Top 5 Best Calvin Klein Fragrances / Colognes!

Here are my top 5 favorite Calvin Klein fragrances / colognes! Thank you for watching!

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#5: 1:37
#4: 2:45
#3: 3:36
#2: 4:50
#1: 5:48

Reveal Review:

CK2 Review:

Crave Review:

CK One Summer 2014 Review:

Encounter Fresh Review:

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Lyndon Earlington says:

This is very nice video. Great fragrances

sportsloverism says:

I️ Love CK be but sadly it’s performance is terrible on my skin

Олег Белявский says:

Escape for men 1993

JmeJ83 says:

My top 5 Calvin Klein fragrances:-

5) CK Be

4) CK Encounter

3) CK Obsession

2) CK Eternity

1) CK Calvin

Abdullah Mehtab Baig says:


Lyndon Earlington says:

It has a bond no 9 effect.

SerbianScents says:

Steven, what do you think of CK Escape?

Anas fahim says:

Name best long lasting ck perfume?

mark layton says:

Thats more than 5

minoshka dsouza says:

“Scent and its power to evoke memory”. Well said . Nothing can get me nostalgic and take me back to some of the best days of my life like perfume does. Thats y i love the vintages

Serbian Rock says:

Is shock really out from trade?

Danny Yeoh says:

HI bro. You kinda left out the the main fragrance. Original CK One.

alexia orrego says:

Many Many perfume in there…. =-O your own Eden <3
My favorites from CK are
1-Obsession M&W

TheAtharee says:

I got a lot of compliments with CK Be.

Frederick Guerrero says:

And cK one

qarhsi says:

ck one shock is a scent…the first time i sniffed it, i loved it…as i bought and started using, my feelings for the fragrance weakened. the opening is great but after about 1+/2h i am not a fan of the drydown…

biggbertz1 says:

a little late but these are definitly my top and most discontinued and hard to find but
1 ck electric
2 ck summer 2008
3 ck 1 scene
4 ck be

KrnSniper01 says:

Excellent video!

You don’t ask for subscription as many Youtubers do towards the beginning of their every video.
Your videos are straight to the point with fun personal anecdotes.
You don’t put sponsor or sell your products.
You put timestamps in the description.

I normally do not like longer videos and tend to skip around but thoroughly enjoyed your video.

Sangeeta yadav says:

I want ck clothes review with some other brands like tommy,hugo etc.

fa g says:

Ck one

Salehin Rana says:

You missed the ETERNITY AQUA Stevens

bakerbrown6 says:

Finally some love for Crave!!

hr1meg says:

My first ever cologne was when I was 14 back in the early 80s. It was called Calvin (tall rectangular black bottle). I can’t imagine the flood of memories if I were to ever smell that again.

colonicsymphonic says:

Blind bought ckone shock and it is awesome. Love the cherry.

Nawal Ansari says:

CK All is an awesome one!

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