Ajmal Mukhallat Dahn Al Oud Moattaq | Luxurious Oriental fragrance

Does this perfume smell as good as it looks ? Find out in this detailed fragrance review

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Music Credit: Kevin MacLeod


Cloud 9 Communication says:

Wow bro… I am up for the spray version….

Farhan Khawaja says:


Sri Moonshine says:

Too bad there’s nowhere I can find in US or Canada to sample/buy Ajmal perfumes. 🙁 I should have bought in Oman when I was there a few years ago.

sikander zari zari says:

wah wah wah bhai bhoat he badhiya vedio

Turn Knowledge Into Action says:

I’m interested in oil version. Do you have one to sell??

M. S. BitEth says:

Super review! I sure was hoping by now I’d have the 25 attars I ordered from Sultan Pasha…. but not getting any response. The Cambodian Oud I got from Anjmal that is 25 years old, is so hard to understand! I like the dry down, but the first application is hard on my nose. I did get a crazy compliment from the lady at the butcher shop when she said she had a deju vu experience of her father when she smelled me at the cash register as I bought meat. “Your scent smells like my dad who died long ago!”

Don’t forget about frags for expensive cruises, dear sir!

Fouad Bouakaz says:

A nice review brother, unfortunately i can’t find Ajmal perfumes here in Paris.

M B says:

As always detailed review. The music in the begining was very good.

Nishant Manchanda says:

at the end… subscribe share & spray.. how do I spray my attar… just kidding

kaja J says:

wow bro another ajmal oud collection oil based good job bro

Ahmed Raza says:

going to see bakhoor khas by ajmal.

Md Mubasheer uddin zubairi says:

Seeing your reviews my collection is just growing ….best perfume reviewer……

Syed Aamir says:

Bro love this Arabic/middle eastern touch to yr videos.

Shayaa Muhammad says:

Hello, can you do a special with all the houses that use all natural or mostly natural ingredients…. I know that many well known manufacturers use synthetics and it would be nice to have a list of mostly natural attars with real extracts

vaibhav ambetkar says:

Yet another great video Nikhil, Keep it up

waleed karori says:

+Exotic Scents with Nikhil love it.

Saad Akhir says:

They’re not from Middle East

Khawar Ali says:

Fantastic!! Really enjoy your vids

Md Mubasheer uddin zubairi says:

I just love the way u enjoy reviewing fragrances u catch all the notes u just enjoy the whole experience everyday in Ramadan I am almost giving at least 1 hours Watching your reviews feels so great ….Our Indians are not that much into fragrances that is why u have so low subscribers but your passion n knowledge will surly get u recognised to the world soon in sha Allah keep going brother

moinak paul says:

can u plz gv me links to buy it online.

Shiv Malhotra says:

Looks like you have lost some weight

M B says:

dear nikhil in ur opinion woud u recomend asq or ajmal wich ones are of higher quality

ramboram03 says:

I always had my eyes on this FOR YEARS, thanks a lot for this review Nikhil

Hozefa Bohra says:

Wonderful !!!

Alvet Chandok says:

Excellent – Excellent – Excellent mere bhai :)!
Your reviews are so profisionell and respect for your hard work.
Especially your topics are unique (reviewing the underated Oriental Fragrances)!
Wish you all the Best 🙂

Splash Fragrance India says:

Amazing description to the wonderful oriental fragrances bro. I prefer The EDP version since the oil does not project on my skin. EDP version works very well no doubt it….
Amazingly done

Johmathan .B. Swift says:

7:28 Beautiful light refraction on the top.
Very nicely done.
Every house uses some form of aroma chemicals.
Some of them can get very expensive too.
I will give this one a sample Nikhil .
Have a great weekend.

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