Tiff Benson here. Thanks for stopping by my channel today! Today were going to be talking about VERSACE EROS | FIRST IMPRESSIONS Review. VERSACE EROS is a fragrance that I like so far. I would definitely suggest wearing VERSACE EROS for the winter months. VERSACE EROS is a monster!

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miguel matos says:

Full review woulb be Great… Nice hair!!

James M. Rateau says:

not a fan of this cologne

Danielle S says:

would say this one is borderline unisex even though they created pour femme version? I got a sample of it and that’s what I’m getting from it.

David Clarke says:


muitobonito113 says:

I want babies with this woman.

Blahblahblah Blah says:

Every single time i wear eros, theres not one time that i wont get a compliment, this one is a projection monster

Markish86 says:

Fuckboy in a bottle

Ben Reevers says:

my wife bought this for me last Xmas. It smells so nice, that I only use it for special occasions, just to make it last longer… definitely one of my favs!

Cademan Lillywhite says:

Subscribed & buying Eros now!!!

hidden gentleman says:

between this one and jean paul gaultier ultra male wich one do u prefer? THANKS

407 MUSIC says:

I Got alot of compliments with this cologne

Hollywood Scentstory says:

this is a very cheap-smelling, chemical mess….best 4 newbies. i do smell this alot at places the flea market & thrift stores, but hey to ea their own

theo jefferson says:

I really like your page, keep up the good work.

Mayo Olubori says:

haha so many pervs on here……thanks for your review hun….I got a sample…..will give it a try

Dan Nocella says:

I’m officially in love witcha

HairJob Harry says:

So, does this smell make you wet?

Thotty McThotThot says:

I loved this cologne. It was my go to but then I realized something. Every time I wore it gave me migraines. Maybe I put on to much but I ended up having to give it away to one of my frat brothers.

Jake R says:

it would be great if you could do a full review on this, This video was helpful though. thankyou

Hamid conteh says:

Soo many pervert in these comments!!!

Kavian Brooks says:

Has Versace Eros been reformulated?

ahmed said says:

what do u think ?! Eros or Ultra Male !!

Salvatore Caruso says:

“im just a uhhhh wooods gururl” lol
jeesus ur bf or husband deserves man of the year award . whoever can deal with this fkn chick talking is a stellar human being. “like definitely a clubs scentuhh!” rich college white teenager much? lol

Dee Kuz says:

I have the 200 ml and love it. You are right about watching how much you spray. I get over 12 hours with this bad boy!! Not many frags can top this one for longevity. Cheers and Happy New Year.

TitanVocalCovers says:

Mint, green apple, and cedar wood. That’s what I smell when I take a whiff.

I A m Chazz Matazz says:

What Do u Think Of Davidoff Cool Water?

dachucktaylor1 says:

just copped a full 3.4oz from a friend for $20. He said it was too strong for him.

Hakim عبد الخالق says:

Thanks, great take on the fragrance!

Bear Santillanes says:

Do a full review! Please!

GCU ht says:

At least buy a proper bottle it doesn’t have to be 100ml but at least 30ml. How do you know that tiny tester isn’t genuine or not?

Michael McDonald says:

once this is on my skin for 30 mins it works wonders. my most complimented fragrance, and I own 15

Justin Howard says:

You are on point.

James Smith says:

At first I she seemed like she hated it then boom turns out she likes it

Trollol Police says:

if a woman this fine likes Versace Eros, I will buy the cologne.

oubda marthial says:

Oh my God,she is so beautiful

Guru La says:

This stuff will differently get you alot of love from women. Warning! YOu might get sworn by a Sea of chicks in public

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