Carner Barcelona Ambar Del Sur Fragrance Review + Full Bottle USA Giveaway

Carner Barcelona Ambar Del Sur Fragrance Review
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Carner Barcelona Ambar Del Sur Fragrance Review

Here’s my Carner Barcelona Ambar Del Sur Fragrance Review. As you know I really love amber fragrances and this one even though acts like a heavy, syrupy, resinous and intense amber has a very light and airy, sweet, almost gourmand quality to it. Very delicious with an equal amount of vanilla with spicy amber. If you’re looking for your next best amber fragrance here it is with Carner Barcelona’s Ambar Del Sur. Have you tried Ambar Del Sur? Are you a fan f this Spanish brand, Carner Barcelona? Please do let me know.

Carner Barcelona – Ambar Del Sur (Amber From The South)
Perfumer: N/A
Price: $180/100ml
Concentration: Eau De Parfum
Style: Oriental, Amber

Top Notes: Italian Bergamot
Heart Notes: Water jasmine, Indonesian patchouli, Australian sandalwood, Accord amber
Base Notes: Myrrh, Spanish cistus, Venezuelan tonka bean, Madagascan vanilla absolute

Balsamic, Amber, Patchouli, Vanilla, Warm Spicy, Powdery, Sweet + Spicy, Almost Gourmand, Vanillic, Oriental, Resinous

As always please watch, rate, comment and share this video and please subscribe to this channel if you haven’t yet. And please stay tuned for more videos and giveaways real soon! Carner Barcelona Ambar Del Sur Fragrance was sent to me for this review video. The views and opinions for Carner Barcelona Ambar Del Sur Fragrance are all my own. If you’re curious to try Carner Barcelona Ambar Del Sur Fragrance please buy or obtain samples or decants prior to purchasing a full bottle. The fragrances I like you might not like and vice versa. So I cannot guarantee you will react to this fragrance as I have in this video. Thank you.

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Michelle Blair says:

El Born is a beauty from the house!

Jack L. says:

LOVE CB’s El Born. They do a deft job with vanilla and the sample I have shows ambitious composition and quality, through and through!

Michael Bullock says:

Great review and I enjoyed it and I’m gonna try it have a blessed day

Boryana Gigova says:

Every time i’m watching a new review here i’m afraid for my wallet-my CC is like “not again”.Sampled and bought so much fragrances because of you.
All 3 from the new Oriental Collection sound great , plus Rodrigo Flores-Roux is one of my favorite noses , so i’m intrigued.
Semi-sweet spicy and balsamic fragrance perfect for a fall cozy evening , a bit resinous in the base i love.
The only fragrance that i own from Carner Barcelona is 100ml of Palo Santo.
Tnx for the generosity
Cheers from VA

edreamsincolor says:

Sounds fantastic. Thanks for the review!

Kologne says:

Great house I think you would like palo santo.

Steve Hershaw says:

Hey Sebastian does this compare to any other amber frags in similarity or would you say it’s unique ? Thanks

stevo7220 says:

Sebastian i was kinda curious what do you do BTW to afford this kind of frags and i love your channel .

Adam Leon says:


Gibraltar Light says:

No I haven’t heard of this brand but I’d love to get my nose on this amber vanilla frag!! Sounds delicious!!

Scentitar Fragrance says:

I entered and am exited ! Sounds like a beauty ! I love palo Santo

Just Add Light says:

El Born got some press a while back, but this one definitely sounds like it would be up my alley. A gourmand-y amber? Sign me up.

Gina Tabasso says:

In this house, I have only tried Rima XI.

Rich Mitch says:

Their cuir is terrific too

pandora p says:

Own Cuirs and D600. Even though not an Amber fan, I am excited to try Ambar del Sur because of your wonderful description of it!

tabbycatkidd says:

I just saw one of their fragrances on another channel. Checked the website out and I’m leaning towards ordering all the samples to try out. Beautiful ingredient lists for all the fragrances. Their website is stunning.

yoowutzgoinoon says:

How do i tell who wins?

Andy Sandoval says:

Great review. El Born is my favorite from this house.

Fernando L. Hurtado says:

I have not been able to smell anything from that house yet, thanks for the review.

ProtoAdamification says:

Would love to see a review of Carner’s “Cuirs” – very interesting leather

Ellen McGeady says:

Thanks for a wonderful review. Would love to try this as I love amber fragrances. Thanks for this draw.

Liz Seville says:

I had a sample of this. The myrrh and spices are well done if I remember rightly. I sampled a selection of ambers and this was the best. It is spicier but oddly lighter. I enjoy Carner Besos but I am looking for an even better Musc just now.


Love amber, Thx S.

Tina Manske says:

Oh, great, I really like this house. I own Palo Santo, D600 and Sandor 70s. Will check this out. Not participating cause I’m in Europe.

Lacy Nylons says:

Sebastian: can u please tell me what branch of Profumum roma you went to in Rome and the exact address. The flagship store. I dont know which one u went to. Thanks!

Toni Journeaux says:

El born is my number 1 frag of all time.

Sunny Ra Deen says:

Great review, this sounds right down my lane. I have to try this. I love El Born from this house… great job Sebastian

Jim Tyrrell says:

just discovering this company love their leather frag Im looking forward to smelling this one soon sounds like it would be a wonderful addition to my collection JIM from MIAMI BEACH

Q Q says:

Sounds very good.

Michael Prince says:

Great review Sebastian. I am not familiar to this fragrance line, but I am always open to trying out new fragrances.

Aitor Roca says:

I’m from Barcelona and I love our brand!! I own El Born, Cuirs and Palo Santo but I need to try the new oriental collection. Any other recomendation from this Brand in your opinion?? Thanks for all your great work

Antonio Paulo says:

Of course I know this fabolous brand. I live in Portugal. My favorite is El Born. It’s an amazing scent. But also D600, aclassic, Costarella, Cuirs, Rose Dragon and só on… try them. You’re gonna love it. I’m sure.

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