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Final Thoughts: 9:00

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Veronika V says:

I tried all four of them and wore them on my skin for good 10 hours… none of them has that beast projection and lasting power ( e.g. Valentino Myrrh or Lancome Tubereuses Castane) but I have to say I was pretty impressed anyways. My favorite ones from the collection are the Elixir… I’d personally wear it more at night, and surprisingly …I really liked the Citrus. I hardly ever wear citrus fragrances but this one is really lovely. Perfect for daytime, easy to wear. The Musk is nice, it really isn’t that heavy type of musk that gives you headache and Vanilla is just a no for me.

Hikari Jay says:

Awesome! Will definitely check these out in Sephora soon.

Lori Laws says:

I blindly bought the Elixir and the Musk scent! I can’t wait to get back home to try them. I agree that they should offer samples for people to try before they buy. The Vanilla is the next in the line that I plan to buy. I believe they are coming out with more fragrances very soon which will be very interesting to see what they come up with next! 🙂

Middle-aged and Mixed says:

I appreciate the review. Like you, I was leery when I saw that Huda Beauty was launching a fragrance line. Her makeup has been hit or miss for me, and I did think these fragrances were going to be like KKW which there’s nothing wrong with that but probably not something that I would be head over heels for. If I find myself at a Sephora or I somehow receive a free sample, I’ll give it a try, but I’m not going to go out of my way to track them down.
I agree with your opinion about fragrance houses that don’t give out samples. I never understood the stinginess. I would never recommend bling buying a fragrance especially one that’s north of $100. Kilian seems to be the same, and their prices are astronomical. It’s not like taking a chance on an eyeshadow palette ☺️

Be1pink says:

Thanks for the review. I agree with you. I purchased vanilla. It’s nice but nothing special. I didn’t have a problem with the price but I do have a problem with the longevity and strength of the perfume. For the price it should last much long. I have to reapply several times a day. Since it’s meant to be layered I feel that this should have been released in smaller size sets. If you are think of purchasing I would wait till they come out with sets or just skip all together.

priscilla c says:

I got so excited when I saw this review! I’ve been waiting for a good review on these.

Free Spirit says:

The bottles and packaging look nice but the longevity and the layering part seem a bit discouraging. Hope to see them at the Sephora near me. Great review.

Beadcat Tamjo says:

Thank you for your wonderful reviews. Thanks for listing the notes. This is so helpful to see these. I also love gourmands.

Blacktundras says:

I believe in the value of fragrance, but I don’t believe you should have to bathe yourself in more than one perfume at a time to get the “full value” of the fragrance. That’s just being a greedy distributor.

Jyoti Nair says:

I am curious to smell these, since I am always in Sephora, will let you know.

Charlotte K says:

My favorite of the four is Musk. A really good one. I am also interested in the vanilla one, but both only last a couple of hours on my skin. So I don’t know yet if I want to spend my money on them.

CheerioWeOh says:

I never thought to mix two scents!

Rizwan Rahim says:

Hmmmmm first to review

gabz0405 says:

I actually returned them because I found then on the basic side and didn’t seem to last very long. I love Huda but, no

Vicki McNamara says:

So glad you did a review on this brand. I also saw the video of Huda and her sister, and was skeptical about these, as they were coming from a cosmetic house. I’ll definitely give them a try- thanks!

Kristine Howe says:

Which vanilla fragrances did you mention? I am looking to buy a really nice vanilla fragrance. I love the smell of the Flowerbomb Vanilla Twist layering oil, but since it’s a layering oil, it doesn’t last long and is only 20ml.

edreamsincolor says:

Thanks for the review. I’m going to check them out on my next trip to Sephora. Your hair looks great! Love the subtle hilites! Gorge

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