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Best Men’s Fragrances 2018 colognes Compliment Getters
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Peter Cullen says:

Prada L’homme smells too girly, not masculine at all.

Henry M. says:

she is f’ n awesome. drop dead gorgeous and amazing taste!!

Christian Marleton says:

dang. she is like the most smoking hot girl i have ever seen..

it's all a lie says:

I would like to date Valeria

Yang Vdovichenko says:

Да это просто баба, нихера не понимает в ароматах, школота.

U don't know me says:

Jeremy´s tutorial on how to pick up girls 110% of the time:

Jeremy: Hi
Babe: Hi
Jeremy: Nice conversation. Wanna go back to my place and check out my fragrance collection?
Babe: *Drops pants*

P1 Nelly says:

Jeremy Fragrance can you please do a review of the Louis vuitton fragrances for men

BrainHacker says:

I’ll be shopping tomorrow.
Will choose the “i can’t stop smelling” and “men should smell like this” ones

Nidawi Iro says:

Please do a female version of this video as well!

Zyntonic says:

Ist sie russin?

venom454545 says:

Show Armani Code to any girl, they will like it. Most compliments I had from women is Armani Code. I guess because it has unique smell

mano manz says:

nice püppchen 😉

Jorge Melchor says:

Hey jeremy do a video about the longevity of a fragance. I mean, what is the life to have the fragance between the date you buy it and the time to can pass in the bottle until lose the performance

Majid Alghamdi says:

First i was subscribed with when you have 3000 subscribes .
And i took and tried a many fragrances you was talked about it , all of them great fragrances
But you was talked about these fragrances many many times so pleae can show us a new fragrances ?
Thank you dear

Dunsparce Underrated says:

Damn She Bad!

Gastón says:

when review of dior homme sport very cool spray?

bastian says:

Vollkommen abgehoben, du hast nicht mal gesagt dass du uns lieb hast.

BOLO says:

watching her gave me a boner.

Sourashis Ghoshal says:

Why don’t you share your life story…

Cobra King says:

Love the expressions Jeremy makes when she’s smelling them, lol! And to Valerias parents, you created a beautiful human being.

Nour Yamouni says:

A love this girl

Yuan Wullink says:

Providing us with the full body side vieuw… Jeremy hooks us up once again

juliefeathers says:

In ♥️with the new Y parfume from ysl !!! Bought one for my son and loved it so much I bought myself a bottle.

Joseph Thomas says:

OMG! look at those Hooters!

Donnie Lambo says:

Aye Jeremy F I beenwatching your in-site on colognes an perfumes u pry go for the best deals to with all you use. At the end of videos why don’t you go over the colognes/perfumes n tell us were we can find them at the best price an how much they are. I’m pry not the only one on here that thinks it’s a good idea eather……

Tremaine Mcdaniel says:

Lol this guy

GGTGermanGamingTube says:

Ihr Englisch ist heftig cringe

Michael Ray says:

She’s a WINNER !

sheld0r2k10 says:

what is her instagram?

Jeremy Fragrance says:

Who is the Number 1 Jeremy Fragrance Girl.

برهم الفيلي says:

music name plz??

rendezvouswithpablo says:

Sauvage gets me the most compliments. I don’t know why. It’s wild I guess

Trend ترند says:

Is valeria available? ❤️

Cords says:

this guy is such a fucking legend

AGL says:

The best girl so far. And she picked the best cologne as well. Gio Purfomo is my day time cologne.

MrMartyn1212 says:

you need to do a fav smoothie vid

AGL says:

HELP: What’s a good evening cologne that’s fun and not boring and common. Thanks.

BrainHacker says:

Remember! Whatever girls like, man can call “smells like shit”;)

العاص بن هلال says:

A great presentation! Thanks!

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