercrombie fierce is also great for casual wear imo.

Josh Riddle says:

God I love her personality she is so cool her guy is one lucky man

Ali Farahi says:

Was excited about this review but would have preferred your take vs your guests. Comparing everything to what her man would wear who smells like fish soap did not work for me. You should have had her man there to smell in between fragrances…

kikiTHEalien says:

Why did you bring woman that clearly prefers sweeter scents to rate fresh fragrances?

Gadjo X says:

matching Beatles tshirts 🙂

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