Reintroducing one of my most sought after middle eastern houses Ajmal Perfumes and introducing two hidden gems which have received a lot of love from the global frag community. Pure oriental chic blends with superior quality, uneatable performance and affordable price. What else do I want ?

Read more: http://www.ajmalperfume.com/en/product-details/Wisal-Dhahab/94

Forum: http://www.fragrantica.com/perfume/Ajmal/Wisal-Dhahab-35888.html

Buy Link: http://www.ebay.in/sch/i.html?_odkw=ajmal&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_trksid=p2045573.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.TRS0&_nkw=ajmal&_sacat=0


Roshan Samuel says:

Bro,how are you.hope that u r fine.wonderful review.bro can u review al waisam( day) by rasasi.if possible.thanks

Roshan Samuel says:

Bro,how are you.hope that u r fine.wonderful review.bro can u review al waisam( day) by rasasi.if possible.thanks

Roshan Samuel says:

Bro,how are you.hope that u r fine.wonderful review.bro can u review al waisam( day) by rasasi.if possible.thanks

ahmed siddique says:

I couldn’t find Royal Woody and misc rijal in MOE ( mall of Emirates) but I bought Afnan Musk Abiyad oil. it’s really great white musk with Rose. Try to get hand on it. it’s really affordable and long lasting oil without getting headaches as most oil does.


बड़े भाई आपके अनुसार अजमल का कोनसा परफ़्यूम या अतर सबसे बेस्ट है। कृप्या जरुर बताये मेरे पास विसाल दहाब और औरुम अवं मिज़्यनी पहले से है।

ahmed siddique says:

Really Thanks Mr Nikhil sure I’ll try wisal dahab by Ajmal and Evoke as u advice.

Syed Aamir says:

Tried wisal n its such a great fragrance now wanna put my nose on its flanker……great video as always…..

شخباركم شلونكم says:

thank you with love from saudi arabia

Morbus H. says:

So it is based in India but uses Arabic to sell its product?

ahmed siddique says:

you have a great nose on Perfumes. I tried Hasna from khalis brand but will try astute white.

Morbus H. says:

Is this a women or a men fragrance, it looks kind of feminine

Amardeep Johal says:

For gods sake make your reviews short, Nikhil. If possible first write the review. Otherwise you blabber a lot.

vivek malpani says:

Today I purchased this wisal dahab…. From Jaipur wtp outlet… It’s 3069 RS… It’s awsome..I for confused by this and ajmal blue and kuro… Anyways I managed to buy this wisal…

ahmed siddique says:

Thanks sir for replying. I bought both but I really like wisal dahab. I checked khallab oil it’s too strong oud, similar like rasasi faqat lii rijab.

Another Fraghead says:

Nice video dude!

ahmed siddique says:

Brother I have used Rasasi most perfumes.
Attar Al mohabba, Al wisam day, faqat lii rijab, Dareej, arba wardat, oud Al mubakhar, mukhallat oudh Al mubakhar, Dhan Al oudh mukhalla sharina, Rania, mukhallat Al oudh, attar mubakhar green, attar Al oud red, dirham.
need ur suggestions the best in rasasi. LA yaqawam tobacco blaze pour homme, hawas or Al attar Al thameen . or any other from rasasi. Thanks

abdul khadeer says:

Hello sir, i used Ajmal’s “Aurum” a concentrated perfume but i feel it is not a long lasting but its smell is too good. so i just want to know why it so? and also want to know how can i get judge d perfume that it will be a long lasting… plz help me i am a perfume lover..

Shabd Beej says:

Dear Nikhil, I saw your channel yesterday and saw all video in 24 hours. Phenomenal Work bro !!! 🙂
One question !
How come so many fragrances maintain their individuality in a perfume ?? How these perfumes are made ?

Mohsif Khan says:

very nice review brother always very helpful… thanks

Rah Sin says:

Sir i have used mugler, kourus, cdim, and many other western juices but from last one year i am using wisal dhahab it is my favourite now… And my signature perfume now…. It’s awsum no western perfume can give it a run.

Scentsicle Stylings says:

I have this fragrance at home, the bottle feels a bit cheap but I am not sureif that is an indication of fakeness. My friend’s mother had abottle of this and gave me her almost full bottle.

She’s Indian and goes to U.A.E all the time, sometimes brings me back some oils or perfumes.

ahmed siddique says:

Thanks brother. It’s my first purchase from Ajmal. I was confused between hawas and evoke. But went with evoke it’s unique smell
Keep changing with notes. As I mentioned before I sprays 3 times in 9 hrs duty. As you advice Will check khallab , Royal Woody and misc rijal. Between wisal and wisal dahab I think dahab is long lasting?

Wesam kachouri says:

i just wanted to say that i have Ajmal Dhahab, and every time i have it on i get complements.. i once walked into a school classroom and sat down, and since this perfume leaves an amazing trail of fragrance behind, every one was looking around and sniffing and they couldn’t tell where the smell was coming from… this perfume is truly amazing guys

ahmed siddique says:

Mr Nikhil

ahmed siddique says:

Brother I hope you know the Uae climate it’s soo hot. I have tried designer Perfumes from. Nautica voyage, Bentley instense, joop, Jacques Bogart, and few other but Bentley instense and joop is great. looking similar in designer .

ahmed siddique says:

Great review Mr Sunil.
can you suggest me more options . I tired a small tester it’s great. I’m looking for same long lasting perfumes good projection and silage.

ahmed siddique says:

Mr Nikhil Sir waiting ur reply.

Romeo Numberone says:

Great review can you do a top 10 most complimented video? Thanks

Nirvana Of Monkasar says:

Nikhal thank you such good videos.

Ahmed Raza says:

thats looks really nice.

Rah Sin says:

Sir wisal dhahab is very strong it long last on me more thn 16 hours. It’s awsum but it’s very strong sometime lead to headache.

priyank joshi says:

Hey Nik. I bought Wisal Dhahab only with your recommendation.
This is a true gem. Unisex for sure but one can pull this for sure.
Have you tried Ajmal AURAM and Shine?

ahmed siddique says:

Brought wisal dahab great perfume

Natalié Beauté Official says:

Great channel! You just helped me to take my decision – I was hesitating between Wisal and Wisal Dhahab! I just made order, too! You describe the perfumes very well and accurate! Thank you! I have just one question – the silver/gold bottle cover must be metal or plastic? Because I red on fragrantica one of the comments, that it is plastic.

Vishruth Kumar says:

Hey Nikhil wisal dahab vs wisal Dahab Gold

Wich is good…
N do u think owning both will be a redundant ????

Zdravko Baev says:

Lovely review as always! Thank you Exotic Scents!
Wisal Dhahab sounds really promising and a hidden gem… I will check it out for sure, especially considering the affordable price.
These days I’ve got 3 bottles from AJMAL – Ambre Pimente, Accord Boise and Shadow Grey or Shadow II. These perfumes are beautifully blended, different and they are versatile as well. Now I’m truly convinced that AJMAL is a quality brand and deserves attention.

That’s the reason I think I will enjoy Wisal Dhahab.
Thanks a lot Exotic Scents for your efforts to show us these beautiful unknown fragrances.

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