Cheap Fragrances That Smell Like Expensive Fragrances Part 3

These are ten inexpensive fragrances / colognes that smell like more expensive fragrances. Thank you for watching!

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Part 1:

Part 2:

10: 2:02
9: 2:53
8: 3:47
7: 4:39
6: 5:10
5: 5:53
4: 6:39
3: 7:08
2: 8:15
1: 9:04

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Sakiya Abdi says:

great video, can you please do something similar for women.

Elisabeth-Astrid Beretta says:

you might like Gutteridhe Black by Gutteridge

Stay Fresh says:

We need more vvideos like this please.

sam291978 says:

Please advise on Amouage alternatives (especially Amouage Gold)

smaug says:

Awesome video, I dunno why but I burst out laughing when you brought out number 1 the bottle is tiny, that is officially the smallest fragrance bottle ive ever seen

Devon Wald burger says:

try aeropostale prime for a great cheap winter fragrences

Mengeling X says:

Can you check out a brand called Larome Paris? They imitate fragrances, they say it smells almost just like the original fragrances and all the fragrances of Larome Paris are eau de parfum. They have cheap prices. They are popular in Spain and Portugal, and hopefully gain ground in more countries.

Diva M-lord says:

Yes love watching you and your extra info
Can u do a women’s one

Mohammed Islam says:

Amazing and keep up the good work

Mr Hazim says:

Hi! Where did u get the black pour home by Ron marone? If it from online can u drop the link here? Thank you so much! I can’t get it in my country 🙁 by the way love ur video very informative and enjoyable to watch!

Jeff Denham says:

Do more of these please. It’s been over a year

Michael Fayek says:

Hi Steve … Those kinds of videos are very helpful .. Thanks for what you offer to our noses .. lol … Actually you have have to check up Insurrection Wild >>> alternative for the rare and expensive Thierry Mugler Pure Havane..
Have a nice day .

toobalkain says:

cool watch, looks like, what is it?

One could get a decent Patek trading in all the Bond No. 9s, the Amouages, Le Labos etc. on the shelf behind.

Morbus Hodgekin says:

Since you are a teacher, can you do an educational video about fragrances, like for example what is a chypre or fougere fragrance, what powdery or gourmand means etc?

Ignacio Salazar says:

Wow!!! I just viewed this review today and was excited to try No 17. It’s completely sold out…thanks for the video though!!!

Jaime Valencia says:

I thought usher ur smelled like Himalaya

Morbus H. says:

Could you please find another alternative for armani code other than the one you posted in the other video? thanks

Healthrelief says:

No 17 by Rituals ….. where did you get from? Your link doesn’t seem to work. Also best knock off to Aventis?


Really appreciate these three videos. Like you said, it has helped me smell great for less.

Bilal Asmal says:

Where can I find No17 and UR buy Usher.

Hakan Agdaci says:

We need more vvideos like this please

Michael McDonald says:

Oh man… I’ve been looking for an Erolfa clone, but i don’t think i could ever bring myself to purchase and own a cologne by Usher lmao. Good thing Erolfa is one of the most highly discounted Creeds

krazziejrboi says:

subscribed awesome series

Jody Graves says:

Have you ever tried Cigar Black Oud by Remy Latour? I heard it is a cheap alternative to Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille?

Armando Jimenez says:

Awesome videos. I can really see your passion for the game. Thank you for your knowledge!


Hey Stephen,great topic,great information but maybe in the future you can tell us the OVERALL performance of these CHEAPIES but GOODIES,great stuff as usual,cant wait for PARTS 4,5,6,7,8,9,etc,lol,take care…

Victor Vargas says:

part 4 please! love your videos

Foufou DeepAk says:

Hey young man I love your reviews ! They R thourough & clear, I appreciate you 🙂 please No sweat for what I am gonna ask you to review 🙂 If you get a Chance to smell: Animale temptation, animale instinct, Cerruti 1881 Bella Notte & another flanker called ” Acqua forte” if U get your nose on any of those let me know your opinion ! Thank You kindly

TEJ BklynNY says:

Good afternoon, sir. You have to get your nose on a bottle of “Champion” by Beverly Hills Polo. To my nose, it smells exactly like “Black Orchid” by Tom Ford, I mean EXACTLY like it! A 3.4oz bottle of this stuff is less than $20, too.


great video please keep these going thanks for all your time and effort it’s really appreciate it and keep up the good work thanks and peace

lel kolens says:

Amazon isn’t working here in Belgium. Where can i buy these scents? I have no credit card because it is too expensive (iam a student..). So a site on which you can pay without needing a credit card

Daniel San! says:

Great review!! 😀

Tito Trampas says:

That Calvin Klein Crave is not cheap, kinda expensive I would say

Nam Nguyen says:

what do you think about Club da nuit intense for women resembling NdN?

Raymond Solis Jr. says:

Is Ck Crave discontinued?

Die Norris says:

when’s part 4 bro?

rl1800 says:

Ancestry by Amway?! Bro you’re digging deep.

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