ASQ Makkah Blend Perfume | Exotic oriental herbaceous oud

A detailed review of a popular fragrance from ASQ. A smoky musky blend done in Neo-Oriental style.


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Abid khatri says:

Nikhil Bhai aap hamare Fragrance Wikipedia ho,thanks for bringing out some hidden gems.God bless you

David K says:

I got the both version. Attar is a sweet floral musky scent. Edp is a floral powdery scent. I was disappointed by the edp.

Mohd Suhaimi Saad says:

As ussual, good review Nikhil bhai. Glad u review both of perfume and oil…I just waiting makkah blend, attar and safari extreme..

Mohammes Muddasser says:

hey nikhil..great review!…how would it smell if you later both the oil and the scent?? would it last nd project longer??

Jim R says:

Excellent review of this fragrance…just wish ASQ fragrances were more widely available here in the states. Enjoyed!

Sanjay Shah says:

Nikhil, Makkah Blend is not available in Saudi but the salesmen told me it is renamed as Manan blend. Is it true.

Adam 007 says:

nice review! link not working

Fouad Bouakaz says:

i’ve watched MrOz review

Steven Sproat says:

Nice review! I’ve bought myself a small attar of ‘Royal Gazelle Musk’ which should be interesting 🙂

Abu Abdur Rahman says:

good reviews! helps a lot with insight to different scents. thanks man!

Smells Good says:

Beautifully done review Nikhil! Its house I am not aware of but I will give it a try.
Btw, have you smelled Mecca Balsam by Abdes Salam Attar. Its heavenly. Give it a sniff. I am planning to do review soon.

yacine mezzour says:

very interesting one mr nikhil truely u are the Best my friend and tnk u for reviewing Aoud Rose edp

Zubair Ahmed says:

Saudi Blend of ASQ is also very unique type of fragrance. Its projection is very excellent, its on its peak after 4 hours. But i am going to check Makkah Blend.

remikraja says:

which is best to invest? i need to wear on both summer and winter. bcoz I need a signature longevity and extreme sillage perfume. which one should I stick with?
1. Ajmal Alf Lail o Lail oil
2. Ajmal oud mukhallat floral oil
3. kalemat
4. kalemat black
5. makkah blend oil ASQ
6. makkah blend spray ASQ

I want the extreme longevity and sillage and to be honest I love oud. give me one suggestion so that I can stick to it. but name one among the above. bcoz I cannot get every perfume everywhere. only these I mentioned above I can afford and can get in stock. please let me know.

Sohaibb Mubassam says:

great review as always.

remikraja says:

Hello dear brother,

with your reference I booked Makkah blend EDP and a Perfume Oil each one from

I hope this can now stick to me as my signature. waiting to get it delivered. I will give you my experience once I receive those juice on my hands.

onehotxfirefighter says:

Thanks for your experience.

Lemon Lime says:

Just purchased Makkah Blend from ASAQ’s online global store. Very well organized web page, easy & fast to use. Took advantage of the 45% discount. Will update, once received, of my first impressions. Great review Nikhil !

MBreak1 says:

Really love the intricacy and detail you delve into in your reviews.

Sap Smells says:

great review! safari extreme got me wanting more from this house, this seems like one for me. thanks

Simply Put Scents says:

Great video brother…Love learning more from this house…appreciate hearing your take as always.

Arjun Anand says:

I should really visit an ASQ store. It’s well overdue!

Sid Julien says:

great introduction to your vid Nikhil!

اهل المعارف says:

Outstanding description

shoebaloeee says:

Lovely review! I’m a female and would like to know if the attar is unisex or masculin?

MashOfficial says:

Great review Nikhil. Can you review Saudi Blend please? It’s been almost 6 months lol

Alvet Chandok says:

Intressting Video again bhai sabh :).
I have the Makkah Blend Oil which is really a mixture of Oud & Safran.
It starts of the smell of Safran. Its the Safran note that most people will know from spices bazar. The Oud smells very unique & luxerious. Its a green type of smelling Oud with 1% barnyard smell.
I think the magic comes of with drydown. In the drydown Makkah Blend smells musky, leathry and a little bit woody.
Its different from the perfume which i dont like!
Your review was excellent – keep up the good work ji :).

Junaid Ashfaq says:

Nikhil bhai, can you help me decide between Makkah Attar and EDP? and recommend any 2-3 more from the house, thanks

AH Trini says:

great review brother. question. How is Black Stone for him?

shehroz malik says:

great vid bro!

M B says:

Looks like you are recommending attar version rather than edp. Projection wise which one is better?

Piko Hann says:

Does ASQ store Ship to U.S.?

Fouad Bouakaz says:

I was talking about Al Qurashi Blend brother

Paramveer Bhatia says:

any problems while shipping to India bro?

J. T. says:

Subscribed. Keep it up. Your fast becoming a great resource for me to learn about niche and eastern fragrances. Best wishes from Seattle Washington USA!

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