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The one you love to hate says:

I bought the Bleu de Chanel for my sons birthday one year. Idk it’s a date night fragrance, it’s almost like a going out scent but like to a hooka lounge or something of that nature.

Renos Christou says:

L’ homme is incredible for 5-10 minutes and then it smells like water. Nothing. 2018 formulation is an utter joke. The only way they can smell this on you, is you have to empty the whole bottle on your shirt and then wear it. I feel sorry for my money, where as some 20e fragrances last for 8 hours + where paying 50e for L’homme gets me 8 minutes. Same goes for la Nuit. Watered down, can’t smell anything. Original bottles, from reputable retail store, checked formulations, all original.It is either what I said or I am just anosmic to YSL fragrances.

pwnpie 31337 says:

How is creed aventus not in here? 😮

Darkermandeeper says:

YSL La Nuit De L’homme Frozen is my all time favourite. Too bad that it has gone.

Alan J Bennett says:

I just love you Demi

Sakiyeh Walker says:

I really admire creed cologne omg Irish tweed and the soap one of my favorite

Jayant Sharma says:

Her face is more beautiful than her cleavage

UliMuliko says:


aakif mohammed says:

Fantastic review

Red Salmon says:

Noir Extreme is my Fall/Winter scent! Always reminds me of Xmas. Gift for myself…and I noticed I’m always wearing black clothing when wearing this scent.

Timothy pham says:

I am in love with her accent

The Bizness says:

Looking at new fragrances and came across your channel. It’s good to hear from a womans perspective.

Alexander Landser says:

And what about Invictus Aqua 2018? I’m 19y/o and searching for a sexy, nightclub kind of fragrance.
I’m hesitating between D&G The One and Invictus Aqua 2018.
What do you guys think?

Bryan says:

Awesome reviews

jncyj says:

OK picture it pretty blond hair girl with long pony tail working at a wedding party as wedding planner. I Think she’s cute as she walks away with her long blond pony tail moving side to side, what do I do? 1) I say hi, I think your pony tail is cute. 2) I say hi,  I’m mark is my name on the wedding list? 3) Look at her and smile for 3 seconds then look away. 4)Ask where the bathroom is after she tells me say thank you Emily she says that’s not my name I say are you sure, because you look like an Emily  I ask what’s your name.Because what I did do did not work….smile nod my head. I was wearing on my skin YSL L’homme perfume Ultra male on my shirt

Victor Jerez says:

Her first decision is super basic though

Savvy Michael says:

Rochas Man is great for the price. If you are on a budget it’s a solid bang for your buck. Might not drop panties (got to be clean and handsome to do that) but does the trick as a nice accessory. Used to own it. Worlds best smelling butt plug ❤️❤️❤️

Phrea Spirit says:

Looking at thumbnail i thought “another model looking wanna be fragrance reviewer”. Was i wrong! Very spot on and thoughtful review of fragrances (some of which i own as well). Thank you!

SerbianScents says:

Demi my favorite Creed is Millesime Imperial, are you a fan?

gulducot says:

Great review, I didn’t really care for “The One” has an old fashion scent & doesn’t last long. Spot on with “L’Homme” my favorite fragrance I’ve purchased to date. Been recieving complements from women which is always nice to hear. Thanks Demi!

Janovin S says:

Recently got YSL l’Homme as a gift and then you drop this video. Yayuh!!

Chelsea Dalton says:

I’m sure you know it, but the Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male is amazing (although its so damn popular). Check out Carolina Herrera’s 212 Men as well as Jimmy Choo Man. YSL L’Homme is indeed phenomenal !

Josef Cene says:

Hey Demi, you should make a video together with Jeremy Fragrance. Would be nice. I like your videos. 🙂

Herman Mando says:

Hey i loooove your reviews. Just to know what do you think about black phantom by Kilian? Thx

Ralph Jacob says:

You’re not alone in your love of Green Irish Tweed over Aventus. It is my absolute favorite from Creed. Good list btw.

snaz76 says:

Not a bad list, albeit a little “popular”. Thinking that a few less repeats would have made roomfor your honourable mentions, in that Tom Ford smells very similar to Spicebomb, and Dior Intense like Uomo (as mentioned). And I don´t think The One is anything special 😀 but thats the great thing about perfume. (You look great as always)

samy aziza says:

Marrie me for lhomme Yves Saint Laurent

John Hummer says:

Nice! I love GIT. I have always thought it was better than Aventus as well. Glad to see a lady agrees.

Dilpreet Sekhon says:

Kulfi is a creamy indian ice cream with pistachio usually on top and it does have bits of cheesecakey ness to the ice cream.

ozgipsy says:

Loved it, thanks a lot. Good luck with the channel, do more stuff for blokes.

saša says:

All of those frags are sweet girly stuff that should be worn by females, except Green Irish Tweed.
If I wear any of those I’ll feel as having needy girl around my neck 24/7. Horror.

MDrummer says:

What do you think of Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male for a date night?

Cara Garth says:

I really love your style I’m a follower and I’m new to making YouTube videos but I’m having a blast!!!

Alan J Bennett says:

The last two are just Sexy,so I’ve been told when I wear them the one EDP is great for winter evening dates we’re as l’homme is daytime to evening indoor date fragrance

vkt says:

if you like the lalique bottle, wait till you see the packing… it’s like a somewhat important jewel’s case

MatsuriNetwork says:

thank you for making this video. you earned yourself a new loyal sub!

Chad Rinehart says:

Great list! You have a great personality too. I would like to see a video of top signature scents for men that are all masculine, yet modern and youthful! Thank you, Demi!

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