Clive Christan’s I Amber Oriental is a 2017 releases from the Clive Christan Private Collection. At $400, is Clive Christan’s I worth it?
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*All opinions of each fragrance are strictly my own and your opinions may differ*

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james weaver says:

Andy Tauer Lonestar Memories smells like cheap furniture cleaner

ITS Prof_C says:

Gallagher Fragrances
Amongst Waves. I was so pissed because so many said it was good. Ordered a 6 ml from scent split ….and it smells like the candles you burn to keep mosquitos away. It’s so bad……..

theBSR says:

It’s a little hot out in Philly, try it back in the fall. I’ll swap you an 1872 for one if you want to try that. I have a full bottle so I don’t really need the sample lol

edreamsincolor says:

Sooo, how do you really feel?

james weaver says:

Clive Christian straight up sucks and overpriced

A Scent Offering says:

Ha! Oh my gosh. I once mixed Tobacco Vanille and Pure Havane and it was straight up stale cat piss. I actually wretched man. This brought back memories.

Lee Style&Fragrance says:

hahahaha its just as bad as he said guys ewww

anonymousprofess says:

The 2nd to like and 1st comment. Burnt hair on a urinal cake…LOL!!! Football player jockstrap stuffed with Dorian Fruit….FUNKY!!! I would be interested in smelling it for just to see how horrible it is….LOL!!!

JoeSCENTMe says:

“I” so badly want to smell it now. CL”I”VE There are still gems in this house…but now you got me wanting to smell this.

No NonScents says:

I would say i need to get my nose on it,but i kinda dont want to now! Thanks for saving me the headache!

Neon Light says:

If you talk like this towards dua or Alexandria, they’ll go after you and your family.

H2Ono says:

Ouch! Thanks for this , Chris…After all, we only have so much time (and money) in our lives, I’ll skip this house for now as the Bloomingdale’s sa keep pushing on me 😉 Mr. Sillllage!

Diesel says:

House is Basura and over priced.. wasted some beautiful bottles for toilet and hotdog water.. smh

Alex Chu says:

Lol, put the money into a Roja Dove. I may go to Saks and try it for shits and gigs.

cobra10a says:

Not surprised to hear this. Sampled a few CC’s and all were overpriced hogwash without exception. Don’t know how they sleep at night.

GREED G.I.L.M says:

Nope I haven’t tried yet


Eeeek scathing! I kinda wanna try it now to see how it works off me!

Bernie777 says:

Boy that really set up the review! Don’t hold back, Chris, say what you really mean;-) Good job.

Carlos Colom says:

Honest opinion. Respect.

Mark Mark says:

Glad you made this video
Lyons Legacy empire sample I got with one of my orders …Dude smells like a aftershave orgy of old gran paw-paws I hate it so much like I pour it out in the sink and it fizzled like acid fuckin sick bra … It ruined kryipto mint bc I was all in the background of that fragrance it’s not just me the hot girls at dillards don’t like mugler either it’s on bottem shelf
Give Lyons Legacy empire a sniff one day you will see what I’m talking about get a little laugh out of it

Rebecca Pena says:

Shissshhh, gag a maggot!!

Tim Weed says:

Chris thanks for keeping it real. Lol
Never tried anything from this house. Always to pricey for me.✌

Lori Laws says:

Your introduction and video has me weak from laughter, however I must get my nose on this now! The fragrance that was like that for me is L’Artisian’s Al Oudh. It smells like urine and dead animals to me. I love most Oud scents, by this one on me was beyond abysmal!

Mark MD says:

Solid house solid review #Sillagesoldiers

Chaos Fragrances says:

Love the honest review man! Looks like I won’t be trying this one lmao! Sounds like ass

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