Yves Saint Laurent Y Fragrance Review

New Fragrance For Men by Yves Saint Laurent

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Power 2 the people says:

Merci Jeremy.

nachat charaf says:

I love what you do man

Adalberto Pedregon says:

I don’t care if other men don’t like it lol the women obviously do

Stroker-P says:

I just purchased this fragrance at the Duty Free in Frankfurt. It’s amazing. I actually love it

Meredith Camille Mack says:

Thank you. I thinking about getting it for my husband

René Olsen says:

I do not like that smell 🙁

Esk8 Forum says:

Smells clean and rich, very nice scent. I would say much better than L’Homme. Reminds me a little bit of Bond no. 9 Coney Island.

James B says:

Jeremy I absolutely love your reviews! You are spot on with YSL l’Homme and BVLGARI Acqua Amara 🙂 wearing both of these. Thx. Prada L’Homme has too much fabric softener for my liking though… Keep up the great work!

slickoner says:

Do a review on kenneth cole black bold its great juice

lon3wolf 1 says:

damn that girl @6:30 thoe!

Delta Elite says:

I’m here because of FaZe Rug haha

LiveFreeorDie92 says:

Huh. I actually got good performance with the sample I got. Maybe slightly less than sauvage and more than Dylan Blue.

Connor Bringman says:

Hey Jeremy, I’m starting to gain a big interest in fragrances, however i am a college student and I’m not able to buy many fragrances. Do you have any suggestions as to how to get fragrances at a discount price, or any websites that sell them for discount prices that you would trust?

Mehrab Ahmed BD says:

do a video on all 10/10 reaction

djshaw1kinglegend says:

i just got this, love it.

Maguette Laye MBAYE says:

I found Y Very similar to Pure XS
Love both of them

E Little says:

I think it depends on the individual(s)…cause everytime I wear this, im always asked what do I have on. But I dont wear cologne on my skin, just on my clothing. An It last all day for me…

Pablo Rodriguez says:

Good review

Raymond Solis Jr. says:

I love your tie

Kobe blew a 3-1 lead says:

This fragrance is pretty dull but it does get it’s fair share of compliments and is decent for date nights and cold weather. 6.5/10

Power 2 the people says:

Creed is 9 or a ten. Men in Blackl Bvlgari is a 10.

6echs says:

Ich finde dich einfach cool und du frägst dich warum bin ich auf deinem englischen kanal wenn ich deutscher bin ich habe selber keine Ahnung

Paco Herte says:

It smells like when cologne goes bad

nut says:

You forgot to mention that it costs more than a Gucci warehouse

Joel Gonzalez says:

I like your watch! What kind is it?

F van Buren says:

What about Mon paris by YSL? for female

rene garcia says:

Really like this freagreance. It’s got a good balance.

Джинзó Аркайдия says:

I saw the advertisement of Y Yves Saint Laurent from their newsletters this month and I have not gone to Bloomingdales for a spray test. I take this particular fragrance will smell like La Nuite and YSL Ultime together but lighter in scent. I have to check them comeback to input my thoughts on it. I did this with YSL Electrique but it did not appeal.anywho, thanks for the review on the new Y from YSL.

BrendaR4 says:

Oh man you are just so cute.

Antonio Oliveira Wolski says:


Ugandan Knuckles says:

Haha had a tester of this rattling around in my drawer for a while now just put some on and thought …wonder what Jeremy’s take on it was

Jordan Peters says:

Man I agree on the performance I’d give it a 7 out of 10 but as far as over all rating I’m saying 8.5 I am using this around my house and at the gym I don’t like to smell to sharp at the gym and this is very clean smelling and for a 1-2 hour workout it’s perfect but Prada lhomme is still king

Ndc diez says:

Jeremy can u review Y by Zara most people Say it’s similar to la nuit de’l lomme

TheAsadali19 says:

Can I ask you where you got this suit

Alberto Reyes says:

Good job amigo

Джинзó Аркайдия says:

I finally sprayed a sample from Bloomingdale and had to say it is very good fragrance. It lasts +4 hours and the dry down is very seductive. I am go in to purchsse this for Thanksgiving or Christmas. The bottle looks simple though. Nonetheless, I give it a 4.5 out of 5.

Pietro Di Meglio says:

You said the same about Sauvage but ended up liking it no?

Nicholas Alexander says:

It’s a decent work fragrance. I wish it was a little stronger and lasted longer.

Ben G says:

Hey Jeremy I barely just got into the perfume/cologne as a hobby and its because of you. I bought all your all-time top compliments fragrances. My favorite is La Nuit de L’homme but unfortunately I was only able to get the newest version that has been reformulated : /// Is it possible if you would give me the opportunity to buy one of your 200ml bottles of La Nuit? I don’t care if its used or not. Being able to buy something that was owned by someone I look up to as a role model is good enough for me. You are the King here on Youtube no doubt about it. Take care bud

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