Top 10 Most Complimented Fragrances Best Colognes for Men

Sexy Best Mens fragrances Perfumes Panty Dropper Compliments
#10 0:43 Lacoste L’homme Intense
#9 1:25 Diesel Only the Brave Street
#8 2:09 Bond no 9 The Scent of Peace for Him
#7 3:12 Creed Viking
#6 4:02 Amouage Reflection Man
#5 4:53 Perry Ellis 360 Red
#4 5:57 Ralph Lauren Red Rush
#3 6:50 Coach for Men Platinum
#2 7:47 Yves Saint Laurent Y EDP
#1 9:01

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Jeremy Fragrance says:

Whats your Most Complimented Fragrance.

Michael Goodman says:

I finally broke down and got dior savage. After wearing it a few times – It smells like Old Grandpa. – Nasty.

Ucop 2T says:

Jeremy, can you make a video about the best fragance for teens?

Hans Franz says:

whats the name of the outro song???

kakasvk says:

What about Rasasi Hawas? Gets me the most compliments

John Doute says:

I’m not sold on Aqva Amara, good list though bro.

RSmilfshake says:

Should I buy the bvlgari without smelling it first? I really want to try it now haha

Vexed Knight says:

Lets do this!!!

psy GangmanStyle says:

What watch do you wear Jeremy?

Cliff Swanson says:

Damn good video Jeremy!!

cryptogoose says:

Great Vid and nice suit – so nice you wore the same suit in your OCT 6, 2015 vid (best 10 fall fragrances… I watch everything you do with the greatest of attention….keep up the great vids…cheers

Hans Wurst says:

Hi Jeremy. Komme von deinem deutschen Kanal. Der Anzug steht dir richtig gut.
Btw. die besten Komplimente hab ich für das YSL L’HOMME und YSL LA NUIT DE L’HOMME bekommen
LG aus Deutschland, bist der Beste, bleib so wie du bist.

Marosi Máté says:

You forgot Eros, bro. I applied that fragrance 3 times at 20:40 p m and got girls asking me what perfume I use at 05:00 a m.

Ramona Adela says:

I agreeree! Amara is the only man fragrance that I loooved when i smeled on a man. It is soonspecial

DeVoWyZE N says:

Another great Video my brother! What a dissapointment Aqva Amara is discontinued!! When did this happen??
It really works well with my natural body chemistry although I know many “basic” people do not like it…

Eva Antal says:

Ladies version ????

Amy Larsen says:

I don’t know if you take requests but could you please review Glossier You Eau de Parfum? I’ve heard mixed reviews and I don’t know if I should buy it…

rofland says:

Hey Jeremy, thanks for your great videos, i love the passion you have and appreciate your tips. I just bought Creed Aventus 2 weeks ago at a Pieper Store in Germany. The woman there sprayed with a tester on my hand and the smell was amazing and lasted really long. Now i had to find out, that the 100ml that i bought just havent got that great boom smell, and not seem to last nearly that long, and no one noticed it btw when i was wearing it.
Do you think i just catched some bad batch? It’s A4218B01.

SuperTalpaiute says:

Can you please talk about Xerjoff cruz del sur ii?

Carlos Anguiano says:

Its hard to be really convinced about the fragrance compliments you get when youre so handsome lol!

LT says:

No la nuit anymore??

Perjaniye Wheng says:

Im sad that bvlgari amara discontinued

Jason Murray says:

Have you had the chance to smell fragrances by Clive Christian?

Usama Cheema says:

Forget the fragrances, that suit is mighty sir

Business Purchase says:

Errrr….. Gross!

Juny Evo says:

For me Hugo boss red nice one and roca wear evolution

Si Hua says:

Do a Wall street special. Colognes that smell like big boss money, investment banker, hedge fund manager, CEO. Please focus on both young and old men. Thank you !

Paweł Kamiński says:

Dildo fragrance battle -Perry Ellis 360 Red vs Rochas Man next video??

Jaden Livian says:

What fragrance(s) do you bring when you travel? Can you make a video on this?

Nadine says:

It’s been a while since you don’t wear this type of suits. I found them the most alluring in a man.

Cailou has Ligma says:

which fragrance gives you ligma

Bclorox TV says:

Im surprised axe isnt on here

Had Enough says:

You should do a video on top ten fragrances under $30.

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