Top 10 Most Complimented Fragrances for Men

Colognes for Men Compliment getters Best Fragrance 2019
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Isaac Gabriel says:

I just realized that Dior Homme Intense never made in jeremy’s list or ever been reviewed. I need the king’s word on it! salute!

oh and,
Does anyone ever imagine how jeremy’s reaction watching Perfume: the story of a murderer (2006) ??

ThePredatorGame N11 says:

Top longest lasting fragrances plssssss

Dontez Cristol says:

Jeremy please do a video review about the new MontBlanc Explorer!

Surinder Singh says:

I own a lot of fragrances (including 5 from this list) and BY FAR the most compliments I ever receive is for Chanel Allure.

Unikatni Proizvod says:

Prodo si se cavuljo

abdulhayyi aliyu says:

Everyone in my office now ask me for fragrance advices and opinions thanks to you Jeremy..I feel like a superstar now

Siti Zakaria says:

Ho Jeremy!!! Hope u r doing great!!

Yoka Yokoko says:

Wearing the Salvatore black with a business suit while commuting in Tokyo got a women lean on me, and i think it i because of the smell. i guess it happen 3x. True story.

JeZZGro says:

Dylan blue?

christopher hernandez says:

When he sprayed the invictus aqua i almost got a heart attack Jesus every time he sprayed it it was like her 10 dollars every spray

Muhammad Nasr says:

this list is a joke..

krisko910110 says:

Ultra male is a fantastic fragrance in every damn aspect!!

Erick Sanchez says:

I would have added Rasasi Hawas instead of Invictus Aqua.

Iggy says:

I found the #1 most complimented Fragrance at a Mardens at a heavily discounted rate of 60% on the week of christmas. I spent like $25~$35

Michael Olkowski says:

What was that intro spin?

Ayrthon Diaz says:

Y el subtítulo >:v?

Kostas Siozos says:

I dont know but i dont trust Jeremys “recomadations” anymore

Jarel Music says:

Sorry jeremy luna meants moon.. you right but rosa.. is not red…Rosa meants Rose… And red is rojo…

Luiz Phillipe tio phill says:

you could put the names of the fragrances in your videos, it would be easier for people like me who do not speak English to know the perfume better

Ahmad ghafory says:

Sorry to say but you lost your value Jeremy becaues you are too much in marketing mode.

Berus7777 says:

3 fragrances (GREAT fragrances) on this list that have been reformulated – most heartbreakingly, La Nuit De L’Homme, but perhaps a good idea would be to discuss fragrances that have NOT yet been reformulated, but MIGHT be in danger of it. In my opinion, Mont Blanc Individuel could fall into this category. Individuel is my “whatever” fragrance, and I love the quality to price ratio. It has nice performance, and people almost universally love it, and yet, it IS still unique. I often worry that my next bottle will show up having less projection and performance, so I’m ordering a couple NOW in order to stash away – just in case. By the way… has anyone noticed that new bottles of The One EDP are performing very badly? Very little projection, almost no silage – it’s basically just a skin fragrance after about 40 minutes. I know it was never great, but I remember the EDP being at least halfway decent a couple of years ago.

Mats Petterson says:

No editing… 12:48 he adds a pic of himself…. “one take style” HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA

Fabian Blehrmühlhuber says:

Do you think invictus aqua 2016 is better for getting complements than rasasi hawas or is it nearly the same?

dsarg9582 says:

Top Fragrances worn by rockstars, real or your opinion.

PedroFFrr says:

So you deleted the video where you tripled your fragrance price… the downvotes do have a Impact… ouch

RaffiNGO says:

I don’t mind this kind of 1 take style (except when you make us watch the wall because the mailman was more important haha)

PennyHerbst says:

I think it is useless if you review old versions of scents.

JJ. says:

Coach for men or Prada Luna Rossa Carbon?

Nandish Shah says:

I sometimes think i own too many fragrances…..
Then Jeremy uploads a new video

Giorgi Shakarashvili says:

Bro, you should do this list once a year. Not every week!!

MaxReaxx says:

I respect the one take style Jeremy. Props to you.

Danny B says:

Jeremy, you are 3 of 3 for me. Thank you. Do you still have the Ferrari?

arshdeep singh says:

Can you make a best long lasting RAVE/FESTIVAL fragrances video?

jaime romero says:

“Rosa” means “rose” or it can refer to the color pink


In my experience, the most complemented fragrances are:

Spice Bomb
Dylan Blue
Acqua Di Gio
Le Male

Gustavo Pimenta says:

Why don’t you rate them by better/worse smelling in your opinion? Forget about how many compliments you got, that means nothing and is not how people should base any decision.

Carlos Enrique Gonzalez Cochran says:

Great video Jeremy, from Guatemala, see your videos ! Blessings !!

Ike says:

Könntest du vielleicht in kommenden Videos zu jedem Duft die entsprechende Jahreszeit und Occasion nennen?

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