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* Thank you to “Scents” Australia for providing the tester bottles for this video!

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disney says:

Fragrance s and for me

Jack Lan says:

I gave my dad La Nuit as a gift for his birthday. Apparently, it works well with him because he said that he has been receiving compliments from coworkers and patients alike. People were asking him what he was wearing but, seeing he doesn’t know how to pronounce the name, he says it’s his aftershave. lol

GenkaiTaughtMe says:

Super helpful! ill check them out.

Dee Emm says:

Demi, could you pleeeaaase put the names of the fragrances as sub-titles under your videos? Many of the names are foreign -sounding and one can’t catch everything being said. Otherwise could you snap photos of them and show them briefly as you go on with your narratives? You hold them up, but your hand is always in motion hence one cannot see the names on the bottles clearly. Will make your presentations more professional. Love you……

d haze1215 says:

IMO you are a beautiful woman and do not need to wear so much make-up. Totally could pull off natural look and such a charming accent.

sumting wong says:

My wife rates all these on the same level. You and her have similar tastes so I would recommend one that is her favorite. Try Armani code colonia. She goes ape shit over that…

Scents Suds & Steel says:

Pretty solid list. Bottega Veneta is definitely a house that I need to check out. I love that Prada Luna Rossa Black is on this list because I agree it is a gorgeous tonka and amber scent.

robert20351 says:

Dior Homme Intense is my Valentine’s Day scent. It’s quite good. La Nuit de L’homme is also a great night scent. Tom Ford Noir EDP and Tom Ford Tuscan Leather are also top favorites for me.
With La Nuit de L’homme I add the deodorant so it’s stronger. I had a few women comment on it on a Greyhound bus in Seattle.
The Noir EDP though is a bit dark and animalistic. Some ladies think it’s too dark. Great for rainy days in the fall or winter.
I tried Le Male and it was good but weak. Had to use many sprays
So I got Ultra Male as a replacement. Much stronger
For a woman YSL Opium is nice. At least I like it. Lolita Lempicka too.

J M says:

No Tom Ford?

Scentventure says:

really like la nuit de l’homme

Nativerageable says:

Prada Carbon…..mic drop.

Ralph Rose says:

One thing about fragrances they are forever changing, what about dior Sauvage, Versace Dylan, Chanel Bleu..curious

Uninstall Depression says:

I Love my:
Versace Eros
Allure Homme eau Extreme
Jean Paul Gaultier Superman
Salvatore Ferregamo F Black

Crown says:

Le male is shit

Luís Dias Gomes says:

You are beautifull. Você quer namorar comigo??

Nafee Karim says:

You are from Sydney, Australia

Jesse Rhodes says:

Just bought y edp today. Very good release. I was curious, you always talk about Layton, what do you think about pegasus? It’s probably my favorite fragrance I own because it is unique compared to most others I own. Layton is definitely amazing though because I have that one too.

Ralph Rose says:

Thank You so much for all your videos You truly helped my journey to fragrance collecting, although I do think Niche brands are a step above, what is Your opinion of Tom Ford Noir de noir. One thing I was hurt by was buying from amazon, my experience was all that I bought was grey market what are Your thoughts. Thank You as always, Ralph #Debonairg

John King says:

Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L’Homme scent is amazing…but it’s longevity is pretty terrible…you have a max of 5 hrs with it and it will completely disappear…thats IF you’re the type with skin that can hold scents for long periods normally…if not you’re looking at 1-2hrs.

i haven’t tried the sport…i just ordered it online from one of the sites i use usually…so i’m excited about that wish me luck XD

William Teague says:

Azzaro Wanted. ….give me a hug!

takumi fujiwara says:

looking forward to the niche version of this video

Daniel Brady says:

Show the bottes close to the camera so all can see the name of the perfume clearly !

Daniel D925 says:

You have good taste. Ma’am, they’re aren’t too many new ones this year. Good video. I just feel left down this year. It’s not you’re fault. You are such a positive person. Thanks for you doing you!

Pedro Carrazana says:

I have the Hugo boss one. It’s straight up chocolate

Adrian Magana says:

Shes fine great accent

Jonathan Rodriguez says:

I once had a girl tell me she would sneak into my bathroom whenever I had get-togethers at my house and she said she would just sniff my bottle of La Nuit De L’Homme. It’s that good. Every guy should have it in his lineup. Great list!

Ralph Rose says:

P.s. I am a loyal follower and would be truly appreciative if You could follow me on instagram @Debonairg, Im following my dreams and restarting my luxury and lifestyle page. Admiration and Respect TY in advance RR #Debonairg

Steve Friedman says:

I want to smell her fragrance on my lips

BurntFist says:

You’re beautiful!! Totally taking your list seriously!

Jack William says:

For my own collection. I use JPG Le male as Winter fragrance. Because I’m from a tropical country. Bold and warm fragrance like le male is not a good choice at all. But now I live in Australia, I found out Le male is ultra sexy during winter, especially when the temperature goes below 16.
For casual, I use John Varvatos Artisan. Same feeling as Creed Aventus, cheaper, fresh and last about 2,3 hours, barely enough to use though. I make it my signature smell.
For work and client meeting, I use Hugo Boss Music. It smells like professional enough to wear to work but not too strict to express myself as chill, calm person.
For hot summer in Melbourne which can goes up to 42 degree. I don’t want to wear fragrance. But if I do, i simply use Davidoff cool water, super “cool”, simple, direct and super cheap too.
I have Creed Aventus too but it is too expensive, I only use it when go to fancy dinners with my girl. Even she prefers Artisan…
I am looking for another smell for night casual, which is a little bit warmer than Artisan, I’m considering between Dior Sauvage, YSL la nuit and may be something else…

For anyone wants a casual fragrance, I recommend Ysl Y, medium long lasting, easy fo wear, not too simple but enough to make you feel confident.

TheC5corvette says:

I wanted to try a new cologne to replace my old trusted one and still get compliments from women But also i have to Enjoy wearing it to as that’s just as important…. Had recently bought la nuit de l’homme by chance.. After the second day in a row of wearing it , i couldn’t wait to get home and shower to get it off me .. For ME its to sweet ?… Would you believe… I’m afraid to post my old time fav.. but the age of the cologne doesn’t always make it bad…so here go’s Grey Flannel.. only in the ( dark Bottle.) the other they have are a no no.. So please don’t lol at me,, maybe a suggestion of what i may like ????.

TheVerucAssault says:

My boyfriend has no sense of smell and therefore cologne was never important to him. I, however have a strong sense of smell and absolutely love cologne. I just bought 20 sample sprays of designer cologne to find just the right ones. I always loved Aqua Di Gio that my BFF wore but I’m afraid if my boyfriend wears it, it will just remind me of my best friend. I need yo find something unique to him… and to me

checho says:

Que Pena no te entiendo un sorete. . Mi ingles es pesimo no tenes un canal en castellano gracias … besos hermosa

Danny says:

What that nose do

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