Attars by Abdul Karim Al Faransi (AKAF) | Beautiful perfume oils from UK

Traditional attars of excellent quality and superb blend from Birmingham, UK. The most affordable range (10GBP-75GBP) of traditional style attars for beginners and connoisseurs alike for the ultimate oriental experience ! Enjoy.

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Mohammes Muddasser says:

do these attars project well?

Fouad Bouakaz says:

Great review as always, i’m looking forward to buy some Al Faransi attar.

ALY says:

thanks for your review i just received my order of miak tahara yemeni and musk massillia

daniyal mir says:

sir i asked u to review al nuaim white oudh please do sir

Nathaniel X Pitts says:

I really enjoy your videos sir. I recently purchased ouds, attar and musks from someone at a cultural gathering. I’m interested in buying in bulk and reselling. What is your best advice for buying in bulk for business resale?

avgrim77 says:

I bought the AKAF Fabulous Blend from India or FBI this stuff is amazing! It’s a limited edition though.

ashish sankrani says:

wher can i find this attars in india

Abdul Rahman says:

bro apna nember send krna km hai

vassal11 says:

What about store reviews/tours? Take ’em on a tour of Abdus Samaad, or even Arabian Oud…

abubakar siddiqi says:

Hello brother, please let me know the name of this perfumes

Swati Kaushik says:

your vedios are just amazing…I just got into oud and attra…can you please tell me few places in Delhi to buy oud.

Nathaniel X Pitts says:

I think you answered my question in this video,-sorry. I’m in the USA and looking for international fragrance supply companies

adnan shamil says:

The only mistake you do is when showing an attar you should open it and show

Abdul Rahman says:

send me nember bro

Ramon Heard Jr says:

I just got amber afghani which smells like MFK silk mood….I love it so many ch I want to sell it.

Samuel Gustav says:

Perfect! Looking forward to the other reviews 🙂 and keeping track for the next samples to order eheh I’m in love with this house, every one I tried I like it, is amazing, even the typical rose and saffron that I usually don’t like it done so beautifully that I love it, that’s why in my next order I will try some of those strong spiceys and a bit skanky ouds maybe i will like it :). Wearing Bagdhad now, you where right in everything you said, amazing and I can see why you blended with oud borneo kalemantam (that slightly burned rose lovely)

Deborah Lane McGuire says:

Many thanks. Mukhallat Corleone is going on my list. Baghdad as well.

vassal11 says:

Hey Exotic, Where can one buy these products in the Middle East? Kuwait or Emirates…

farhan ullah says:

bro i hope u are in best of ur health.. Was just finding you low bro.. Great video as always 🙂

PurePwnzors says:

Great information. Thank you!

The bottles you are showing, are those 12 ml (tola)?

Ho Nguyen says:

HelloI like to buy some these perfumesPlease contact to me

Martin Moore says:

Again many thanks for expanding my knowledge. M

James C. Williams says:

I have seven fragrances from the house of Al-Faransi. I love them all. Abdul makes the best Attars for an extremely affordable price.

Haskar Javad says:

+Exotic Scents Hi Nikhil Bai.. Please make a video on best 10 oudh based fragrance..

Hamid Dhais says:

Nikhil, thank you very much for the great videos, very informative indeed. I already subscribed to your channel.
I was contemplating visiting the shop in Birmingham but it’s a 3 hours journey for me so I postponed it.
Do you believe that the ouds used here are genuine oud oils ? I understand the quality is not of extreme quality which is reflected in the price, but I confirm that none of the niche or ultra niche brands selling for hundreds, none of them use real oud so anything from this house is more than worth it

VVK says:

give away do a give awaaaaaay please !!!!!

Usman Ahmad says:

sir thank you so much for such nice videos . I love your presentation . i am a new user to Attar oils and love the way you describe about these products . keep it up we love to see your every post .

Hozefa Bohra says:

very nice Nikhil !!!

david hiel says:

Nice insight and reviews.Are the samples one wearing capsule’s ? I ordered the Royal Musk on a recommend from a fume head and a bunch of samples.

Abdul Rahman says:

send me whatsaap namber

imran memon says:

Nikhil Bhai what do say about HIND by AL faransi and musk tahara AL faransi and sundus……

M Shlock says:

Thanks as always Nikhil. I have ordered a taste of Istanbul and some Mukhallat di Corleone because Al Faransi made me an offer I couldn’t refuse (my own Godfather reference). Also ordered a full tola of Oud al Amir and looking quite forward to all.

Zakarias Ricardo says:

Very good review Nikhil.

SpocksSister08 says:

Thank you for this video, I have never worn perfume of any kind, because although I knew I liked musk and found it very sensual, I have never been really excited by any perfumes in the shops. They have been pleasant, but not anything special. Recently my husband found a tiny bottle of Attar of roses and a tiny bottle of musk which he bought many years ago in Asia. I mixed them on my skin and have fallen completely in love with these scents. I keep sniffing them again and again, As I have such small bottles of the attar of roses and musk which I want to use sparingly, I bought Maisam by Rasasi l – a rose/musk scent which is quite lovely, I also bought Flowerbomb by V&R which I don’t like, I find it sickly sweet on my skin.. I have been reading and trying to learn and have now ordered many samples from AKAF. I can’t wait to try them and learn more!

Nathaniel X Pitts says:

Thank you again greatly sir.  As the younger people say these days Nikhil,-you rock!!!

Abdullah khan says:

Brother Nikhil I am looking forward to trying AKAF. which is your favorite one? And which one you would recommend me? I not new into this field but also not extremely experienced.

santosh r says:

Cool .. I was already trying to get these and they show up here .. great review. Thanks a lot Nikhil

Kaka Brar says:

nice nice bhai ..
buy link ?
can these be sampled ?

R M says:

Many thanks for these reviews of fine attars by Abdul Karim Al Faransi.

I am rather impressed by the company, as I have ordered several quite affordable samples from them. Shipping is very low all around the world, and shipping to India is FREE. I feel luxurious when wearing such thick, traditional attars, and am happier by far than if I had purchased a standard department store offering. These attars are worth every penny. 😀

Kudos on your reviews!

Johnny Baker says:

Just wanted to say thank you for your videos. I got a few different oils from this house and some others from your other videos. I’ve been happy with all of them so far.

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