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Roberto Martínez says:

¿No Oud Wood or Tuscan Leather? Loved your choices! Many of them I haven’t seen before

Casey Sutfield says:

Nice list. Just picked up Varvatos Vintage. Definitely worth trying out if you haven’t already.

Martin 88vtvn says:

Liked and subscribed….. ure so beautiful !

Kalvin Rauma says:

I could watch and listen to her talk forever haha

S G says:

Great list, I unfortunately don’t approve of JV Vintage… It smells incredibly but man is it weak.

On the other hand I really do love Grey Vetiver BUT I feel Atelier Vetiver Fatal has a much more prestigious elegant smell to it.

And while where on TF. I’m REALLY SUPRISE you didn’t mention Oud Wood on this list. It’s super masculine, woody, elegant and classy smelling.

And big thumbs up for mentioning Royal Oud. Hands down the best Formal fragrance.

Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne Replays says:

you are really pretty

Ghost City says:

Too beautiful

Александр Лузан says:

The woman you dont’t care what fragrance shes using. The one you just want to be with

Shawn Burkhead says:

Who can hate on this cute Australian ? I for one would rather have a female opinion on colognes. Love you voice Demi! Have a great day!

Red Salmon says:

I’m on my second 4.2oz bottle of JV Vintage. Draws compliments in the work place. Not overwhelming scent.

Ian Nobriga says:

You are beautiful!

eli dido says:

your face is sun my beautiful sun , i like you

desert knight s says:

That girl has a TASTE

Jose Velez says:

Don’t pay any attention to the negativity it’s a sign of jealousy* and envy!

RomeoTurbo says:

Cute reaction at 9:55 again!

leanne oneill says:

Why did you get backlash? I actually only wear men’s fragrances as women’s give me terrible headaches as are too floral great list x

Julius tims says:

Love your Mens frag videos, your so beautiful and provide great info on each scent. You also have amazing taste!

Александр Лузан says:

Thanks for Terre! Many blogers are forgetting about it! But I’ve got like 1L of it in summ and every each bottle smells different! What the hell those manufacturers are doing with fragrance lovers?!

Jacen Starheart says:

Pardon me for asking Demi but are you a Model, I’m Just Curious, sorry if I’m being a bit to forward, take care!

Joe Rivera says:

Hello, is the Narciso Rodriguez EDT or EDP?

Hyden 35 says:

What a lovely face .!

Gregory Cabral says:

This list is so amazing creed royal oud is a classic

Rob Beri says:

Sooo your voice puts children to sleep at night !

Jose Velez says:

Demi you are gorgeous period!!

ali noorie says:

Now this is a woman to spend the rest of the life with!!


Aventus imo is playful and relaxed!

Frank Gadson says:

Informative video thanks

Savvy Michael says:

Royal Oud is stupid sexy! One of my top 5 favorite men’s fragrances. This is not a little boys scent. This is for dudes with confidence and large balls! Great video good looking!

Racer X says:

Thank you for your video, it was great to get a female perspective. I hope you make more videos like this one. Awesome job!

Teenu Cheenu says:

Teeth brighter than my future.

Dennis Harwell says:

Great list great job great picks thanks for th e video

Ed Belle says:

I absolutely love your accent
So sexy
Right along with those beautiful eyes
Love hearing your opinions on men’s colognes

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