10 VANILLA Fragrances YUM!

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Jeremias Becerra says:

Hi buddy! Love your channel! Your reviews are great!

Hey I just wanted to ask you, on a scale of 1 to 10, how jealous are you that Jeremy Fragrance bought a new Ferrari?

Should’ve asked for some Patreons, my friend!

Keep up the great work!

Sylvia Jackson says:

I love your reviews, I love Vanilla Noire by Yves Rocher, I own as many bottles as I can because I think it’s close to be discontinued and I’ve been wearing it a long time I like the one note effect and I get compliments. Also Dior Addict. I have four different bottles of Shalimar, all authentic and all different…lol, but it’s an oldie but goodie except I hardly wear it now. Great review.

unepetitefemme says:

Peter, and what do you think about Dsquared2, Want? Vanilla+pepper+ginger+rose.


Vanilla Fields is at my local drugstore for 11 bucks! Tell me how to get a bottle to you and I’ll surely do it! You’ve been my favorite reviewer for years and turned me onto SO many fragrances which I did mention in a few of my videos.

MissJulziez says:

I recently purchased Xerjoff Dama Bianca which is a very powdery white floral and vanilla and I can’t wait to wear it over winter! It smells a lot like vanilla ice cream so I can totally understand saying it’s overpriced but it brings back great memories and makes me smile so it’s a personal fave!

xx Julia

Jessica Johnson says:

Thanks for this video! Vanilla is one of my favorite notes and it can be hard to find one that stands out and makes a statement. Have a wonderful evening!

Lisa DiScala says:

Lmao “ it’s not always about cupcakes” lol

Cecilia Johnson says:

Love these lists! xx

Regis Filia says:

I’m loving your lists! I think it allows for a dynamic but very practical approach to scents. Would love to see a beachy/summer scent list 😀

fragrancematt. says:

Alien Absolu is so sweet! You’re spot on 🙂 If you love Vanilla you need to check out Deep Vanilla by Zara 🙂 it’s fantastic. It smells a lot like Covergirl’s Navy from 1990 which is my favorate Vanilla. Thanks for this!

Courtny E. says:

You are so cute

Wendy Yeong says:

yes! my favourite note. liked before watching

ellementira says:

Many wonderful vanillas! Probably my favorite note in perfumery! One that you should try if you haven’t yet is El Born by Carner Barcelona. It’s an addictive deep vanilla/resin. I had 10mL that I completely decimated, and I want a FB so badly.

Sandra Pates says:

I enjoy watching your videos, you have great knowledge & your personality is so fun!
May I suggest three of my favorite vanilla based fragrances?
Tangier Vanille by Aerin Lauder & Contre Moi by Louis Vuitton. Both divine!
I own a bottle of Eau Duelle EDP by Diptyque!
Thank you for your video!

S. Reed says:

that shirt is everything. Dior Addict was my wedding perfume, ahaha.

Wendy Yeong says:

i agree with that disappoinment in creed

shuvanidev says:

Love your thumb’s up list and only one dispute with your thumb’s down – Cuir Beluga, I love it 🙂 My other vanilla favorites are Indult Tihota, Nabucco Amatys Parfum Fin, Khalis Golden Dust, Fragonard Fleur de Vanille, DSH Vanille Botanique, Lattafa Raghba, so many more…. and I still love CSP Vanille Abricot and Vanille Banane, but I also adore gourmand fragrances.

Trent Stone says:

Just tried Dior Addict for the first time. Wow. Just. Wow!

Pepper1188 says:

Atelier vanille insensee is my favorite by far!.. after that La Maison De La Vanille Madagascar, that by far elicits the most compliments

Sewing at Midnight says:

I have been loving Tihota by Indult, Vanille Incensee by Atelier, and Le Couvent des Minimes which used to be ridiculously cheap but has now skyrocketed in price for some reason.  Smells like bourbon vanilla.

Courtny E. says:

Vanilla Fields is my all time favorite, I have been wearing it since 1994 when I was in high school!!

Allegorria says:

Heeeey, wait, where’s the Hypnose Lancome? Isn’t as vanillary as it could possibly be?
(My personal vavourite is Dior Addict)

Radek Malis says:

Interesting list. Looking forward to that collaboration video with Peter!

Rachel Grigg says:

Love it! I’ve been enjoying Vanille Exquise by Goutal recently, and lush Vanillary is a bedtime staple (too weeey to wear out!). Givenchy pi too is totally feminine too to my nose. Shalimar is the ultimate. Thanks for your tips!

Pámela Fernández de la Reguera says:

Yess! Alien Essence Absolue drydown smells like doll heads and I love it!!!! I agree with all of your list, as per usual! Shalimar is my winter love and Hypnotic Poison my go to in Autumn. Now that we are entering the cold months down here in the southern hemisphere I’m ready for my lovely vanillas. Ah, a lovely iris-vanilla pairing is the sadly discontinued Shalimar Parfum Initial, I love it to pieces.
Great review!

kittymeow84 says:

Oh my god our taste is so similar! The Dior Addict – My first memory of it from when a friend had it back in maybe 2004 and we were at home munting on…I asked if I could spray some and boy was it a powerhouse! I couldn’t stop thinking about it for years…it was almost a solid weight the smell of it. And it took me so long to buy it, of course its reformulated…it does smell different to my memory, but memory is fickle no? Now I wear it occasionally – but its so loud, it has to be worn with discretion – I almost feel embarrassed its so huge. When I told my friend about how much I loved it after I’d finally bought it, she told me that she’d probably thrown out that bottle years ago. HOW SAD.

To add my obligatory contribution to the vanilla discussion, I can not go past Aroma M Vanilla Hinoki. I have converted many people to this one now – its an unsung hero. Think; citrusy vanilla with its sweetness tempered by bone dry hinoki wood….overall impression being as soft as a cloud and cozy as a cashmere sweater.

I have Vanille Noire (which I got for peanuts)…agreed that it is not noir at all. For cheapie vanilla I really like the Senteurs Gourmands by Laurence Dumont. I have the Vanille Noir from that line and its a lot darker than the Yves. As well as the Bourbon Vanille – they are excellent for layering.

FINALLY, there is Fort & Manle Maduro – which is tobacco and vanilla, but not TF TV if you know what I’m sayin. I know F&M have been doing the rounds but I’m gonna pull out my hipster card and say “I knew about em before they were famous”, being an aussie and all!

Great vid, keep it up!

Dee_xx says:

How did I miss this one? Good to know about some interesting vanillas. Now then, what other top 10 lists could you do…. how about top 10 layering fragrances… Or just a video on layering, pros and cons would be good as well! Cheerio! 🙂

86Kera says:

Please do a top for fruity and one for fresh scents

Rina R. N. says:

Sabon’s Patchouli Lavender Vanilla is surprisingly pleasing!

Linda C says:

I agree wholeheartedly with you regarding Creed Sublime Vanille . So expensive for not much vanilla(on me at least) . I’m interested in trying Architects Club & a few more from that house . Looking forward to your video with Peter!

Kate Apted says:

There is only really one vanilla I really like. Evocative Perfumes’ Vanille Tonique. Spicy not so sweet vanilla.

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