Top 10 Best Sexiest Winter Fragrances For Men 2017

Top 10 Most Complimented Men’s Fragrances 2017:
Top 10 Best OFFICE Fragrances For Men 2017:
Top 5 Sexy Date Fragrances:
Salvatore Ferragamo F Black Review:

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My Top 5 Most Complimented Fragrances To Date:

Today we look at my top 10 sexiest winter fragrances/colognes I’ll be wearing this season of 2017. Keep in mind, this is my list of what I’ll be wearing, so not all of these may work for you. There are links to all of these fragrances above, buy through those if you want to help support my channel. Also be sure to subscribe for more content, thanks for watching!

Canon w/ Lens:
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gonzaljevic says:

Almost 1000…keep it up man.

Gene in PA Puskash says:

So cool This week I wore Spice Bomb F feragoma Black and Valentino Intense Great to get validation PEACE

M M says:

Really nice list. I prefer Spice Extreme!

victor carrillo says:

Great video, you really have your style, I like you are staying mainly in designers, usually that’s for most people. Just a suggestion try to differentiate from other reviews, make your style your signature I know is easier to say than to do. For example Jeremy fragance (channel) is almost all about attracting girls and what are sexy fragances for them; redolessence (channel) has his professor vibe… You know what I mean. Keep the good work!

Imtiaz Farooq says:

Excellent video and generally excellent content. Subbed

OGAesthetics says:

9:40 lold

paulsjunkcars says:

Great video.

Luis Ramos says:

Difficult for me to wear most of these ones –I live in an eternal summer. Still enjoyed the video.

Jesse Rhodes says:

What do you think about tom ford noir extreme?

Fred Garvin says:

Good vid. I’d buy all of those that I don’t already own. My Mont Blanc came in the mail today. I need f black. You need Valentino uomo intense.

Pyro Dordtenaar says:


Alex Garcia says:

Good list but I will turn it around with your 9 and 10 been my 1and 2, today I am wearing Burberry Brit Rhythm, I like it more than London.
Keep the good work!

Mr Hyde says:

no la nuit?

Fred Garvin says:

1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ subscribers!! Great job! 10,000 and then 100,000 will come fast ! A few years ago mo vlogs from Dubai only had 10,000 now he has 5 million. It helps to have a hot sister also.

MegaJdogg91 says:

love spicebomb to death is that the reformulation ?

Tom Eis says:

Great list bro, couldn’t agree more! One of my favourites for this fallwinter is Insurrection II Wild, you should check it out. Epic cheapie, it has that thierry mugler pure havanepure malt vibe to it. Great performance also.

Henry blades says:

Great list
Dior Homme Intense
Jpj ultra male
Spicebomb Extreme
Valentino Uomo Intense
A Men Pure Malt

Vikrant Chaudhary says:

Once i tried to be bad ass by wearing MISS DIOR by Dior !!! i was surrounded by dicks in few minutes!! 😐

Jose Rendon Guadarrama says:

Good Stuff bro , ALHS extreme or Dior sauvage ??

P Semp says:

Solid list! I ordered both Dylan blue and Club la nuit intense can’t wait to put my hands on them! The One is my SOTD I’m rocking it today.. Pretty good list man plus Ultra male has been on my list for ages I need to buy it asap!

Frank Diesel Fragrance Reviews says:

7 people please sub this man and get him to 1k subs!!! You’re so close man keep up the great content and you’ll triple these numbers by the spring! Great review as always.. and as BBB puts it so eloquently, “Hit the God Damned BELL!!” 😉

Jovi Romero says:

You know Bvlgari man In black? It’s very nice. Very good list bro

Vikrant Chaudhary says:

can u help me out from where to buy invictus aqva?

scott ohms says:

If you desire Christmas in a bottle, might I suggest imaginary authors Cape Heartache

arnbassbaritone says:

I have a very small collection – cool water, versace pour homme (small bottle), seduction in black, and chrome. Should I add F black or PE red?

Alonewithcologne says:

Burberry London for women was a shock. I was looking for something Christmas tree smelling. I’ll add it to my buy list. It was cool when you said, “leave your mean comments and I will… read them.” It was such a devil-may-care attitude. Women love that more than anything.

persie PRINCE says:

Pure Tonka nice gourmand fragrance and solid performance I love it

Charles German says:

Good picks. I like reviewers that give their personal picks. That is what it is all about. Thanks.

paulo-magum says:

You are a nice day you will find the real amazing perfumes,,and leave this kind of fragances…..but i like your videos.

thorsmeathammer200 says:

It’s wierd seeing people who just jump in I bin collector for years befor all this review shit since was 12 30 now but good stuff man like your stuff but pick your own stuff I have all these buy stuff just see f black only average like all stuff people say are amazing just a train seems like oh he thinks it’s good like club n ehhh not that that good if look average you will never get a comp people should be on there own quest thinking about starting review but honest

mike acord says:

Nice list! I like your attitude–I don’t really care what anyone else thinks about some of my favorite fragrances either. I wore JPG Superman the other day simply because I like it. It’s certainly not a “fall” or “winter” scent. Doesn’t matter–I like it. Burberry London for Christmas–absolutely! I tend to go a little heavier on the tobacco/coffee/leather fragrances in the colder weather. I think this was one of your best videos. You seem really comfortable now in front of the camera! Great job!

Hardik Soni says:

What do you think about leau dissey – Issey Miyake ? Longevity and impression

Petro Andon says:

Bro plz check Aigner first class executive
Nice video btw

Alfre Pue says:

Great list bro.

Aarya says:

Check out the Un Jardin line

Bilawal Khan says:

Great video like always bro what’s your opinion on polo red intense for the winter ? I really love the opening of it but my main go to are going to me versace eros, spice bomb, and the one I also do have one million prive but I use it for partying

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