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THANK YOU to “Scents Australia” for lending me these colognes for my video!

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SNAPCHAT – demirawling

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Subconsciouslywoke says:

That isey is king lemonade not really

Jackson Ling says:

Jeremy is fragrance King. Demi is Fragrance Queen

Gene in PA Puskash says:

Great list you’ve a cpl I don’t have yet PEACE

Benjimikey says:

My top mint & vanilla designers are 1. Allure homme eau extreme, 2. Versace Eros & 3. Gaultier Le Male

SCJ Drill Designs says:

Yep. Rive Gauche is amazing. I just ran out of it. Looking for another tin.

It's Dawson says:

Hi Demi, a little help please?

I am flying to Perth Australia next October to be best man at my brothers wedding, I am looking for the best fragrance to suit the occasion, feel like a boss and compliment the Ozzy weather.

I was thinking Cedrat Boise or rive gauche for the daytime but not sure about the evening.

Any ideas?

Thanks for any help 🙂

Cam Man says:

Great list looking foward to trying some of the fragrences you mentioned

Juniper SRX says:

I would have watched the first 10 seconds of this amazing video atleast a 100 times or more…….Oh God – I can feel the Le Male effect on you. And its AMAZING!!

Adrian Tapia says:

White shirt = Artesan pure? Or l’eau d’issey?

cryptogoose says:

I love your vids….but the first 8 seconds of this vid are the best….just watching you dance in your chair was sooo intoxicating…just WOOW….can you do some vids and include more dancing…..cheers

Ignatius Lee says:

Demi, nice video! Please post more video on men’s products. We like your feedback. Do you have a recommendation, other than Issey Miyake Pour Homme, for casual occasion? For situation like just wearing a t-shirt and hoodie, when you go out without a special purpose. I went out to try Issey Miyake Pour Homme after watching your video, I worry that the citrus note is only suitable for summer. I’m looking for something I can wear all year when I go out casually without a specific purpose. Thanks and keep up with the good videos!

david bond says:

I think it’s good to have another person (man or woman is fine) with you when you do these…I love multiple opinions

Elinka Feingold says:

Prada L’Homme is a serious major industrial error. Excellent smell soapy and original but lasts for 30 min which is nearly fraud.

Kamonwan aka Oath says:

Really beautiful!

david bond says:

I’m glad to hear it from Woman’s point of view

Alyssa Lopez says:

The only times I wear male fragrances are during job interviews and work orientation because they make me feel assertive and more confident and they get me compliments more than any other female fragrances. I get so much positive feedback from managers, other employees, and even my mother. I wear either the Bottega Veneta or Terre d’ Hermes which were just samples my older brother gave to me last year that I fell in love with and work perfectly with my body chemistry and the cooler climate of the pacific northwest. So glad to see another woman appreciate them! They smell so sophisticated and classy, like what a successful boss would wear.

Branko 223 says:

Jimmy Choo Man Intense is a better choice than Coach For Men,smells richer and deeper in my opinion.

adrian97c says:

I been wearing TF Tobacco Oud Intense as a daily. I’m wild like that lol

Bob Weaver says:

What do you think of scents like obsession or spice bombo.? and Drakkoir Noir

El mahdi Mahdi says:

WoW!! you describe fragrances very beautifully, I am impressed.

keith stoltzfus says:

God your beautiful

binot says:

She gets a wetness? Im sold

Michi H. says:

What’ s ur opinion on Dior Sauvage?:)

matt ursolino says:

Why does she have all these btw?? just wonderin

Marc A says:

Issey smell floral to me

Kamil Zaryab says:

I don’t know what you say. I just watch your video ❤️

Dave Stewart says:

I suppose it goes without saying you’re gorgeous and you’re video’s are always interesting and entertaining but I have to admit listening to you talk is my biggest reason to watch. I admit that may be a dumb, american thing to say but I love the Australian accent.

esdsix says:

I get what you mean when it comes to fragrance. Some are catchy, nostalgic, and intoxicating! I didn’t believe this was the case and always thought it was a marketing ploy until dating this woman who wore a parfum called, ‘Design’ by Paul Sabastian. Literally, felt like I was under hypnosis when she walked past. I asked what she was wearing and haven’t forgotten since. Dunno why it was that one. But, I get what you mean. Another woman wore Issey Miyake, it was catchy and nostalgic, but not like Design (an older fragrance). Maybe it’s a DNA thing of the senses. Thanks for the video, I need new everyday options.

MDrummer says:

What do you think about Prada L’Homme intense?

Hussein Alzein says:

Great videos with best explanation . But i recommend to make videos shorter like 10mins. Keep up the good work

MissTheOldKanYeah says:

Can anyone explain to me why Chanel’s Allure Homme Eau Extreme is praised THAT much? I got this fragrance and i wore it tons of times (mind you only during summer as of yet), to me it’s pure tonka bean with some creamy wood nuances which can be overwhelming and heavy at times.

I absoluetly LOVE Chanel’s Allure Homme Sport/Edition Blanche… I NEED SERIOUS ANSWERS! I can’t seem to understand this fragrance as of yet…(does it work better in cold weather? How many sprays would work best? Etc..)

Ethan Hu says:

What’s the name of No 5 please? Thank you.

TheCamshafter says:

Only have jpg ultra male and is very nice but too strong for like work and daytime. I bought it way before I started watching any frag reviews on yt. I also got Clinque happy edt the same day. I guess I like sweet fragrances.

Flemming Pedersen says:

Its really interesting in many ways to see and hear what you think of mens perfumes 🙂 , i live in Scandinavia and some of the perfumes in this video are really good here , at least on my skin / and also under influence on what i eat and drink. Issey Miyake is really good for summer here , although i think it does not last long ( longevity in the bottle ) , so once the bottle is opened it will only last for one season . Jean Paul Gaultier is in my opinion for the younger male up to max. 40 years .

27tgflores says:

A girl who’s a 10/10 and knows her cologne… when you letting me take you out on a date?

Federico Fekete says:

Please make a leather fragrances top 10 for men. Also, your videos are absolutely great. Keep doing your thing

Michael Budijanto says:

Can show the perfume list? Not just saying it

ITSATRAP ! says:

For #10, just buy Jimmy Choo Man and Versace Pour Homme should be top 10 for life.

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