Top 5 Most Complimented Men’s Fragrances Review!

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Top 5 Most Complimented Men’s Fragrances!

A quick run through of the few fragrances which cause random people to say nice things!

Also, I’m pretty sure the video speed is messed up. Thanks YouTube! 🙂

Links to all of the fragrances which are mentioned in this video…

7. Aqua Di Gio Profumo by Armani –
6. Allure Homme Sport by Chanel –
5. Allue Homme Edition Blanche by Chanel –
4. Pure Malt by Thierry Mugler –
3. Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford –
2. Homme Intense by Dior –
1. Green Irish Tweed by Creed –

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lklk says:

Hey mate what do you think of Versace-Eros ??Gretings from greece

CarJacks The Clown says:

So you seemed like you were gonna stay away from mainstream. You used nothing but mainstream.

Filipe takemoto says:

I love your channel

James Loft says:

what about lacoste red, joop homme and jean paul gaultier?

Ruud Peeters says:

Agree so much with Green Irish Tweed – it’s the most versatile and pleasing scent in my collection.

Fear Girl says:

I like nice fragrances! I recently try out some and BLEU DE CHANEL is one of my favorites.

Faisal Mohammad says:

When did you buy that pure malt bottle ?
I’ve heard ,that it’s been reformulated . In your opinion ,is it still that good ?
P.S : Please tell me the same for DHI also .

James Jameson says:

Can you review Silver Sun Salvador Dali? thanks before…nice review though !

Brandon Sullivan says:

If you want to experience an insanely unique fragrance, look up Pour Homme by Salvador Dali, it legit smells like a graveyard..I also have a video on my account where I talk about it.

schwarzblatt says:

Are you still doing reviews? You’re my favorite fragrance reviewer. Hope things are well for you. Cheers.

biron d says:

wow I own three of your top five fragrances

Ivan Chestnut says:


JmeJ83 says:

1) Chanel – AHSEB
2) TM – Pure Malt
3) Tom Ford – TV
4) Dior – Homme Intense
5) Creed – GIT

Tony Stockell says:


RealFrags for RealMen says:

What is, in your experience, the most masculine, manly scent ever, available in full strength today? That is what I am researching…

John Troyer says:

Hello, just stopping by to say I really enjoy your reviewing style and hope you find the time (and inspiration) to do more videos soon. Cheers!

Fragrance Tattoo says:

Have you tried DG The One Parfum ? It is a little better than EdT actually. I will do a review of it next to some other mainstreamers like Dior Sauvage and Bleu de Chanel

Join The Progress says:

Ugh, disappointing on GIT. I can’t stand Cool Water, and the second I smelled GIT, having no idea it smelled anything like CW, was instantly repelled (CW always gave me a headache, and it smells just like it imo). My worst Creed frag decant so far of a mere three (the other two Aventus and VIW, the former is “ok” but way over hyped, the latter is very nice). IMO, Pure Malt is far superior to GIT…much more interesting. Great vid tho, thanks.

Daniel Devine says:

Muglers have all been reformulated, poor sillage

Ieducs Wesps says:

I like you,you look a little drunk but i like you
I bet you havent received such a compliment yet !

ANT T says:

TABAC ORIGINAL awesome forever ! still s smells amazing after all these years

Zach Taylor says:

Trying to decide what to get for a fall/winter fragrance. Should I go for pure malt or Burberry London?

Cliff W says:

Why don’t you have them listed in the discrip

Hollywood Scentstory says:

Profumo smells like musky shit. literally a pointless and foul-smelling version of a very decent scent. stick with the OG


Great vid!

Twin Turbo says:

Always buy samples online or try them out at a retailer store before committing to buying the full bottle. These things aren’t cheap.

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