Women Review Men’s Cologne

“This smells like my dad!”

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Romero R says:


Zoe Mattler says:

*sniffs* “Douchebag.” *sniffs* “Bro-tool.” *takes another whiff* “My ex-boyfriend.”

John Tarpley says:

of course the black girl with the infamous fem bull ring is talking non stop about how douchy men are.

Gunsandglory1 says:

I get it if you don’t like the smell, but damn, not all guy are douchebags from their choice of cologne.

Ghana Mafia says:

next time have pretty girls review scents…these chicks are below average.

Nirvana Of Monkasar says:

Buzzfeed really?? these women have no taste in frags.

kingjames3570 says:

Wow these girls are clueless lmao

Matt K says:

Yeah so flowerbomb is a women’s perfume…


Men’s cologne makes me high……..

95TurboSol says:

The black girl hates men big time, she says this stuff in EVERY VIDEO

Mart9511 Killswitch says:

I would wear cologne that i like..i dont really care.

Justin Stone says:

It’s safe to say that all of these women are gay except for the Chinese one.

Alejando amin says:

No no no y’all should try invictus by paco rabbane,versace eros, A men by thierry mugler

xzique2 says:

why bring hurt bitches to review the good stuff?

Masina cia says:

I’ve been wearing Allure Homme Sport and Devil Dust lately. Love them both

oldandcrackin1 says:

flowerbomb is womens perfume…………..mens is spicebomb

ArcaneNoodles says:

“This smells like an old man” literally Acqua di Gio is made as a young man’s scent…

DocMc Stuffins says:

Flowerbomb is not unisex. Spicebomb is the male version of Flowerbomb.

djilyaz says:

man hating

Charles Mowa says:

This video is a joke, if you ladies by any chance meet a guy who does wear flower bomb and takes you out to dinner and talks about his feelings and family, chances are you already lost him because he’s gay.

Ambar Marquez says:

They have the light blue for women or am I trippin?

demigodnz says:

buzz feed woman and so blah

Lara Valentina says:

they should try loewe, bc they’re fine as hell

chucknastyness says:

I hate the black girls smug man hatred

A Truckload Of Badgers says:

spicy man

MrCorvusC says:

That black girl actually believes she’s clever or funny…how cute.

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