Top 10 Most Complimented Men’s Fragrances 2017

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^These are all GUARANTEED to get you compliments!

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It’s finally here! My top 10 most complimented fragrances of this year 2017. This is a pretty strong list in that all of these are great fragrances that will get you noticed and get you compliments. Whether you’re looking to smell great or get tons of compliments, this list is for you. Keep in mind, this is MY top 10 most complimented fragrances. This is all subjective and can very from person to person. These are just the fragrances that I wore that got me the most compliments.

Canon w/ Lens:
Second lens I use:


kurram hussain says:

14.43 the im sold headshake before u buy

Naeem Shaikh says:

Nice one. Subscribed!

Waqas Nasir says:

Same Jeremy list … there are thousand others in the market .. at least add one or two from your own perception as well ..

Fred Garvin says:

Good job,

Emmanuel Tah says:

You are doing a great job. Going straight to the point and sounding very real. Keep it up and nice lists.

The caballero says:

1 million??

Lucas Rabello says:

Hello! I’m from Brazil and I’m looking for a fragrance for this summer (in my town the summer is pretty similar to Miami Summer.) which one you would get?

Rich Fox says:

Great video, great review!!! Sincerely bro

StéphanK says:

I’ve got Invictus Aqua and also Rasasi Hawas, and I can tell you Invictus Aqua is definitely better to my nose 🙂 Both are good tho! best regards!

wendys fan says:

what is the fragrance that is similar to invictus aqua?

Kaden Ruud says:

The way you say Acqua di gio makes me want to kill myself

MultiSoulcollector says:

I like the video you are straightforward, no BULL… JUST TELLING IT LIKE IT IS.

Sacred says:

I ended up buying a 9ml bottle of both the one and spicebomb. Spicebomb after a little while smells so good

Kerby King says:

My Most complimented colognes so far are Azzaro-Wanted and Givenchy-Play

Ben S says:

Could you please tell me your spray routine for ADG P? I have the same but I do not think I spray it right.

Adam Kovacs says:

wow! a new frag channel. skipped to ~5:00: “guys, compliments, close encounter, …” within a few seconds. also a very unique top10 list. never seen such a list before. DID NOT subscribe.

Roberto Ponce says:

I totally agree with you nice video and for Invictus I recommend you to combine Original and aqua depending on the weather is the mix like the original is more powerful on colder seasons so you add more of the original and a touch of aqua

paulsjunkcars says:

Great video. Armaf is some amazing stuff.

pelley 4560 says:

A&F Fierce is still my favorite.

Yorkshire Fragrance Enthusiast says:

The thing about Sauvage is it’s a good performer to other people but your nose will get used to it really quickly. One Sauvage clone that has great longevity is Urban Elements Stone from Next. It’s super cheap at £15 for 100ml. Don’t think you can buy it outside the UK though.

Khalid AL-Suwaidi says:

Good video bro!! Keep it up!!


Nice picks TOP 10 are the best that’s it! You all set with those 3, very surprising your Top 1, but people still think is equal than Aqua Di Giorgio but more “intense” which is not, your Top 1 is another MUST, I’m more like D&G the one just cause I used it when it was really unique and hype! (Long time ago) completely agreed with Dior Sauvage, I need to try EUP, …. well you pretty much covert all the good ones , so there’s no need to buy any clone (armaf/PE red the only ones), and you will have fragrances for 5 years or more lol

Big Daddy says:

What batch is your CDNIM? I know it was reformulated earlier in 2017, but I’ve since heard it was returned back to its beast mode formulation so idk

Dzimka Bujiashvili says:

I gifted my Sauvage away. Too strong to my nose. Lasted like 2 days on me. Could hardly fall asleep that day.

Frederick Savage says:

I like what you’re doing here. (I would add CK One Shock to the group at #10).

wendys fan says:

Hey man, its me again, listen i know that you and i talked like a week and a half ago, about which fragrance to get, and so now i have more $$$ i havent purchased anything yet, but I hope im not being annoying, but i just need a reccomendation, if i wanted to choose a more expensive nicer fragrance not niche nescessarily, but if i Narrowed it down to acqua di gio profumo, or chanell allure homme sport eau extreme, which do you reccomend me getting. I have more money now so i could get one of those two mass pleasing fragrances, and i would like to know your opinion

ThePDones says:

Most honest review of Sauvage I’ve seen yet. Great job, dude!

Jose Ochoa says:

subscribed! 🙂

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