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Topic of discussion: Which cologne is your favorite right now?

These are my top 5 best colognes for the Fall and Winter of 2016. Regardless of the one you pick, I assure you will get compliments! Some of these men’s fragrances are just too good! Now that you know my list of favorite colognes, make sure you comment with yours!

Best Men’s Colognes for the Fall / Winter of 2016:
Dolce & Gabbana The One
Paco Rabanne Invictus
Bleu de Chanel
Versace Eros
La Nuit de L’Homme

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Johnny Colbaugh says:


Steve Hopf says:

kids when he says young he does not mean 10-13 years old

Lift Out says:

Renaissance Savage is an amazing complement getter

The jolly Pineapple says:


le thang says:

dior homme parfum ?

Derrick Small says:

i got 4 out of 5 Versace Eros my favorite though but i plan on getting that Invictus

Alfonzo Aguilar says:

chanel allure homme sport
dolcegabbana the one
ysl lhomme
versace eros
Eternity for men
burberry london
Ferregamo F black (my favorite)
john varvatos Platinum

Denis Poirier says:

Versace Eros Burberry touch gevenchy pii Nautica voyage Swiss army

Hayden Dinger says:

Can u wear Versace Eros year round

Abhijith Madhusoodanan says:

I am a big fan of ur You tube channel.
Can u post a Video about ” Is there any chance fr increasing Height aftr 21 year old & the lifestyles fr Increase height ”

PLzz dude . I jst wanna view these on ur side

Bedda Cheikh says:

la nuit de l’home eau toilete or parfum??

Alex Costa says:

What are some of your favorite colognes right now? Leave your list below!
As always, thank you so much for the support!

Safiya Omar says:

What’s the song playing in the background at the end of the video

Estevban Deroho says:

I think it’s kinda sweet when partners spray your fragrances on themselves. Sort of like a ‘you’re around but not’ type of thing

yuri silva says:

Leau Dissey pour homme.

merv barnett says:



la Nuit has been reformalated so now it sucks

Abdul Kabore says:

Christian Dior Homme Sport, Cartier L’Envol and Narciso Rodriquez For Him Bleu Noir …..serious bad boys I use

my love songs says:

i have been buying colognes lately. I bought Mont Blanc’s Individuel and i like it. I have Paco Rabanne Invictus on order. It should be here within a week. I wanna try Dolce and Gabbana The One. i love the ones i bought in the 90’s. Grey Flannel, Obsession for Men, Drakkar Noir, Curve, Eternity for Men, Polo, Hugo Boss, etc. I plan on taking a trip to Macy’s soon to go on a cologne shopping spree!

LeBron's Hairline says:

Nothing is better than Farenheit and Dolce & Gabbana !!!

Frank Ferdinand says:

Have you heard of MZ-17? It’s supposed to work better than pheromones

Tlholiso Mohale says:

Just a quick question, is it true that Lanuit DeL’Homme(YSL)’s scent does not last long?

JMah CZ says:

yours without invictus,and adding aqua di gio profumo,dylan blue

Richard Yardley says:

i haven’t got a top 5 but i do have an ultimate favourite which is mont blanc legend 🙂

أهازيج الفرح says:

OMG you’re tooo cute. I don’t care about the cologne but subscribed

Deem M says:

I travel internationally at least 3 – 4 times a year and I have at least 25 different fragrances. My top 3 are 1-Cartier Declaration. 2-Chanal Blue and 3-Dior Homme.

Dave Phillips says:

The house Parfums de Marly…you can’t go wrong!

Minkz Minkz says:

1. Fahrenheit 32
2. Hugo Boss X&Y
3. Ralph Lauren Big Pony #3 (Green)
4. D&G The One
5. Mont Blanc Legend

elliot manduna says:

has anyone tried Carolina Herrera 212 VIP men?I am also using d&g the one but I find that it projects A LOT

Travis S says:

Polo black!


Dior Gris Montaigne.
Penhaligon’s as sawira.
Hermes Terre d’Hermès.
Byredo oud Immortel.
Guerlain ambre eternel.
Guerlain santal royal.
Ralph Lauren collection oud.
Gucci oud.

Alan Bruno Blanco says:

Hi Alex, totally I’m agree with you “la nuit de l’homme” is amazing. Good video!

willnewcastle1 says:

I’m really into Guerlain L’Homme Ideal EDT and EDP right now! Got them really cheap on sale and I think they are both amazing scents!

Walid Sabir says:

Great Video! Random question: do u always buy small cologne bottles? If so why ?

Peter Wynn says:

My top 5!
APOM- Francis Kurkdijan
The Oud Affair- Vilhelm Parfumerie
Love Potion No9- Penhaligans
Tuscan Leather- Tom Ford
Rose Noir- Le Labo

FuriousWis says:


1. dior sauvage
2. La Nuit de L’Homme
3. Paco rabanne invictus
4. vesace pour homme
5. dolce Gabbana the one

MarieLavigne says:

@Alex Costa please do a spring/summer version!

Agnieszka Walerjan says:

Alex Costa definitely my favorite is Givenchy Gentlemen Only Casual Chic!!! 🙂

Hardik Patel says:


Stat Ix says:

this guy is handsome but so metro sexual / polished … not every females taste. Some females like the Vin Diesel type with some dirt in his voice and personality. I’m glad that I can’t distinguish between a summer and winter parfume, lol.

Mohamed Mohamed says:

black touch franck olivier opinie

david yacob says:

how long does the eros and chanel last in yours?


La Nuit De L’Homme is by far my favorite fragrance and Invictus.

Will Thomas says:

My ALL-TIME FAVORITE has been for the last 25 years is: Santos Cartier……..HANDS DOWN! Whether I’m traveling, in a business setting, in Church or a social setting, I get ask “What are you wearing…..that’s alluring!” It’s so nice, you can wear year round (though a fall/ winter cologne). Very subtle, DO NOT OVERUSE! (plus very, very expensive!). Best compliment…….A lady sends her man over to ask me two things: 1) Where do I shop (especially if he’s a big guy because I am, and I love to dress!), and he’ll say (reluctantly) what cologne am I wearing?” Great YouTube!!!

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