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Gristle Von Raben says:

I don’t like mint either, but good review!

Guinea54 says:

Thanks for the review

Sheeraz Hassan says:

bro.. i think you forget to mention those people as in masses in south asia and south east asia are on budget and since hot days are often stays there for almost 10 months they will prefer to have best performing and long last perfume at reasonable price.. I am from Pakistan and last year we have experienced 45 cc .. I am hunter of inexpensive and beast mood summer frags and this is what i found
1. Aqua amara and pacco rabbane invictus aqua and ultra male
2. Rassasi al wisam day
3. al haramin excellent
4. mont blanc individuel
5. sultan white by abeer
6. cool water by davidoff
7. chorome ledgend
All these are beast mood good smelling compliment getting and inexpensive perfume.. shukriya

Alfre P. says:

Sound very interesting! Great review bro!

nicko singh says:

where do i get these samples??????

Mac Dufresne says:

One spray? This is ridiculous lol

pardeep singh says:

Should i buy new DHI?

aaron luke says:

lovely presentation. sounds interesting. I definitely wanna sample this line.

Arturo Antillon says:

Been looking for a Fresh scent with beast mode performance that last. I live in Dominican republic and on my skin most fresh scents only last about 2 hours.
Also would you recommend this if most of the day I’m at school? Or is it too strong of a scent?

1987198719871 says:


nicko singh says:

hey stewie i live in trinidad and tobago thats in the caribbean we have only 2 seasons sun and rain its really hot down here ive got my 20ml sample from them today i havent tried it as yet but is this scent anytime too use??

matthew fiorella says:

Fantastic niche house. I bought a sample set and wow! Genuine Touch is a masterpiece scent with a cranberry opening that is uplifting and vibrant. Ice Musk, Snowflake, Hawaii wood, and Inside Out with the notes Absinthe and ice cream are all really good.

Beauty Meow says:

I liked hearing about them, I have been interested in them and quite curious. Thanks!

Nacho Ruiz Rodriguez says:

Do you think this fragrance is masculine enough? Unisex fragrances tend to smell a little feminine to me

Rosario Agosta says:

Hi! Thanks for this minty review! lol I like mint so… One of my favourite for summer is Menthe Fraîche by Heely but it’s doesn’t last at all…
In this review, you talked about clubbing… So, if i can give you a piece of advice: Try Acqva e Zvcchero by Profvmvm Roma in clubs or pubs and tell us what happened Saï 😉 Thank you in advance…
PS: That’s a huge huge huge panty dropper!!!! 😉 See ya…

pardeep singh says:

Love your reviews sir good work


Nice vid and interesting fragrance. I love mint! 🙂

AACC says:

Great review, Sai! Gonna have to check this one out.

B ma says:

not available in india

Armin Figo Dante says:

awesome review and awesome fragrance which is we can use in tropical and humid and hot country , i live here in manila and this kind of perfumes i can use , i would like to suggest if you put a review which for humid weather like top10 beast mode frgrance for humid weather 😀 and definitely sensual scent , thanks a lot Stewie bro 😀

bongkoy mil says:

I dont buy fragrance anymore base on watching reviews but reading reviews on Amazon, furoms and online auctions buyer reviews.

Nuwan Wijayalath says:

you have Sri Lankan fans too

Brian Kerby says:

Did they send you a sample of Snow Flakes?

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