Top 10 Most Complimented Fragrances Of All Times Best Mens Fragrances

Most Complimented Fragrances For Men Best Colognes 2018
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Ngo Gia Khanh says:

I don’t like Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme. The EDT version is much better for me. Gio Profumo is not impressive too.

Yuva DNC says:

Hate to do this ..but someone needs to break this to you… This might shake your very belief roots..but I had to do it……Girls turning around and following you is not because of your fragrance…but because you look so damn beautiful my brother..

Garner R Buckley III says:

No Armani code

Super Divinus says:


Youssef Khalaf says:

looking forward to some reviews on Green perfumes.

yehan nanayakkara says:

what about bleu de chanel?

Bosshafter 00 says:

Please more About Mount Blanc Individuel!!!

rahul999rap says:

I just bought my first dior sauvage edt. Does any1 think i will get compliments. Kinda too excited to use it

Clap Forboobies says:

I got the most hate from MB infdividuel. My wife and her friends said it smelled like a rich elderly lady fell in some detergent.

Karen Taylor says:

Lovely vid thank you Jeremy !

mauijimderwahre says:

Wieso ist la nuit l´homme nun auf Platz 1, wenns letztes Jahr nur auf 5 war? dachte es wurde verändert, oder hast du noch Reserven?

pop 80s says:

its doesnt get me any compliment , probly i live in the most thugish state in the us which is georgia the garbage hip hop community , a tastless people with their pens down . the worst kind of people ever seen in my life . ughh

Elinka Feingold says:

Prada doesn’t hold for half an hour. Le Nuit and Sauvage been reformulated sadly. Sauvage has suffered short silage for that reason.. and THAT’S why it doesn’t garner compliments anymore… and most tragically Le Nuit the heavenly deep perfectly blended and original didn’t survive the reformulation and now is a pale sad version that doesn’t stay for long at all. You can spray half a bottle it wouldn’t stick. Be aware with those three it’s a money waste.

Gruefti says:

finde das aqcua von bulgari nicht, hat jemand nen Link?

Dani Kovács says:

For me it’s Aventus, La nuit (vintage), and Acqua di Gio Profumo 😛

dipro001 says:

I really wonder if i got a fake bottle of La Nuit De L’Homme as i have worn it for an entire month and i did not get a single compliment. I also did not like it myself. M friends when asked said “yah, i smell something, but the other thing you wear (MB individual, amourge Jubalation 25) smells a lot better. I was really dissapointed after doing a blind buy from all the hype. No way it is better than all those mentioned here.

Jeremy Fragrance says:

name 3 big fragrance compliment getters for you.

photoblocker says:

Can you switch fragrances?
I mean can one day you wear one brand and the next wear another? Even after a shower do you put on a new fragrance but the old one still lingers on the jacket in the car ect….
Does how well the old smell and new smell clash?
If you spray one smell in the morning before you leave for the office, can you spray another smell before going to the club??
Thank you

Gaurav Parchani says:

Jeremy do a comparision video for Amouage reflection man vs creed aventus.

Zak Hancock says:

His description of Aventus is perfect. I was actually walking off stage after a presentation and a guy stopped me and said “what cologne are you wearing? My wife needs to know.” Then she said “you smell amazing. Like you just split a bunch of wood and started to sweat pure sexiness.” Best compliment I have ever received from a fragrance.

David A says:

Had to be ysl it’s the best smell , only complaint it should be longer lasting ,
I’ve got chanel allure sadly not as good as the sport grr

nmacog says:

i love Mont Blanc Individuel – one of my personal faves I use it a lot its perfect

Miguel Valle says:

A shot of blue label…

Ravi Kiran says:

Paco rabanne one million edt

Uros Kasumovic says:

Jeremy, what do you think about the Creed Green Irish Tweed?

sasa sisi says:

Try „Acqua Di Parma Quercia“…one of my favourite!

mikeygrizz23 says:

With these older scents, do you run the risk of the scent staling??

Scott Geoffrey says:

What was number 8 and how do you smell it? Thanks

brutus301 says:

1. Aventus 2(a). La Nuit 2(b) Bleu de Chanel. 3(a)CH Men original 3(b) D&G The One
That’s my rotation. I have 10-12 other decent frags that are bench warmers.

KeKe says:

Is Allure homme Sport summer or Winter?

James Samuel says:

He drinks 62 Dalmore Whisky

Ahmed Nagy says:

This guy drinks شاي بلبن

blkpanther11 says:

Mine is Channel Du Blue
Tom Ford Black Orchard
Jean Claude Ultra Man
D&G The One
Allure Sport

Multi Meter says:

Funny story. I’ve never been a big fragrance guy, but want to get into it after seeing your videos. I didn’t wanna blow money until my next paycheck, but I saw that the PX on my base sells them, so I could use my credit card. I picked up the Acqua Di Gio, Dolce & Gabbana and Sauvage. To top it off, I showed them to my roommate, who then showed me his own bottle of Sauvage. We had a good laugh.

blkpanther11 says:

Hey Jeremy Give The Top 10 Best Fragrance For The Mature Man

RNW says:

I can wear Old Spice and get 20 compliments. It’s not how you smell, it’s the attitude. If you need to pay hundreds of dollars to smell good enough to get girls or a compliment, you are doing wrong to begin with.

Defying Entropy says:

He’s going to drink bourbon of course lol

Matthias De Geest says:

Everyone be talking about dior sauvage while its an entirely different scent

Fehrplay says:

Mountain Dew for sure

Artem Shipov says:

To my nose, Creed’s frags unbeatable. At least I have 2 of them: Royal Oud for Autumn and Spring, and Original Veriver for summer.

As, for this list, I think, I’d pick up Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme.

Yuva DNC says:

He drinks water.. if he drinks alcohol he will be chopping off his feet when he goes on for the next tree

kalyaan daarugupally says:

Jeremy fragrance please make a video on la nuit de lhomme by Yves saint Laurent

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