Top 5 Perfumes / Fragrances in India ( Subscriber’s choice in Indian Language only )

My subscribers choice to review Armaf Perfumes in hindi available in India. These Fragrances are are 3 times expensive in the west and prices have jumped up 300% internationally.

Creed Vs Aventus –

No Fragrance is cheap if its good and that’s exactly what drew me to the alternative house of Armaf. Lets haul their men’s line and a couple from their ladies line as well. Some amazing hidden gems with the best quality longevity and projection compared to any other alternative house.

This website delivers only in india.

Please purchase these products from any website of your choice, This affiliated link is only to guarantee that these are genuine products – Babbs


moinak paul says:

hey bro,can u please sugst me the links , where i can buy these items and try them out
2k k range me jo bhi perfumes aati ho.

Gaurav Aurora says:

hi sir.. can i buy armaf perfume from flipkart in india?

Ishan Shukla says:

Baba sir could you suggest me some trusted places or give me a link so that I could buy armaf club de nuit intense for men GENUINE one.

Navi Dhol says:

hello. i want strong perfume. spicy or strong.. long lasting. which one is good?

blaze dubz says:

Amazing chanel love it

Rrrrnj Ggrrr says:

I just stumble upon this video and luved ur intro ,so immediately subscribed,my favourite fragrance blends are fresh/cool water+lemon,so I hv been using Aqua De Gio,Davidoff Cool Water & Polo Blue for the past 5-6 years,but since they are really costly,I use them only for particular occasions,for daily usage i use Indian brands deo and perfumes and some other brands too like Bogart Pure-home ,UDV etc etc.If you could suggest any perfumes in budget range which fits my taste and also the important factor,long lasting stay,then it would be very helpful.

Sarthak Mahapatra says:

Thanks bhai..!!!! Never knew you were indian bro.!

Bro one Q.

all those armafs are available in deodorant also, so my question is “do they smell equivalent?”

I know a deodrant is less effective and less lasting than perfume but frangrance wise notes are same or does it varry.?

Krishna Gopal says:

plz tell me sure

moinak paul says:

4711 Echt Kolnisch Wasser EDC

can u review this one please
is this at all a good one

Makarand Joshi says:

Sir Your number plzzz

pardeep singh says:

Sat shari akal ji

Ayan Saha says:

So which one will be the best among these for an Indian, Babbs ??

yobdhunter1 says:

Review givency pi neo … and any perfumes suits in indian hot weather plez

abhishek jawharkar says:

hey babbs I ordered club de nuit and got a fake one I guess. where can I buy this perfumes in Mumbai malls

Hitesh Solanki says:

Hi bro, need to know how to wear perfume actually pl guide coz people doesn’t know they just use maximum amount as per fragrance and which body part should must apply pl explain.

rahul gupta says:

perfumes milegi kha pr

shweta singh says:

hi i want to buy perfume for me and husband please tell me which one i buy

pardeep singh says:

By killan black phantom review please

Sandeep Rathor says:

superb explaination

Amiya Banerjee says:

Dear Babbs collection, thanks for sharing the information…please share some links to purchase these perfumes….

Amiya Banerjee says:

Dear Babbs collection, thanks for sharing the information…please share some links to purchase these perfumes….

Ankur Bhut says:

Hi babs..Edition one is suit to Indian hot weather ???

Business Man says:

which performance for job

# hastag says:

how to start a new perfume businesses. how much it cost ?

divya gulati says:

Hi please suggest some strong smell perfume
From Ralph Lauren,D&G,gucci,jean Paul gaultier,Giorgio Armani,marc Jacobs etc
I hate fruity feminine type of smell ..I love strong smell perfume

Sandeep Grewal says:

f u takle

wilson neerati says:

Thank q so much sir

DEXTER says:

3:14 macdowells ?

subrata ghosh says:

Hey Babbs…. Which is better? Titan Skinn Raw or Armaf Club De Nuit?

Zahid Mir says:

Babbs I wish I had a brother like you man! Love you

Music Beats With NEEL says:

what will be best for me

Ankur Bhut says:

Is it batter than trees nuit?? I am from India plz suggest me perfume as first time buyer of ARMAF..

kisanrao patil says:

babas which perfume best in 1500 range

nerd noddy says:

you look sexy that bald look so hawt

Yash Savla says:

Hi Babbs, one Q.
As we are living in India, would the high summer heat (or even the winter heat) affect the fragrance or the longetivity of the perfume.
I think it would.. but need a confirmation from you. Please Explain.

Thanks for your helpful videos, All the best 🙂

Haseeb Nedarya says:

Brother what’s ur opinion on Titan Skinn Vergue ?

Guddu Khan says:

u have told about armof or whatever but if u dont give any buy link then how will puchase….

Rijo Francis says:

please make one video to long lasting perfumes(cheapest perfumes)

Rif malik says:

Tres Nuit sucks… everything sucks! Hugo rules

Lunar Magnatec says:

Thank you very much ur channel is really very great n d videos too…

ramen joshi says:

This was a excellent video having explained the substitute it will be better if can also tell about its longevity, projection and silage , can you please tell about some more citrus or aquatic fragrances of armaf which has a good longevity and projection in Indian summer. Can you also explain your viewers that how is it possible that in Dubai you get the same designer perfumes cheaper or in tester form .

akhil tamse says:

nice,,,,which is best deo

abhijat shrivastava says:

very informative

Aakash Rai says:

Muje ye products chAiye

Mohd sahil says:

Good video
nice voice

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