Top 10 Most Complimented Perfume/Cologne

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Creed Aventus
Bleu de Chanel
Jean Paul Gaultier
24 Gold
1 Million
Allure Homme Extreme
Thierry Mugler Cologne
Carolina Herrera
Lanvin Sport
Versace Eau Fraiche
Sexiest Men Fragrance


95TurboSol says:

14:57 lol!

geekinpink says:

In between hilarious and very interesting. This is my new favorite channel

Dewan Krishanu says:

hey… wat do u think of Jacque Bogart Silver scent…a very cheap perfume but its very different from any perfume and its projection and longevity seems to be awestrucking…

neowolf1212 says:


Merriam Iest says:

What nationality is this dude? He has an accent, but I can’t tell…something European, but what?

Steve Abbott says:

Gendarme or Grabazzi can’t be beaten!

Fearwolf says:

Damn man I’m straight and this nigga not only is handsome as fuck but also smells good and wears fantastic. I just became 1% gay now

amesavis says:

You are SO handsome I think that is what gets you compliments because I don’t think YSL anything smells that good. The real test would be using it on your ugly friend and seeing how many compliments he gets! Also they must sell gallon size bottles and have weird hallway lighting in Europe.

Diesel Riggs says:

I’m trying Boxed Scents, they have 3 scents a month, but you don’t get to choose, it’s more like a discovery subscription. I like it so far!

Amdyaz says:

mmm I guess wearing the pin Of YSL tells it it’s obvious you will be putting la nuit de l homme at the top spot .

ethan crook says:

+Jeremy Fragrance What is the Mexican song as you mention Bleu De Chanel at 11:16? haha I know you’re thinking very strange question! been there since 2000 subscribers man! love your content!!! thanks

Michael Cosme says:

Jeremy! Have you tried Cambridge Knight? it’s an English Laundry cologne, it smells great. every time I wear it to work, random girls ask for hugs.
One lady was walking by, stopped, looked at me and asked, “What are you wearing? I need that!”

ZED O_o says:

old video, not being harsh but this video seems… maybe a promotion for YSL as there is a YSL pin on the jacket… just saying nothing towards Jeremy… but…

Hurrbet says:

I’m a simple man, I hear Eminem in your videos you get a subscriber.

MrDetoxifi says:

14:55 “drei Gläser” from inglorious bar scene! lol

alif fitri says:

hye… my favourite perfume are Ralph Lauren romance silver, CK crave and CK euphoria intense… unfortunately all are discontinued. can you suggest something that smell similar?

Sihoo Joo says:

you so handsome lol

Bernard Kwame-Ofori says:

Can U make a video on this New fragrance MontBlanc Legend please

Besart Ahmeti says:

Hallo jeremy freu mich immer auf deine videos immer sehr unterhaltsam und informativ big fan. ich wollte mir das MontBlanc individual kaufen aber erst mal rein schnuppern ich kann das leider nicht finden weder bei douglas. pieper nicht mal.direkt bei MontBlanc store in essen hast du ein Ratschlag für mich solltes ich das einfach so kaufen ? Liebe grüße und mach weiter soo

Antonio Menchi says:

What’s the song playing on the background at 8:55

Brian Obrian says:

Du hörst dich an wie ein deutscher. Are you German?

Gavin Lobo says:

Do a review for Adidas ice dive

Pierreluc Tremblay says:

My number one perfume of all time and im wearing it for 10 years is the legendary ARMANI CODE. But you were so right about the last…I always have to reapply about 5 hours later. And for work or classy dinners, BLEU DE CHANEL. Gosh that fragrance smells fancy, classy, masculine, sophisticated and confident. Your tips are amazing

Jimmey 303 says:

Can not tie a tie properly but ya know

Ernesto Aparicio says:

qhich on is the right bottle. theres so many by this brand in Amazon. please help or put down a link. your link for CH men doesnt work. please put the linj gain for amzon

blaze2crack says:

people you should buy Reb’l Fleur by Rihanna shower gel its meant for women that’s probably why they love it so much it smells so dam good. when I use it in the shower and im about to get out I apply a little bit more and I don’t rinse it off completely so theres abit of bubble still on you then just rub it in. it will last longer that way. its so fucking good

Abdulbari alrashidi says:

I want quick answer please what is the name of the song at 11:48

virgismar says:


Leo Abadi says:

damn u blab too much

Mathew Fish says:

This is easily the worst top ten list / presentation I’ve ever seen! Get to the point already! What’s your job title – “Official Time Waster?” I’m 5 minutes into this train wreck and I want to kill myself! 16 minutes? Are you kidding me? Ugh.

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