Top 10 Most Versatile / All Season / Signature Fragrances Colognes for Men

Best Men’s Fragrances All Season Every Occasion Cologne Guide
#10 0:21 Costume National – Homme Eau de Parfum
#9 1:07
#8 2:01
#7 2:57
#6 3:57
#5 4:37
#4 5:27 Lacoste – L’homme Intense
#3 6:05
#2 7:15
#1 7:49

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ayan jano says:

Hi jeremy what is your niche favorites 2018 .

الساحر حامد الاعرج says:

يا صديقي

Justin Case says:

Lacoste Blanc and great performance? are you sure? I have it and it performs awfully.

Encik Fariz says:

u know what? your video make me want to buy allllll your perfume review. and i love ur video

It's Dawson says:

Great video bro, neen a while since I watched your videos.

My top…7 versitile fragrances

Terre D’Hermes EDP
Bleu De Chanel EDP
Allure Homme Sport EDP
Rive Gauche EDT
Nobile Fougere Nobile
Acqua Di Gio Profumo
Dylan Blue

Jimmy Fenelon says:

I strongly disagree with your #1 pick. Versace dylan blue is overrated… and doesn’t really perform that good

Whos10 says:

diesel bad ( edt & edp ) also very universal usable.

edt more summer
edp more autumn but both i think are very nice

hgh spd83 says:


Patrick Hart says:

I’ve had a bottle of Dylan blue on my mantle since early 2016 when a Bloomingdales employee recommended it. Fabulous fragrance.

Davide Dav86 says:

Costume National is ITALIAN…not Spanish!

Murad Saad says:

No Aventus ?

Views of Best says:

Dior Savage 2015 and 2018 Dior’s worst perfumes not comparable to Eau Sauvage Parfum 2012 It’s always the best

Xander Hendrix says:

Best fig? No. Fico Di Amalfi by Acqua Di Parma is better.

3,14 Sic says:

the performance from dylan blue is not so nice

Alikabif Abdou says:

Hello alpha fragrance☺ great chanel great videos. Just wondering what’s the best fragrance for a date. Please make a video on that. Big salute

pier paolo carotenuto says:

Costume National it’s a great italian fashion brand, not Spain.

Nigel choy says:

You don’t disappoint

Zari A says:

I’m in love with YSL Y!! So glad it made the #2 spot. This is coming from a female subscriber to your channel. Many of the fragrances you mentioned in your top 10 I’ve purchased already for male family members as birthday gifts. Their wives have thanked me 🙂

H1br1dPk3r says:

My man, nice to see Dylan Blue getting the love it deserves.

harkewal Kaur says:

God has spoken

Josias Medina says:

Definitely, You are the fragrance king. I would love to be back on a dryer-cooler weather cause I got “Dylan blue” in the states but when I came back to my country Dominican Republic (highly humid-hot weather) it went to sharp and strong. It doesnt have the same appreciation here. You should do a tropical weather fragrance video XD.

UncleNezer EJ says:

There’s absolutely zero fig in Costume National Homme, it’s straight up cinnamon, cloves, pepper and cardamom for it’s entirety. You get a bit of sandalwood and a bit of citrus as well in the opening. It’s very spicey and tough to wear in hotter weather imo. Idk where you’re getting fig from, as it’s not in the notes and not in the fragrance whatsoever. I’d say you just made a mistake, but you actually sprayed it and smelled it on camera while describing it, which is why I’m so confused as to how you described that fragrance. People, just so there’s no confusion if you go to blind buy it, you will not be buying a “fig” fragrance at all.

Carlos Castro says:

Tienes videos en español?

Manoj Varghese says:

Great video Jeremy

Twin Turbo says:

The guy that convinced me to buy YSL La ‘Nuit D’Lhomme .. and that I did, ended up hunting down 2009, 2012 versions from ebay and got the 2018 version from local retail store. All three bottles sitting on my dresser hardly being used LOL..

My personal all time BEST colognes are :

1. Armani – Aqua di Gio .. I bought my first bottle back in 1997 and knew from the moment I tried it was easily the best smelling thing my nose has ever smelled and it still rings true to this day. It’s simple, it’s timeless, it’s classic, it’s fresh and it’s a turn on to all women and is very versatile
2. Armani Code – good cologne to wear to job interviews or graduation events
3. Calvin Kelin – Eternity Aqua – very well put together, can wear this at the gym, at work, out on dates, definite winner
4. Dior – Fahrenheit – another classic, has stood the test of time and is masculine
5. YSL – La Nuit De L’homme – only got this because Jeremy gave it a very high rating back in 2016, 2017, only wear it during occasions where I’m out with the lady or at home with the lady, not very masculine but it’s intended to be more of a seduction cologne, I found the 2009 version (of which I have a 50 ml bottle from ebay) to be the best and strongest version of this cologne.
6. Tom Ford – Noir Extreme – another seduction cologne, smells very elegant, rich and it even stays on my skin until the next morning, this one gets the ladies excited also
7. Viktor & Rolf – Spicebomb Extreme – wear this out to clubs and social hang outs, it does project quite strong, 2 sprays is all that’s needed

Many colognes are really just variations of each other, they start to smell similar after awhile, the aquatic ones, the spicy ones, the vanilla ones, etc.. I got about 8 bottles of cologne sitting on my dresser, don’t think I’ll go higher than 10 or 12, I’m maxed out on my dresser space and some of the colognes I only wear a handful times per year.

 Happy New Year JF, hope the new year brings you many luck and great prosperity : )

matatixx says:

Well, I’ve prepared comment complaining why there is no Dylan Blue on the list, seems that was unnecessary 😀

willy vlyminck says:

I like the original Versace a lot from second half eighties

T Bennett says:

You looking younger

Midnight Reggie says:

Versace Dylan Blue is underrated

mikeygrizz23 says:

My man would get compliments if he smeared dog pooh on his neck!!

Filipe Seiça says:

The new “Savage Dior” smells like a cheap hotel cleaning scent.

civoreb says:

Gotta try #10
Fig sounds random but it might be good.

James Broderick says:

Love you man. No homo

Aesthetic318 says:

“This is currently the best Fick fragrance on the market” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

cabyambo says:

You should review Claude Marsal La Melodie!

MrJole100 says:

A proud owner of Dylan Blue! Definitely one of the more versatile, creative and masculine fragrances on the market! Thank you Jeremy for the lists, keep them coming, love your content!

Durbha Choudhary says:

can you please tell me that video’s Versace dylen blue is a deodorant or a toilette???

SuNnY says:

wie kommt fahrenheit odt bei frauen an ? kannst du mal ein video zu fahrenheit odt machen ?
ps : bin 23 und liebe den duft hab den von ein kollegen und als der an mir vorbei gelaufen dacht ich mir einfach oha

jose henriquez says:

Jeremy, what do you think about Dolce&Gabbana “grey”?

Rosa Lucio says:

Awante, Jeremy! Viva México, cabrones!!!!

Jeff Figueroa says:

how many sprays of dylan blue?

SlipperyAssRat says:

Nice review, I have Dylan Blue as my current favorite as well, this is my top 10

I like that one too, it’s in my top 5

1. Versace Dylan Blue
2. Prada L’Homme
3. Chanel Bleu
4. Versace Eros
5. Gucci Guilty
6. Aqua de Gio Profumo
7. Jimmy Choo Man Ice
8. Chanel Allure Homme Sport
9. Gucci Made to Measure
10. Versace Pour Homme

Honorable mentions, YSL La Nuit L’Homme, Dior Sauvage, Paco Robanne Invictus, D&G Light Blue

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