Bvlgari Man Black Orient Fragrance Review | Fantastic Flanker Or Dud?

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Black Orient :

Hey everyone! Today I’m taking a look at a fragrance that has been requested numerous times, Bvlgari Man Black Orient. This is a 2016 release and a follow up to the popular Bvlgari Man in Black. I own Man in Black and Black Cologne and enjoy both so I had high expectations for this one. Man in Black is noted for being comparable to Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb, so it’s a great choice for this time of year. If you’ve smelled any of these fragrances let me know what you think in the comments!

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Shiva Bridgelal says:

Great review Ashton was looking to pick this one up but was wondering how similar to man in black it would be. My favorite from this house.

Gene in PA Puskash says:

Hey Ashton It got 35-40 degrees here so I broke out YSL m7 ouD absolute. Initial blast wow strong n dirty But an hour later I’m going “damn I smell good.” Excellent sillage and longevity PEACE

Talgat says:

Don’t have mib because as great as it is, I already hsve several similar scents. This one though, I need to try. Sounds very promising.

David Peters says:

Definitely, going try this one

Ben Arthur says:

Nice channel!

z28 camaro says:

Ashton, with of the 3 you have is your recommendation.?

S G says:

I like the strong smoke smell that this one has in the beginning. It’s a very unique oriental smell. It reminds me of bonfires and peated whisky mixed with incense. But the smoke unfortunately fades after a couple of hours, and fragrance becomes a quite boring regular leather and spice fragrance after that. It reminds me a lot of Beckham Homme (which costs a quarter as much) after those first couple of hours. It might still be worth it though, if you really like that initial smell. Try it before you buy it though, because it is quite a harsh fragrance, since it doesn’t have any sweet notes. It’s not one for everyone.

Kahlil Jones says:

The batch that i have the oud is very strong and a little funky, i like that. And then everything gets balanced out with the other notes. I pick up resins, musk, cardamom, and oily sweet leather along with some smokiness. I am really enjoying this fragrance. I pick up the tuberose and rose as well. Sometimes i smell chocolate. Not as playful as men in black. This is much more mature.

Ritankar Sasmal says:

MAN IN BLACK is one of my top 5 fav designer scents and love this one also…many people dont know it actually smells like a spice market of asia…i feel that’s why the name orient as it reminds me of oriental spices… this is more dryer than MIB imo…

deJavaScents says:

is the rum note natural or synthetic?

m/icked _PirateClimber says:

FINALLY SOMEONE DID THIS REVIEW, LIKE FRICKIN’ FINALLY.. I did it on my Instagram, but to see it like this is special… I have it and I love it.. just love it..

Bruno Giambroni says:

Seems like a good pick up!

muhammed irshad says:

I don’t no how much I love my black orient ….it’s awesome royal rich smell

Jerry Dee says:

Its a awesome fragrance……….It Keeps Pushing on my skin………..I think its the best in the line

Peter Rivera-Pierola says:

I really enjoy the original MiB, but have not worn any of the flankers yet. I’m considering swapping my Spicebomb for MiB, but know that’s not a fair trade cost wise, so I’m also looking at TF Noir Extreme or Chanel Egoiste. Thoughts on the best spicy sweet sexy scent?

Bernie777 says:

Great review. I get the same first weird vibe in the opening with Jean Louis Vermeil Vermeil Pour Homme. But after that, I love it. Since the mid, dry down and longevity are the most important to me, I’m OK with that. Love the house and I have owned a few of them. Thanks again.

Carlos Cruz says:

Great scent, different from Man in Black but equally enjoyable. For me the Oud was really noticeable (and I like it that way).

Roronoa Zoro says:

But is it just a clone?I dunno.

Cubaknow says:

Damn bro stop making me spend money. People don’t listen to Ashton!! He will make you buy great fragrances and soon you’ll have 27,000 bottles like him!! Good shit fam!

Just Add Light says:

I know EXACTLY what you mean about that funkiness in the opening. Me thinks it’s a transient combination of 3 notes as they’re opening up – possibly the rose, incense/spices and leather. As you know, leather is not really a note and the way it’s done in this one could contribute to that weirdness. Incense/spices and rose are usually linear, but it takes a while for leather accords to blossom, possibly contributing to a strange combination for a few minutes. Other frags have similar effects, but at least they’re not as bad as animalic ouds. Bleh. I’m sure Chelsea would agree.

Vikram Singh says:

Love this perfume .. My favourite

Albert Wesker says:

Simple quick review. Nice

galinn76 says:

Greetings! This is a great channel! Your presentation of Bvlgari Man Black Orient is the best in comparison relation to everyone else here on youtube. I want to buy this fragrance in the largest bottle but I do not see it bigger than 100ml. Is this the largest bottle in which it is offered or simply I cen’t find?

rizvi syed says:

i like perfumes every DAY

Tamer.R.S says:

Does notino ship world wide?

Matt topcat says:

The bottles of this line seem very armaf like

Kahlil Jones says:

This is one of my favorites

Ralph Sanchez says:

Hope Notino puts out some promo codes..

moksh middha says:

Is this fragrance good for school

Cory Shrewsbury says:

See, i didn’t like this one much. To me, its a unisex fragrance. I actually gave it to my Mother In Law. She wears it every day

Amir Pi says:

Thx a lot Ashon for another great review, i do have Bvlgari black edp(Winter parfume IMO) and i even have Black cologne for Spring /Summer)But i do not like this one at all sorry to say that.sure thing many guys out there like it a lot,good for them!!!! i do like Bvlgari black in the first palce and then Cologne!! thx bro,cheers

Absolute Juno says:

I’m liking the branding adjustments you’ve made recently, Your Gents Scents icon and banner on youtube, looking good! Bvlgari is such a solid, inexpensive line with a lot of variety for all seasons. Hopefully I can sample this sometime soon.

Iori Yagami says:

What do you think of the complex fragrance of the House of Budesa

Testtest13 Testtest13 says:

This is a beautiful fantastic scent. I had a mediocre experience w man in black both in performance and in scent so when I looked into this one, I wasnt expecting much. However this one is a top fragrance for me currently, although I don’t have too many fragrances, still it is saying a lot bc I am very picky

alizaib goraya says:

Thanks Ashton for another wonderful video.Keep them coming

Roronoa Zoro says:

Westernized dude?

know body says:

I love it when you say nothing doing on the side. It’s funny. I look for that every time.

rene jones says:

I would like you to review the NEW invictus aqua 2018 please…..

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