Unboxing The World’s Most Expensive Perfume

Today we are opening the Clive Christian Traveler Set for men. This Set includes No. 1, X, and 1872. I try No. 1 on and give my first impressions. If you would like to order this traveler set from me, use order code #887634. 3x10ml/$310.00 – contact me at daniel_martin@neimanmarcusstores.com, Snapchat at @the_noseknows or Instagram at @the_noseknows. Thanks for watching!


Kuopio55 says:

I dont like the package nor the bottles. I mean paying 310 $ and I get a cheap carton box and fake leather? the bottles are too “bling bling my sista” for me. I prefer my “lower class” allure homme sport.

Arthur Chambers says:

I’m loving the video and your commentary on this Clive Christian fragnance. I’ll try it out and get back to you about it!!

Badhon Ebrahim says:

would it drop panties instantly?

Cat Valentine says:


supersecretsquirrel0 says:

jimmy neutron

Peter Mavroutsikos says:

Congrats on the new apartment. I have and love 1872 for men. Oh and I had my first Chanel facial at Bergdorf Goodman today. It was awesome!! And will be doing it again.

Josh Hoke says:

Couch looks rad man. Great video!

Brock Royston says:

Exciting video! Love the look of your new space!

International Monarch says:

I can only afford to watch this video.

Scent Snob says:

Ugh, “soapy”…let’s hope at that price level it evolves. I’ll give ’em this: best 10ml presentation I’ve ever seen, no question about that. But let’s not let that detract from whether the juice is actually good or not. Too many people get suckered into presentation over really quality fragrance. Thanks for the vid, thumbs up.

Juniorprettyhood says:

You need a better camera

Sebastian Crane says:

Nice one

Sunny Ra Deen says:

Love your reactions & genuine reviews. Great review.

sahil khuddus says:

250$ for the box .rest is what for perfume


Omg that forehead

Troy Crith ll says:


Albie Omara says:

solid vid

Marcos Garcia says:

I could only afford the travel kit! hahaha. For who doesn’t have too much money to spend, the travel kit is enough!

Cat Valentine says:

The one you sprayed first smells like Ariana Grande’s Sweet Like Candy limited edition tbh.

RaJuR reaL deeP kooL says:

LOL. you can see the disappointment in your face homeboy. Keep it real, and from now on……..get a sample, check reviews, research the house before you spend 300+ on a fragrance. Thats crazy homeboy.

JloveLamar says:

Niiiiice! Have you tried the two Noble VII’s and the new Noble VIII? Would love to see those reviewed!

Emeka Ibekwe says:

Great video bro! You have taste.

Spyware says:

Roja dove haute luxe 3000$ for 100ml. http://www.rojaparfums.com/fragrance/roja-haute-luxe

solarius tikaram says:

I love Clive Christian

Brian Paulsen says:

Why so much love for the box ? “Big Beard Business” would have murdered that box. Its about the scent. – Fck the box !

92DesiBoy says:

Isn’t Clive Christian 1 priced at 5500? That’s what google says

C63 Amg says:

Do something about that hair dude your head is almost as big as your whole body

Christopher Ferguson says:

Stop making fun of him, how would you like it if someone made fun of you

solarius tikaram says:

Sultan Pasha is another incredible perfumer as well as La Via Del Profumo, and Profuma Roma…lots of the Arabian perfumers are incredibly priced with amazing ingredients too … Arabian Oud is my favourite…all the Kalemats blow away alot of the Western scents….Ambergris is a tricky note (whale vomit)…….Roja Dove is actually better than any of the Clive Chrsitian’s and he bought out the rights to the crown which was granted by Queen Victoria in 1872 Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell loved the Christians so much they bought a few bottles…information by the incredible A kafkaesque blog kudos to her unparalled knowledge…love your channel too!

SilentKnight1000 says:

More expensive than CREED Viking?

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