Francesca Bianchi Sex And The Sea Fragrance Review + Full Bottle Giveaway

Francesca Bianchi Sex And The Sea Fragrance Review
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Francesca Bianchi Sex And The Sea Fragrance Review

This is my Francesca Bianchi Sex And The Sea Fragrance Review. This is the most unique, not quite beachy aquatic fragrance from Francesca Bianchi. Along with The Dark Side, I love both Sex And The Sea and The Dark Side the most from Francesca Bianchi’s indie niche perfume collection. If you love Oriental Floral fragrances this is a must check. If you love coconutty fragrances please do sample Sex And The Sea as well. Have you tried Francesca Bianchi Sex And The Sea?

Francesca Bianchi – Sex & The Sea
Concentration: Extrait De Parfum
Price/Size: $125/30ML
Year of Release: 2016
Style: Oriental Floral

Mimosa, Pineapple, Coconut, Immortelle, Rose, Iris, Sandalwood, Myrrh, Labdanum, Benzoin, Ambergris, Civet, Vanilla.

Sweet, Ambery, Powdery, Coconut, Animalic, Salty, Sweaty, Skin, Sunburt Peeling Skin,

As always please watch, rate, comment and share this video and please subscribe to this channel if you haven’t yet. And please stay tuned for more videos and giveaways real soon! Francesca Bianchi Sex And The Sea fragrance was sent to me for this fragrance review. The views and opinions are all my own for Francesca Bianchi Sex And The Sea Fragrance. If you’re curious to try Francesca Bianchi Sex And The Sea Fragrance please buy or obtain samples or decants prior to buying a full bottle. The fragrances I like you might not like and vice versa so I cannot guarantee you will react the same way to Francesca Bianchi Sex And The Sea as I have in this video. Thank you.

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Adrian Balkissoon says:

This fragrance sounds very interesting. I live in Baton Rouge,la. I guess the wildest thing would have to be when I was younger and living in Miami. I was chased by the beach patrol for drinking under age on the beach. I ended up losing the Guy and getting away just to find I had a ticket for not paying the parking meter on my car . It was a very crazy day.

Lillian Holloway says:

I sampled this beauty. It truly portrays the smell of skin after a day on the beach. I live in the US.

Fragrance Rx says:

Nice review sebastian! My wildest experience in a beach is when I went snorkeling with the fishes. Pretty simple but it’s wild for me already. California, USA

Marco Alessi says:

Very interesting review, and generous giveaway ✌❤ my best memories on the beach are at night, around a fireplace, cuddling a blonde one while the guitar was playing something romantic

Karen Mcintosh says:

Hi, I’m in the US. All I can say about my wildest sea experience is that It was at Club Med in Martinique, on a private island. Sangria was involved. A lot of it. Hope I win that Sex and the Sea. It’s been on my to try list for months!

Robert Jacome says:

Hello Sebastian here in Los Angeles and this sounds very very interesting would love to try it

Smelling Great Fragrance Reviews says:

Who won the giveaway? Watch this video to find out.

Manuel Koch says:

I live in Germany, and I’ve only visited European beaches so far. Oneof my wilder experiences is jumping through some very big strong waves and almost being taken away by them.

Matt Anderson says:

I’ve had my eye on this fragrance for awhile but I’ve been hesitant because of the price. Great review, as always, I’m going to have to pick up a sample if I can find it somewhere. The summer is coming to an end here and I’m really not ready for it. I need another scent to get me through the winter to remind me of the beach. My most memorable experience is from when I went out west to California for a trip. Basically had no plan or place to stay. Slept on the beaches of Ocean Beach San Diego like a bum. Ate fish tacos and played guitar in the sand watching the surfers. A beautiful place if you ever get the chance to visit 🙂


rennyvega7 says:

Sounds interesting

Kate E says:

No wild experiences at the sea for me but many happy peaceful memories. I love the ocean and the sound of the waves is one of the best things in the world! Thanks for the draw and the review. This one sounds really interesting–I’ve never tried this house before.

TheJimsher1025 says:

This one sounds like it would bring back pleasant naughty memories of my trips to the ocean beaches. Great review once again . I would be happy to win this one. I have not experienced any from this house. Jim in Md.

helenlam says:

I’m intrigued by the idea of this fragrance…two segments I like that I didn’t think had been done together before? I’ve never tried anything in her line before. No wild sea experiences except getting seasick after snorkeling. I’m in the US.

3 Wishes says:

Based on the name this just didn’t seem like the kind of fragrance I’d try. But those notes! Wow, I shouldn’t judge a scent by its name. My wildest beach experience? Sailing through the Puget Sound to a deserted beach with my GF, and, well…a gentleman never tells. I live in the US.

edreamsincolor says:

Getting my nose on this or any of Francesca Bianchi’s fragrances would be awesome. My wildest beach experience was actually in a friend’s boat. When I was dating my husband his friend raced powerboats, and four of us were out on his boat all day at the jersey shore, drinking,sunning and swimming. In the afternoon angry clouds appeared from nowhere on the horizon and we wound up outrunning a huge thunderstorm. It was exhilarating. We got back to the marina, went under deck, and continued to dance and drink while the storm raged above and around us. I can’t share anymore xxx details but it was freeing, freaky and fun. It was an experience that’ll I’ll never forget and I’ve never repeated.

wagstaff613 says:

I like orientals, and like coconut as a note, too…. I’ve never tried a Francesca Bianchi fragrance.
I live near Los Angeles. A friend took me out ocean kayaking… I did super well getting the kayak out, taking it over some waves and paddling, but it had a hole in it and filled up with water… After that it was hard to get it back to shore, to drain it, to get it back to the rental place…. after being afraid of drowning out there in the first place. I didn’t know why I couldn’t turn the thing over and get back i it for a long time. First experience kayaking.

Albert Wolfram says:

Interesting. Calypso’s or Circe’s island from The Odyssey?
I was once attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes on the beach, and had to leave immediately. Thanks Sebastian. USA

Johmathan .B. Swift says:

Love Beachy scents. I haven’t sampled any from Francesca Bianchi .Wait a minute.
I think I might have a sample or two from IndieScents. Not sure, regardless .
I bookmarked her, for I like the sample and get some money back on a full bottle. Very nice.
I’ve never been to any seas Sebastian . Lakes and Oceans yes. Heck , some of the Great Lakes are about as big or bigger than some seas. Insane times though.
Found washed up stuff in Miami.
Anyways, I am going to try and sample Ms. Bianchi’s work.

Nagy Timea says:

I have not by the sea since many years ago, so When I was by the sea I was a child or teenager. So I never was too brave or “crazy” for wild experiences. I never jumped from high rocks like other teenagers, never swam too far from the shore where were nobody else, just for showing my swimming skill and my braveness. But I remember wen I was around 8 years old, I had swim with some of my friends, and I noticed that one ship coming right where we were. That was quite scary to me. And another interesting thing that inside the sea bottom, not far from the shore, in the harbor, there were a wrapped bag. And I thought to myself, that there inside could be some money or perhaps gold, hehehe! That was just a little bit deeper that I could diving. And the interesting thing about it that after 2 years when I were also that harbor, the wrapped bag was still there. I only tried, and have Francesca Bianchi Under My Skin. I won it here.

Mitchell Lenneville says:

I used to live by the beach. I remember one time there was a seagull die-off and the place looked very grim. USA.

Andrew Giacco says:

The wildest experience I’ve had at the sea/beach. I was body surfing as a kid and a grown man behind me came in full force and ended up BITING my back. Caused a bit of a scene and a lot of confusion. Still don’t know what was up with that. Coming from USA!

Wow, sunburned skin and sun tan lotion that is also an oriental…I’m intrigued. Thank you so much for introducing me to this. Your claim saying it’s a one-of-akind experience definitely grabbed my attention. First time hearing about this fragrance, but I know the brand from your videos.

Jim Wang says:

Love the name and the scent profile! Would love to try it out!


I live in Cali. Would have to say was trying to pet a seal that I followed from the ocean to the beach. It kind of Swing towards me with his teeth when I try to touch him so I had to jump back and then the tide came in and he just slipped right out back into the sea. Most while romantic moment was in Puerto Rico when we went to Kayaks at night and got to experience the bioluminescence. Pitch black water glow in the dark, pure Magic

Kendrick Gibson says:

I’ve never heard of this house before, but it does sounds interested for sure. It sounds interesting plus unique all in one. I’ve never had any “naughty” experiences at the beach. My time there was an enjoyable one at best.

Street_Tiger says:

well i’d tell what is the wildest experience..but i don’t think it is appropriate or it also might get me banned :/ i think you know where i am going 😛

Veevsmack says:

I love that you described this as a gourmandish animalic — I am also glad it’s not a traditional beach fragrance because those are so common. The notes intrigue me: iris and labdanum are 2 of my absolute favorite notes, and I’d love to smell that in a more “naughty” scent. I haven’t tried this house, but you’ve been mentioning them a lot so I would love to try, especially a luxe extrait version! USA entry. My wildest experience in the sea was probably scuba diving for the first time in Ishigaki, Okinawa, Japan. Definitely wild, but not necessarily naughty, haha… I’ll keep the naughty/wild moments to myself 🙂

pandora p says:

Oh no, coconut! Great, enthusiastic review but I would have to pass, Seb

Daniel Allemann says:

2007, first scuba diving experience in Avalon, Catalina island with a friend of mine. As unexperienced as I was, I was using too much energy, soon suffering from sort of dyspnoea, along with all the underwater seaweed, all of which making me kinda panicking … since then, I prefer sunny, sandy beaches with shallow blue water, morenas, cerveza haha in the Dom’Rep.
Living in Switzerland, shipping to Germany possible 😉

Jonathan Tipke says:

Great review as always! My wife loves the note of coconut. I dont have any naughty experiences, but my wildest took place by the beach of Santa Monica pier. I was with a group from college visiting out west and I unfortunately stepped right where someone had buried burning charcoal. I got third degree burns on my foot. Needless to say I had to sit out when the rest of the group went on the rides on the pier lol. In the USA

Wedcell Joseph Hernandez says:

It’s not that wild but my wildest experience was when I was in a beach full of hot ladies and it’s just a wonderful sight to look at. California, USA

Allen says:

A big ocean wave hit me and it took off my swim shorts, I was naked and had to run over and get my beach towel.. lol

Boryana Gigova says:

Congratulations on 21K subscribers Lol
Naughty , beachy a bit animalic ,coconutty extrait de parfum fragrance and unique at the same time -count me in 100% .
Up until now i’ve never smelled Francesca Bianchi fragrances, but i definitely will.
The wildest experience at the sea…by far was deep sea marlin fishing trip to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia with my brother.It was one of a kind experience i’ll never forget.
Last few months non-stop back and forth between USA and Scotland

Max Simmons says:

Hey, I’m in Wales in the UK. Really love the sound of this and would love to try it, sounds very sensual; might just lead to a more wild experience at the sea than my current one. Currently it would be holidaying with my family and my late dad chasing around me, my brothers, and my mum with several dead jellyfish on the end of a stick! Stupid, but on recent reflection a happy memory.

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