Top 10 Best Office/Work Fragrances For Men 2018

Best Fragrance For Men Work Office Formal
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Alexander Shamsai says:

I am not a big fan of Aqua di gio profumo. But aggree to all other fragrances that u presented in this clip. Thanks!

Alexander Larsen says:

Jeremy, have you ever tried Boucheron Quatre Absolu De Nuit Homme? I just came across this in a perfume shop and I love this smell. Reason I ask is when I search for this, I find no YouTube reviews etc at all

Jastino Owen says:

When you said you’re always getting compliment for your good smell, it’s just like saying the sun is hot..OF COURSE YOU SMELL GREAT !!!

Lulu Melow says:

But how would you know? you don’t go to an office or have an actual job

GrowUnderPowerlines says:

I tried some of these on my chicken and they did not taste as advertised. One of them actually tasted very chemmy. They ultra male was pretty good on salad but for the price I can’t eat it all the time…

Sasa Ergelasev says:

Hello Jeremy. What do you think about YSL L’HOMME ULTIME EDP ? iS it good for office?

Julio Aguirre says:

This is the best Chanel in the world, about fragances, congratulations from Mexico

Dave Wolly says:

Can you please tell me which one you like the best. Giorgio Armani Profumo Parfum, Prada L’Homme or Bleu De Chanel. Thanks I love your channel

Alucard says:

Good Office/Work list #FragranceArmy

Schwarzenegger Aesthetics says:

A&F First Instinct or JPG Superman? I’m 17 years old and searching for a great summer scent to wear in my freetime.

Jonathan Rios says:

Artisan Pure is a compliment beast!!!! Every time I wear it I get at least 3 compliments… Even in the gym. Even though my favorite JV is still Artisan Aqua, Artisan Pure is the best JV.

Amr Emad says:

Jeremy, please consider giving “Ajmal Kuro” a try. I just received a bottle as a gift. From the 1st time I’ve tried it, I was instantly reminded of my Dior Sauvage. Every time I wear my Sauvage I’m reminded of Kuro, and vice versa. I really wanna know your opinion about it.

adhi kwok says:

jeremy how abt giorgio armani special blends is it good than perfumo?

Fsuholley says:

I agree with #2. I have been wearing it for a week and have gotten many compliments. Great mandarin citrus scent.

chard1101 says:

Too much talk!!!!

Rina Simer says:

You said bad things about black orchid…so screw you

ricardo orozco says:

i miss the initial ending song, it was more funny and danceable

Tyler Durden says:

What do you guys think about Davidoff cool water – Caribbean summer edition ?

W Kenneth says:

Thanks a lot, Jeremy. I wrote down all ten and plan to buy a few.

Tyler Jay says:

My dad has aqua di gio…I got him Prada carbon for his birthday last year too…I would wear it but I’d prefer wearing fragrances my dad isn’t

Panos Zografakis says:

Jeremy,you had delete the video you spoke about Cartier Declaration d’ un Soir.I dont remember if you suggest the original or the Intense version.Make it clear one more time please.Thank you. #fragrancearmy

Di Po says:

L`homme Ideal by Guerlain!!!! lo es todo!!!

spencer says:

had to remortgage my house after dicovering your channel

Jonathan Rios says:

Beastly list!!!! Thanks general!!!

Njabulo Masondo says:

Great video Jeremy , what do you think of the recent Michael Kors Extreme Speed?

Hasan Tariq says:

Hello Jeremy, one of your huge fan from Pakistan. Can you please recommend best Perfume for Weddings.
If you can please share Summer daytime and Summer night time fragranced And Winter daytime and winter night time fragrances.

Nomino X says:

Jeremy what do you recommend for a Police Officer? 🙂

Sash Naumoski says:

Loving your work Jeremy. Surely the next James Bond. Love from Melbourne.

J Vr says:

Where to buy that suit.

Gokhan Mustafa says:

Will these Office Fragrances get me Office sex Jeremy?

K. dot says:

I’m surprised YSL L’Homme didn’t make this list. that’s a great office scent that garners compliments

Peaceful Love says:

Your videos are always quality and never a snooze fest. 🙂

Piyum Srilal says:

R they discontinued Amara??

Haider Ali says:

Jeremy talk about some 007 perfumes i want to know about them as well and u r best to guide us on perfumes

Walter J Kennedy says:

Got to sample this Bvlgari Aqva Amara Eau de Toilette , it sounds punchy to say the least, Cheers Jeremy.

Rei Gon says:

Two.. Fragrances i use in my store..

In important days… Millesime imperial.. Three sprays in the back of my shirt not too close two on the front( not too close i dont wanna stain my shirt) 8hrs of longevity in my shirt and let it sit 20 mins before getting out of the house..

On regular days.. Ed Hardy Love n luck.. Same procedure..

I’m south Florida

Zephead76 says:

My fragrance game has been seriously lacking, I picked up the Dior Sauvage EDP, and Versace Pour Homme!! Thank you Bro!!!

Leo Bargianni says:

hi man, just discovered your channel and I love how informative it is. recently I tried Dsquared he wood rocky mountain (such a pompous name) if you haven’t tried it already, give it a shot, I liked it a lot, would like to hear your opinions about it. cheers and keep it up

Danial skizo says:

U are deserve million views…u are the best

Sydney Starling says:

Warum erwähnst du nie was von davidoff oder diesel??? Die haben auch bomben düfte die sehr beliebt sind.

Manu St says:

Hey Jeremy, I’ve been using “Versace Pour Homme” as an everyday-fragrance because i like the fresh, clean smell but it lasts not really long. Could you recommend a “similar” product?

Keep it up, nice videos!

Gaurav Sharma says:

Aqua Amara is already discounted by the company. It’s been almost an year.

Best Brands Perfume says:

Bold Statement to move the Dior Sauvage down the list. I like it.

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