Guerlain Shalimar Perfume Review!

Talking about the classic Shalimar by Guerlain eau de parfum in today’s fragrance review!
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This perfume was sent to me by Notino in exchange for a review but all thoughts and opinions are my own!


Shawna Blueyes says:

My mom loved this. And opium.. rip to my beautiful mommy

KC Anon says:

You have such an amazing vocabulary and pronounce words so beautifully!

Melanie Saldana says:

This scent really changes with the wearer. It dries a bit powdery on me, then quickly becomes warm, soft and, oddly, clean. I wear the au de toilette during the day. I have worn it since I was a teen, off and on for 40 years. I would say rather than “mature,” that it is one worn by people who are self confident. I would try it first because it does not work for everyone, but when it does, it is special. Just found your channel, and love it!

Fafima El Koua says:

yey found a new perfumista to listen to

Himali Vyas Naik says:

Hey Julie.. I love your reviews. So many fragrances from your collection are my favourites and in my collection, too. Please do reviews on Hermés fragrances.


Black Lily says:

How nice to watch your review for Shalimar! I agree, it’s a noticeble fragrance, easy to pick up but not too much nor too chocking. To me it’s sexy as hell, I love to wear it and smell it on my partner ❤

magda crimosa says:

I love your perfume reviews:) Shalimar is for me one of the most recognizable perfumes. It reminds me of the smell in the cowshed, the place where lived cows. Maybe that’s that milky vanilia:) I smell Polish countryside. It’s weird …

Maria Khan says:

One fragrance i cant relate to

RyzFragz34 says:

Amazing review! I have a vintage bottle from the 80’s. It is amazing.

ShayVlogs says:

My name is Shalamar!!! ☺☺

Should I get this Parfum?

Goose Berry says:

thanks for this vid! julie pls make your 2017 favorite fragrance.. love from indonesia


Nice video. Afraid to get this perfume now, with the changes in the perfume industry, the perfumes now are not the same in 80s. For example Coco Chanel, the representative in the counter swore it was the same, but I knew better, when I came to do my own research, yes, they had to change it to follow the EU standards.

These perfumes are not inexpensive. Shalimar is a classic for lots of women, but some of us have been so disappointed lately.

Thank you for posting.

Jean -Luc says:

Great review.
True story:
I was at a wedding last summer seated next to a stranger (female). She was dressed very elegantly in a spaghetti strap black and white satin dress, a thin woman who had an athletic build, but still delicate. Long hair, brown w/ highlights. She was beautiful and she smelled amazing. Powder, incense, spice– enchanting. We introduced ourselves and had nice, light conversation. I didn’t want to seem too interested since her husband was on her other side. Eventually I asked her what perfume she was wearing. “Shalimar,” she answered with a smile that could melt butter. She added that she had been wearing Shalimar forever.
An amazing perfume that fit her perfectly.

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