A detailed guide to the sensual note of Musk in perfumery. A very misunderstood note. Perfumes shown in video: Roja Diaghilev, Hugo Boss Prive Wool Musk, ASQ Kashmir Musk, ASQ Deer Musk, ASQ Ajeeb Musk. Perfumes not shown: Jovan Musk, Kiehl’s Original Musk.

Superb article on Musk:

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Gabriel Garcia says:

Nice review. I also have a good nose for musk. the only one I dont like is the musk that smells like a baby.

Chris Shannon says:

I wear Egyptian musk with my fragrances sometimes.

Kaka Brar says:

nice . . yes musk is good smelling . i have few musk oils.

James Brackenbury says:

where can I find the ASQ musks?

Steven Sproat says:

Very informative and well presented, I felt very relaxed watching this. Great job my friend 🙂 p.s. I love musky scents!!

DezWW777 says:

Hello, I’m so glad I stumbled upon this video because I’ve learned so much. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

Piyush Sharma says:

was deer musk retrieved from the feet of the deer musk or testicals? I’m asking because when I was young and visiting the Himalayan town manali this local farmer once offered my family to buy deer musk it was a small hairy ball-nugget looking thing that he rubbed on our hands and it smelled like musk for days .. he said it’s retrieved from deer musk hoof. but I always thought it was the testicals.

Hozefa Bohra says:

very Very informative

mohammed fareed aliuddin says:

Happy New Years! Great work man! I love musk, and I enjoyed this presentation of yours. I am very interested in the ASQ Deer Musk and Kashmir Musk as well as Abdul Karim Al Faransi’s musk. I will have to check out Roja.. looks delicious hehe

Speaking of pretty affordable burnable aoud… I ordered some from and am awaiting the package in the mail. I will let you know what I think as soon as I can burn some.

I look forward to the next videos bro!


My man! Great vid as usual!

noha hashem says:

Thank you so much.

Hannah Maraya Schmitz says:

love your video and musk in general ! thank u!

samref98 says:

Thanks for the video.. What is that Misk Aswad from Abdulkareem (time 12:15)? from where can found?

Sandeep Dudyala says:

Nikhil, glad to see someone making videos Soo elaborately on perfumes/attar. You are pretty impressive I must say.

irfan khan says:

Appreciate your efforts Sir…thank u for such an amazing video

Syed Aamir says:

Loved it.

George Simos says:

i have had real deer musk, made from kasturi pods. very strong and powdery smell. that powdery aroma comes from kasturi and some described it as baby powder or white musk. very strong

Johmathan .B. Swift says:

I haven’t seen the movie Perfume .
I will have to watch.
So they can’t reproduce the pheromone of musk ?
I have some older fragrances , reformulations or not,
that are far superior than the same ones the make today.

What’s Egyptian Musk ?

8% of the population can’t detect the note of musk.
Interesting .

I was sampling L’Artisan’s Al Oudh.
I enjoyed it, but I can see how some might not.
I get dates, something slightly sweet, velvety in the opening.
That changed into a dry/ash, civet .The civet wasn’t overwhelming ,
but it did start to come forward after the opening faded.
The dry/ash/smoke pushed the civet forward , especially when the cumin
and castoreum showed up.
It did seem synthetic .
I didn’t notice any agar wood.
I can see why some people wouldn’t like Al Aoud.
It can be dry/sharp at times.
It did end up very nice and sweet in the end.

I like cumin. I like the way that Amouage used it in Opus 3.

With civet, I don’t remember which perfume it was,
but it reminded me of cat urine when I wore it.

Oud Infini. I’ll have to try that.

Excellent video.
I learned a lot.

The best to you in

Toiletterian says:

master Nikhil, do yo know ASAQ black stone for him?

Cfuture says:

Happy New Year, your video is informative. Have you done an Ambergris video? Sub’d

Syed Mujtaba says:


Charles Montgomery says:

hello.. exotic scents.. what is the name and manufacture of the perfume mentioned at the 1300 mark in video. where can this be obtained..? I believe its maybe called oud infani but unsure.. thank you sir.. follow up.. is it from the company dusita ?

Russell Crowe says:

Abdul Karim Al Faransi has many nice musk fragrances. I’ve used all my samples and its time to buy full bottles.

Ana R says:

I did enjoyed a lot this video. Very informative, thank you! Oudh Infini is a beautifully blended animalic scent a dirty one, and I do understand that it may be outputting to a lots of people, Beaver instead is a clean civet.

queenofsheba1000 says:

Can u show us how make traditional indian solid perfume that I see on the internet I don’t know if they use bees wax or something else.

hadeer rehman says:

deer mask is the sunnah of holy prophet(p.b.u.h).

shehroz malik says:


moosa nkocee says:

Exotic scents

i come across Wisal ajmal fragrances, I would love for you to recommend a few that I could try from this brand since I’m new to this style of fragrances, what I mean is like the middle eastern fragrances.

Thanks again in advance

Jassim Bin Dagher says:

I love animalic scents…it’s popular here in UAE….Oud..musk…ambergris…Great channel and great work my friend. ..btw have you tried Blue Kenam by ASQ?

poundrick says:

great video very well explained I now feel I can explore musk based scents. thank you.

Alvet Chandok says:

Such a nice and informational Review! Enjoyed it a lot 🙂
Visited 2 days ago ASQ in Dubai, they released a new White musk with florals oil. Smells better than Body Musk.
What i also get in Kashmir Musk is a heavy Patchouli Note :).
Now i’m searching for an Burning Oud or Burning incense stick oil or fragrance.
My recommandition for good Musky Scents are the Hindi Oud oils from Swiss Arabian & Molecule no.1.
All in all good Review bhai saheb!!!

Kerry Ryan says:

Greetings from Australia. It would be great if you could do a video on women’s perfume oils. Many of the girls out there would really love this!

Abid khatri says:

Very informative Nikhil Bhai,keep it up

Alagathevictor says:

Genuine deer musk is still sold in small amounts, but it costs 10 x the price of pure gold. I think most commercial perfumes with “musc” note have no resemblance of real musk

Syed Mujtaba says:


Daryl Grassick says:

Thank you for sharing.  I couldn’t make out what scent you said was the closest to deer scent.  Could you please let me know which one it is?

thisis sparta says:

i was always thinking of musk beeing fresh?!
i know you also own arabian knight by arabian oud, the description on the website says its the finest types of musk.
Im confused 😀
is this maybe white musk in here?

Mujju Ahamed says:

Bro please make a review on
montale black oud pleeeease

santosh r says:

Wonderful .. enjoyed and wish you a very wonderful year.

Minh Sen says:

Excellent, informative video! Your presentions are so clear and I always add a few scents to my wish after listening. I am so glad that animals are no longer used for musk, as plant/synthetic substitutes are lovely (lovelier) and cruelity free. Happy new year to you and your family. Looking forward to more videos from you!

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