Best Middle Eastern Fragrances For Men

Long Lasting Collection of Oriental Niche Fragrances
1:27 Amouage – Reflection Man

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Nina Joan says:

13:56-13:57 love the way you were looking at her Jeremy!!! sighs!! love from Tanzania!

Zeus Athletics says:

hawas means obsession

Sulaiman Abdulaziz says:

3:51 HAWAS “هوس”
meaning ‘Obsession’ or ‘mania’ somthing like that

mogmanexe says:

I don’t hate the tie! Should I hate the tie?

JD Younk says:

What’s wrong with the tie? I think it looks nice… at least on camera

Corey Saunders says:

“Is it better than a 7?” … “no I’d say 7.5”

Alejandro says:

Is lara your gf or what?

AT T says:

From sec one i was hating on the ugly tie and when he wrote the comment i LOL. Love you Jeremy!

josé silvestre Jose says:

Hello Jeremy.
This video was amazing i enjoyed every minute of it. Next time i get to Dubai ill find the la nuit parfum.
I also recommend you to try LAMAAT ISTANAH and Leather Intense by Giorgio Group.
I cant wait for the next video, Lara thanks for your truthful opinion

Фарид Бахшеш says:

i would like to see Chopard Oud Malaki also. Very strong and masculine and dress parfum

Bekka White says:

Club de nuit smells like creed adventus. Let me know if you agree I want your opinion! Thanks

AboHadi1100 says:

The second fragrance called “Hawas” NOT “Havas”.

Sohad Al Hasan says:

The fragrances that u don’t like for example the Rehab perfume is used for layering …. Arabic ppl specially in the gulf layering is a big thing… we use oil then layer different perfumes and end it with innocence….

Amir Pi says:

Super great video Jeremy,awesome job bro. your videos shine more when Lara is there with her beautiful smile!!this video gets 25/5

Yusuf As'ari says:

I use Al-Rehab Silver.

ItsameAlex says:

I love what she’s wearing.

umarmars47 says:

Lara’s taste isn’t the only gOOd thing about her

Seraj Wheda says:

Ohhhhhhhh lara marry me ❤

Elias Ghosn says:

Hi, just to let you know that Hawas means obsession not lust. Thank you for the videos they are really helpful.

Abdulrahman Khaled says:

I CAN LAND A 480 airbus on her forehead

Yassine hadj ali says:


Ankush Sethi says:

Follow me on instagram – Fragrance Addiction for reviews and perfume advice.

Clash of Clans Elixir says:

Cdnim rocks again

أحمد المحروقي says:

why cant people innovate? why do they always copy shit

xIVIx says:

at the middle east specifically at the Gulf oud is important as a wood or as an oil, it is will known and people use it in celebrations, wedding, and many more.
And lately a lot of companies tries to put it in Fragrances just so they can put “Oud” on the bottle, and the smell sometimes turns to be too strong and not balanced, but some can nail it.

But still prefer the the scent of pure oud as wood or oil, nothing can beat that in my book.
P.S: just to add, India make one of the best oud wood and oil, but you should be with an expert to know the good once.

abboud mohamed fahmi says:


حميد محمد says:

She have anice big tits

Jonathan Reeve says:

wonder why you do not have a review of club de nuit intense until now. i know there are so many reviews from others but come on man! i wanna see a review from the best one in the fragrance game

Adil Alsuhaim says:

No!!! I love “Roma” by “Laura Biagiotti”. But what I use if the one for men!

Tanner Lynn says:

Jeremy gets so sad when they don’t like the fragrance LOL

Mr Godzilla says:

I did a mistake switching the caption and reading those . . . . . i regret ..certain translation so inappropriate . . :

Streetgenes33 Rolo B Skogen says:

nice. Aventus

Matheus G says:

Jeremy, do a video about Suit and tie.. a few tips, and what tie combine with what shirt style.. and the diference with smoking, suit etc..!

Jose Pérez Cabezas says:

F Black , Voyage Nautica, Individuel Mont Blanc, La Nuit Intense and Bleu

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