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Top 5 Men’s Fragrances of Summer 2017

Topic of discussion: What are your top 5 men’s colognes for the summer?

These are my top 5 best colognes for Summer of 2017. Regardless of the one you pick, I assure you will get compliments! Some of these men’s fragrances are just too good! These are perfect gifts for your dad, brother, boyfriend, or of course, for yourself. Now that you know my list of favorite colognes, make sure you comment with yours!

Here is where you can find the best summer colognes for men:Versace Dylan Blue:
Dior Sauvage:
Allure Homme Sport eau Extreme:
Prada L’Homme:
Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Intense:

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Fear Girl says:

Nice choice! I like reviewing men’s fragrances and Dior Sauvage smells nice. Thank you!

alberto betancourt says:

What about TRUSSARDI BLUE LAND is the best.

Above Average Joe says:

nice suggestions Alex,  no offense but these are common run of the mill fragrances that everyone probably  already knows about. so many hidden scents you should consider mentioning next time; ie. Clive Christians “V” or any of the Clive Christians fragrances really, byKillian, Bond Street , Creed Fragrances, Purple Water by Asprey and my favorite Escentric Molecules 2 & my favorite Francis Kurdjian. these fragrances are unique and smell soooo good. i don’t just want to be noticed i like to stand out .

LD Smith says:

Perry Ellis Reserve….

Nelson Pomares says:

Immagine its the same fragrance as the one showed in the biggining lol so funny

The Fresh Prince of Ethiopia says:

Armani code is the best.

WWambition says:

Nice. I’ll get few for my husband one day.

Konrad Fleming says:

Top 5 most toxic cancer chemicals

shawn eldridge says:

My number 1 top favorite cologne is & will always be (( gravity )) I so love and I enjoy wearing this cologne. The main reason why I love it so much is this. Gravity is not too strong of a smell or it’s not too weak of a smell. Gravity is just right. This is the main reason why I love it so much. Gravity forever. I will continue to wear gravity until the day I die. Unless they stop making it then I’m going to have to find a new cologne. If this would ever happen which I doubt it. but anyway you should always have some backup cuz you just don’t know what could happen right. So my other two backups would be(( coolwater & eternity )) but I prefer wearing gravity more than any other clone. Gravity rocks big time.

Farid Nini says:

Der beste allure Homm sport echt toll

Anth Scott says:

kuros and polo green and Fahrenheit

Alex Costa says:

What are your TOP 5 Fragrances of all time? Comment below so I can try them 🙂

future PRODIGIES says:

this guys afaggot. he couldn’t get awoman

Alfred Obuga says:

Hey alex how tall are you?

Petros Molaetsa says:

Always getting compliments on YSL M7 and Paco Rabanne Invictus. Perfect for anytime of the day.

rick hilson says:

Thanks, I just ordered three of those colognes. A man can never have too many colognes

lynn henkel says:

Bond number 9 wall street rules.

War Skin says:

I really like Diesel actually

Brown Boyzz says:

Hello Alex…love this one…can u make videos on men’s watches if u can that wud B great. anyway have a good day bloke.

Matt says:

Nice video. All frag heads need to go easy on this video haha. He picked safe scents for anyone. We know he’s not going to pick imaginary authors – slow explosions or amouage – reflection man haha. Great video. Keep it up.

likes 9999 says:

u r best

Nkosi N says:

Any Hugo Boss you’ll never go wrong.

Dre Li says:

You’re not descriptive of the scents.

Erik Duran says:

I fuk wit that cool water fuk how u feel

FIRTINA 01 says:

No they r not favourite. Everyone can have these, you should try something really really good ones, which is you wont able to advertise them cos they r over 1000$…

sami meazi says:

Hey man which one the last longer

LOCO MAX says:

tell me what you think about Polo blue, pls and thanks

M-cooler says:

Blue Beast Cologne with MZ-17 drives my girl crazy

R Nap says:

I like dirt diesel and grease and exhaust

Anthony Gill says:

Fahrenheit is the best

Sexy-cream-sickle says:

Your thumbnail looks more like a nose hair trimmer than a bottle of cologne

Opeira says:

If a guy suggests cologne that Jeremy Fragrance suggests then he definitely knows what he’s talking about.


I Love love! My jayz gold #1

wkdmorgan61 says:

Question…Could you possibly be any gorgeous???

Shingirai Bondai says:

Polo Supreme for me

Andrew C Elliott says:

Jo Malone

C Walker says:

Kenneth Cole RSVP makes my wife crazy. That’s all I need.

Joy Lucas says:

sinisikmura aq s amoy ng pabango pg masyado nang malakas at pg prti q naamoy.

binpapelet says:

Lazy selection, no research at all IMO

Abdool Saleem says:

Get the hell off YouTube you are wasting time go away

Carmen Benitez says:

John varvatos is my favorite!! My husband always gets complimented when he wears it!!

solomon mengstue says:

What about Tom Ford black orcke and polo blue.

Saif Al-shmmari says:

WTF from where did you buy ur fregnances?, they r experience af. You could find it more way cheaper

E R.A. says:

QUORUM(Antonio Puig)
ARAMIS(Estee Lauder)
POLO GREEN(Ralph Lauren)
HALSTON Z14 (Halston)
CIGARRILLO (Remy Latour)
HAVANA(Aramis House)
DUC DE VERVINS (Houbigant)
and some cheap in price but very good quality and fine fragrances like:
AGUA BRAVA(Antonio Puig)
CUBA RED (Cuba Paris)
SANDALWOOD (Elizabeth Arden)
OLD SPICE LIME(Procter&Gamble)
DERRICK (Orlane)

these are some of the fragrances (aftershave/eau de toliet/eau de cologne) I have used and still use today……..I go for the old ones and those to please my own style and not to look for compliments (those are for metro-lumber sexual emo boys) the ones I mention here are for ALPHA-DOMINANT MACHO MALE…….the retro sexual cave man that is independent of what other people say about his fragrances and he wears them because he likes them, not because other people or to please the crowd. full stop!!!

DatTrippinKitten says:

Versace Blue Jeans, Royal Crown Musk, Drakkar Noir

American muscle says:

Where is sex panther lol

Carmen Benitez says:

Ermenegildo zegna is also great but very pricie!!

Ron Lovejr says:

jay z gold

Sean Roberts says:

How in the help he left out Giorgio Armani Perfumo

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