Guerlain Shalimar Eau de Parfum 2019 Fragrance Review

Guerlain Shalimar touted as the World’s first Oriental perfume is an iconic composition in the history of Perfumery. Is this legendary perfume from 1925 still relevant today ?

A detailed fragrance breakdown including its illustrious history and short footage of classic Guerlaim from the Perfume Museum in Barcelona.


Priyank Virmani says:

Brother, I am a great admirer. A small request though, please also mention the rates of the perfumes reviewed below the video.

En Rico says:

Great review on one of the worlds best perfumes ever. Thanks Nikhil.

Abdullahbaig Baig says:

Zabardust Cha gayao Bhai

Mihir Patel says:

Checkout abbott nyc and caswell massey.

ForeverFragrantKid says:

Lovely review Nikhil!! Yeeeeeeeess, Shalimar is a beautiful classic. ❤❤ Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and footage from the perfume museum in Barcelona!! I would love to visit one day!!

MB 37 says:

I’m a man and I’ve worn shalimar to work. Each time I wore it I received compliments. Strong citrus and leather notes. It is pure elegance in a bottle.

Prashant Khanolkar says:

Watching this masterclass on Guerlain on a lazy Sunday morning. Thank you Perfume guru for this gem.

Mike Bye says:

Couldn’t remember which video of yours I saw it on but thanks for introducing me to AKAF ,the scent is like finding something I’ve been searching for a lifetime .

Ayyaz Mohammad says:

Very nice review bro you are truly amazing.

Samuel Gustav says:

Gorgeous review of this historical masterpiece 🙂

E.J. Wells says:

Such an excellent, informative video. I was wearing Shalimar yesterday, and asking my wife if she found it to be too feminine for me. She doesn’t think so, and neither do I.
The opening, as so eloquently stated in the video, is nothing shy of magic. Bold, beautiful, intoxicating.
40 minutes after application, after the initial salvo has quieted, is where the craftsmanship of this masterpiece becomes undeniable.
I have NEVER had someone say that I smelled “feminine” wearing this, but have had both men and women ask what I was wearing, or say things like “you smell great”.
O go fairly light on this one, largely due to the quality of the perfume.
Two light sprays on the neck, one pn a wrist, then touch the other wrist.
At home, I spray a bit more. Love wearing this when I’m just hanging out at home, or spending time in my workshop.

Greggieboy76 says:

An absolutely fantastic video!!! Thanks for sharing.

nicola jaram says:


Raj Roy says:

Bhai aap jo bhi parfume bata te ho dhath me ye bhi bataya karo ke ushe kharide keae or ushka price kya he aur hamare hanth me original chija aye aur Bhai me Vadodara Gujarat ka hu kabhi udhar ka bhi video banaw

abdul khadeer says:

Which is the best perfume for men from guerlain??

Dawood Shaik says:

As usual in depth analysis.. I learn something new every time I watch your video. Keep it up.

K Hidalgo says:

In this newish fragrance “collecting” pursuit of mine, my prerequisite in buying a fragrance–besides smelling good–is that it has to be unique. I’ve been hemming and hawing about whether or not I should buy Shalimar. Being a famous classic, it is hardly unique, but you’ve convinced me! This is going on my 2019 buy list. You’re such an influencer! (Good influence or bad influence..? Lol) Cheers!

Mr. Nitish Dixit says:

Video is Packed full of info. Very old pleasing kinda beautiful blend. It’s an good example of western perfumary. While I was learning perfumary this was given as the classic example of oriental spicy fragrance.


closer deeper says:

Hey..can you please tell me JUST ONE PERFUME. WHICH GOD OF ALL , THE BEST OF ALL. Best of best. The compliment god.. just one fragrance.. waiting for ur reply. Thank you!☺️

Sandeep Joshi says:

Help, I am confused whether to buy ck one or dolce and gabbana light blue? Every suggestion is welcome.

abdul khadeer says:

great review guru ji… Pls also tell from where we can get this perfume original ????

En Rico says:

It would be great if you could also do a review on Habit Rouge by Guerlain, which is often called the “Shalimar for men”. I really, really like and appreciate your Videos.

GP says:

Enjoyed your take on this Nikhil. Could make out the excitement in your eyes when you were in the perfume museum!

Swarup Samaddar says:

Very in depth review… Sir once you visited attar mohammad shop at Mumbai, it was a wonderful video.. But we the following people want a follow on video about the oud oil you collected from there…. Cambodian oud, ajraki, maliki, super, etc….

John Ward says:

Yes yes – and this is one case in which one of the greatest short film adverts of all time was made to go along with the modern ‘Shalimar’ – it was filmed by the great Bruno Aveillan, starring Willy Cartier and Natalia Vodianova, called ‘La Legende de Shalimar’ and it’s available on-line on YouTube and it is a MUST watch if you have not seen it.

Naeem Shaikh says:

Awesome review! Just got a bottle.

ComfortInScents says:

I really enjoyed your review of Shalimar. Thank you!

abdul khadeer says:

great review guru ji… Pls also tell from where we can get this perfume original ????

Rizwan Rahim says:

I guess the is the best n comprehensive shalimar review in YouTube as far as I know…..

Mihir Patel says:

Not to make you sound old but vintage, i get the similar vibes watching your videos that joy i once used to get watching Doordarshan. Thank you brother.

Ikramul Hoque says:

Signify by ajmal does have the same shape of bottle if you turn it horizentitaly is it smell the same too

Zafeer Shaikh says:

Very very informative vedio again …. Bhai itne shaandaar words kisi perfume k baren mein aap kahan sy ajaty hain aapko.. hum toh 2,3 words mein hi describe kar paaty hain kisi fragrance ko

sumeet barik says:

Sir please tell me and your all subscribers how to genuine and original purchase perfume online site or Shops…..please it’s my humble request

zubinindian says:

Thank you Sir,,
Your review is like a poem
Thank you for all the fantastic reviews

Mohamed A says:

Shalimar has just gone to the top of my list to buy. Excellent review.

Bodenskoe ozero says:

sorry, but the EdT was created 1925. the EdP – 1986! They are different. I like EdT more then EdP.

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